Lou: Cricket and potatoes

A while ago I was talking to my spud supplier and I told him how I’d done my back lifting a sack of the mongrels. I then told him how it  affected other parts of my body when I walked differently to minimize the pain.

The minute our Captain did his hammy the first time and talked about that crap of long flights in business class comfort I rang my spud bloke and said you wait and see, he’s stuffed.

So I checked with my physio who I still see and she confirmed my suspicions. We also reckon that at his age and having had a chronic back for so long that if he thinks surgery will fix it…..’’he must be dreamin’ ‘’

Now, what about the second game in Perth! Have we proved that we bat just as badly when the ball’s quick and bouncing as we do when it’s slow and low? Is Morkel their answer to Johnson and what do we tell our grounds men to prepare now? Maybe we just produce a Hume Highway for five days and see who can bat the longest!

My hero from the seventies, IM Chappell made some great comments about captaincy on the weekend. A captain should rule the roost on and off the field without any interference from the myriad support staff who know very little about the game. In his day he had a manager who controlled practice and he did the rest just like it was always done……and it had worked very successfully for a century. Some say the Argus Report was a crock, but I reckon that’s being generous, and it has made a game in decline even worse. It is now a game ruled by HR, Lawyers, Sports Science and Marketing people with very, very little cricket knowledge.

Let’s hope that they realize their mistakes soon. Let’s hope they have the guts to put Smith in charge and give him some free rein. Maybe we are due for some short-term pain for some long-term gain. Let’s hope that they don’t play safe and put the half-fit aging keeper in charge.




  1. Last year we had the Poms sending through requirements of a gourmet diet to bolster their “performances” in Australia.
    Seems the Aussies would do well to ask for spuds.

    In any sporting outfit, how many coaches is too many coaches?

  2. Lou
    Can you or anyone else clarify for me what is Pat Howard’s actual role within Australian cricket? What exactly is General manager of team performance?

  3. I’m with you on Steve Smith as the next captain, Lou. He has battled to make it and seems to have the right attitude and character.
    I don’t think the players are to blame as much as the crazy scheduling and greed of cricket administrators in which CA is an active conspirator.
    I think we have a lot of fine players – but how do you adapt from 20/20 to 50/50 to Tests to low turners to bouncy WACA’s – on the merry go round of BCCI/Sky/9 driven infotainment?
    The appalling crowd at the WACA shows how meaningless these games are. The Wildcats get 18,00O on a Friday night for basketball. The WACA (which needs to be bulldozed) – the facilities are appalling for non members – charges $140 and gets 11,000 for the best 2 cricket teams in the world (or close). DOH.
    The Australian batsmen just keep doing the prop on the front foot and hit on the up through the line – on the world’s bounciest wicket against quality quicks – DOH.
    But who can blame them when their bread and butter is 20/20 on flat tracks.
    The administrators should be shot – not players and coaches following the dollars offered.

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