Lou: 264 off 173?

Would this bloke Sharma made those runs in such time off DK Lillee or Jeffery Robert Thomson, Gus Gilmour or even Tangles?

Certainly not! They didn’t continually serve up low full tosses or stuff out the back of the hand. God no. They had control over the line and length, they could bowl penetrating yorkers at will, and they had late swing and cut which the modern bowler does not possess. If you get six swinging yorkers an over what are you going to do? You might dance around the crease to put the bowler off but those blokes had such control they could make last minute changes to combat the dancing. You might try to step back and cut through point or go the other way and put it through square leg but it’s also swinging late and you’ve exposed all three stumps. Good luck.

Billy the Kid, our erstwhile bowling coach recently admitted that they don’t teach swing anymore. Why not? I mean, why the hell not? Surely it’s the greatest weapon a fast bowler could have where the ball ends up where the bat isn’t! While his bowlers were getting flogged by the Pakistanis he and his missus were busy tweeting about how good their hotel was.

What is our game coming too?


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Much prefer Old Mate Gavaskar’s 36 not out from 174 balls (I think) in 1975.

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