Local Footy: Falcons threaten to swoop on flag

It’s a Sunday lunchtime and I’m preparing for my first and what might  be my final Grand Final, and I’m excited.

I have certainly enjoyed this season, participating in an older age group after our previous team folded. For the Knox under-16 side it has proven to be a successful finals series as we have reached the Grand Final from an unlikely fourth spot after three successive victories in the finals. Knox kicked off the series by pipping fifth-placed Forest Hill by a single point in the Elimination Final. The Falcons then easily accounted for East Burwood by forty points on a windy day at the Donvale ground. Then we caused a boilover by trouncing the highly regarded Waverley Blues side by 25 points in the Preliminary Final after leading at one stage by almost 10 goals.

The Falcons side earnt their spot in the biggest game of the year and prepare to clash with top-of-the-table Ringwood, who had dropped only one game for theseason. We are expectedly crowned as the underdogs. But as many in the football fraternity know, Grand finals can provide any result possible.

As we reach the morning of the game it is clear that the skills will not be up to standard, with torrential rain and blustery winds turning the Ferntree Gully ground into a quagmire. The location of the ground clearly doesn’t help; it’s near the foothills of the Dandenongs. The weather is extremely chilly. It is clear that the result will be decided on which team adapts better to nerves and the conditions.

In the early minutes neither side is able to produce a clear buffer. By the halfway mark of the term, Ringwood boots the opening two goals before the Falcons manufacture a quick reply through our vice captain Jack Schroeder, who is working tirelessly in the midfield. The contest then develops into a goal-for-goal battle, with both sides converting two more majors for the term. At quarter-time siren the Falcons trail by eight points.

Unfortunately the second term is ineffectual for the Falcons, despite small midfielder Braydon McGowan converting a set shot after a courageous mark. The Ringwood side begins to run away and I am beginning to feel anxious. The Redbacks boot the next four goals to take an almost unassailable 25-point lead into the main break.

Understandably the coach gives us a mighty spray and everyone in the room knows that we must dig deep in the second half and that our character will be tested. Suddenly we lift. Goal-sneak Brad O’Neill provides the morale booster with a stunning snap on the outside of his boot to bring up six points. Midfielders Robbie Howes and Sam McCarthy rove effectively and move the ball across the centre of the ground. The defence works splendidly, with players such as Patrick Forrest and Nathan McGuire spoiling and showing the way with second efforts. By the last change the Falcons are trailing by 13 points. The battle for the Premiership is alive and well.

The Falcons booting two goals in as many minutes early in the last term, which is remarkable considering the match has been a fairly low scoring affair. Suddenly the scores are level. It is halfway through the final quarter. Players, supporters and officials all feel the tension.

Unfortunately the Redbacks once again strive to win the hard ball and deal the Falcons a significant blow as they convert two goals to effectively snuff out our chances of obtaining the flag. As the final siren sounds the Falcons are trailing by 17 points and it is a case of ‘what might have been’ for the Knox side. The mood is solemn inside the rooms. To rub salt into the wound, the entire team must be content with runners-up medals!

Despite the gallant effort I am disappointed. However as I arrive at home I witness the final quarter of the Round 20 clash between Port Adelaide and Carlton and the Blues romp away to a nine-goal victory after a stellar final quarter.

At least I still have a reason to have a huge grin on my face.

Ringwood 9.13 (67)
Knox 8.2 (50)

About Damian Watson

Hey,my name is Damian Watson and I am 14 years old. My ambition is to become an AFL broadcaster/journalist in the future. I am a keen blues supporter and I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I play and write for the Knox Falcons U/16's.


  1. Damo we’re just changing threads and decided to use one of yours lol

  2. Steve Healy says

    thanks. I can actually go back on to the either one now for some reason but who cares we need a change anyway.

    Josh, do you get paid for these radio jobs you do? Just wondering

  3. Nope, but i was thinking maybe i should ask for some money but experience is what im getting paid instead, and that’s more worth it.

  4. Steve Healy says

    Ok, I was just wondering whether these jobs you get involved money.

  5. Writing for this book earns some money :D

  6. Steve Healy says

    does it?

  7. Yeah $50 each story in the book i heard

  8. Steve i read in todays paper that Melbourne are going to change their home jumper for next year.

  9. Also Melbourne will join the Bulldogs as the main tenants of TIO Stadium next season, with the Tigers to play home games from there as well from 2011 onwards

  10. Steve Healy says

    Are you serious Josh? TIO stadium and new home jumper? There was nothing in the age about that.

  11. Well there you go, The Age is hopeless. The whole Herald Sun was devoted to Melbourne today, there was also a story about Jimmy Stynes taking a break from his chemo to be able to go to the B&F.

    Yeah the Dees want to change the jumper to a really dark navy-blue and red, so it’ll almost be like black and red next season.

    And you’ll be playing Port Adelaide at TIO so we can not worry about games between them at the MCG with attendences of 15,000 now

  12. Steve Healy says

    Really? I remember they made it really light in 2004 but changed it back to normal, but now this?

    I’m quite happy about TIO, it should be against Port

    I’ve heard a rumor that the Dees are playing Hawthorn in Round 1.

