Long Bombs to Snake: Lindy Burns’ Monday segment on ABC Radio

JTH, Dips O’Donnell and Mathilde de Hauteclocque were Monday night guests of Lindy Burns on 774 ABC Melbourne.

Their conversation is linked below (will expire on 26 October).

It was a warm and engaging chat about Long Bombs to Snake, the Footy Almanac, writing about experiences, and writing generally.

Well done all.

Lindy’s show runs for 3 hours. The Almanacker segment begins at 2:06:45.



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  1. That was a wonderful show.
    Hats off everyone.

    Mathilde – how did you find it dialling in from Sydney?
    Dips “12 seconds. Not 12.1.” superb. George Costanza…

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Just listened to it on I-view. Appreciated my name being mentioned and I must admit whenever I hear the Long Bombs title and its origin, it’s a real thrill.
    I think Dips was being unfair on himself saying he looked like George Costanza. I watched the Seinfeld episode last night where George is telling his parents he is going to California to write a sitcom called ‘Jerry’.
    George’s mother put him down immediately. ‘ You’re not a writer! You’ve never written anything in your life! It sounds like a stupid idea to me! ‘
    Let’s hope any prospective Almanac writers aren’t deterred by negative thinkers.

  3. It was a hoot. Great that the ABC and Lindy Burns gave some time to such a worthy cause!

    I think “Long Bombs” or “The Snake” as Lindy called it last night, will capture a wide audience. Lets make sure it does.

    PS – JTH thanks for describing my scribblings as “honest”. You could have used so many other words. People like me are getting wonderful advice from a natural teacher.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Dips, You’re living proof that there’s hope for Accountant/Surfer types worldwide. Great stuff Mathilde and JTH. Lindy is always generous and supportive of the Footy Almanac. Bring back the Almanackery on 774!

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Great work JTH, Mathilde & George. Very enjoyable segment to listen to.

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