  13. Yeah, apparantly the darker blue is supposed to give Melbourne a darker edge.

    Oh and Round 5, Sunday is going to look like this:

    Collingwood v Essendon (MCG) 2:30
    Hawthorn v ??? (AU) 4:40
    Fremantle v ??? (S) 8:40

  14. Steve Healy says

    Oh so just like last year.

    Hang on, will there be a sunday night game?

  15. Yeah it’ll be Freo vs someone from Subi

  16. It’ll be the first time in a few years that we’ve had a Sunday night AFL match.

  17. Steve Healy says

    I love the idea of Sunday night footy. They tried it in the Nab Cup with Fremantle V Richmond, and I loved listening to the radio in my room on the night.

  18. Hmm i dont like the idea, and i hate the idea of Sunday twilight footy, i loved the days when it was a 1:10 start for the interstate match and then two 2:10 games in Melbourne

  19. Steve Healy says

    Yea same, but sometimes I like the concept of footy being on at wierd times

  20. I want to see Brisbane and Sydney play Saturday afternoon games more often

  21. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but remember this season Brisbane only played night home games cos of the temperature is Brisbane

  22. Who cares about the temperature in Brisbane? Its almost as worse in Perth, and plus players just wear ice vests these days to keep cool.

  23. Steve Healy says

    yea I know. I think Voss is a penguin

  24. Where did you hear this rumour about Melbourne playing Hawthorn in Round 1?

  25. Steve Healy says

    on DemonLand forums. This guy said he’d bet his kids on it so I asked where he got the info from

  26. For some reason i got a feeling that North are going to play Port Adelaide

  27. hello all!
    gezze prison went well today, it went so fast!
    English was awesome, we went outside and did our work in the sunshine.
    i think i need a bit of colour since Warren and i are as pale as eachother!

  28. Michael Allan says

    I’m glad Richmond’s playing a game up at TIO. Hopefully they play up their during school holidays so I can go. I’ve never been to Darwin.,

    Twilight footy is really good. You can watch the early game, catch the second half of the melbourne game and then eat dinner while watching the twilight. IUt’s a bit annoying to go to though. It’s hard celebrating a Richmond win when it’s only hours till the school week starts again.

  29. Hmmm for some reason i dont see how Richmond would win a game..?

    Looking at it from a free-to-air point of view, you get the Sunday main game on a delayed broadcast with a 3 minute add break between goals and thats it, and i find it depressing to listen to a twilight game on the radio

  30. i onlt like night games..on friday and saturday..footy on sunday jst doesnt appeal to me.

  31. Yeah footy on Sunday feels like…feels like stale replays lol

  32. i love it on fridays cos it keeps me going through school knowing theres a nice hot shower and a night in blackets with the footy ahead….


    god i need a psychologist!

  33. Steve Healy says

    Saturday afternoon footy is easily the best slot, followed by Friday night.

  34. Michael Allan says

    I love going to a game on Sunday. It’s usually against another crap team so you can just wander in and find plenty of vacant seats at M19.

    I like Saturday n ight games at Telstra Dome. There’s a great noodle box at the ground and is really good to take into the ground and eat while the players warm up.

    Unless I’m going (which I usually don’t sicne Richmond and Hawthorn never get the slot) Friday night is the worst. The telecast is horrible and I have to wait until 8:30 for it to start. And just to make it later, they have the longest ad breaks.

  35. round one
    Danni vs Michael- the best time slot for footy.

    nup sorry, friday nights are THE BEST!!

  36. I find Saturday afternoon games hard to watch, as i like to spend Saturday arvo’s doing something other than lying around watching the TV. But you cant help it on Sat and Friday night lol

  37. Steve Healy says

    Friday nights are much better if you’re at the game, not watching channel 7’s coverage.

    I love footy on Sunday’s too, because that’s just how it should be and should always be

  38. Michael Allan says

    Sorry, my internet keeps on stuffing up. I’ll be in and out.

    Stop looking for a fight Danni!

    I can’t see what’s so good about channel 7? They’ve got Commetti and that’s it.

    Channel Ten’s Saturday Night leaves it for dead because of the Fifth quarter and it starts the match relitively close to the actual time.

  39. Michael Allan says

    100% agree with Steve.

  40. You know if use two start a fight i’ll be taking Michael’s side lol.

    Yeah Seven’s broadcast is terrible

  41. ohh come on josh! i thought you loved me!
    feeling very unloved right now! LMAOO
    is that on ch.7?
    i cant remember…lol blonde moment!

  42. Michael Allan says

    Well looks like the scoreboard reads

    Michael – 2 votes
    Danno – 0 votes

  43. Steve Healy says

    Dennis Commeti is the only thing I like about Seven’s coverage- oh yeah and Matthew Bate in the promo lol thats funny.

  44. Michael Allan says

    Lol yes it is Danno.

    Before the Bounce’s version is 100 times funnier.

    I remember one time they showed Domenic Cassis running into the camera man coming back from the toss. I laughed so hard. lol.

  45. Of course its channel 7 Danni lol.

    There’s one thing i like Bruce McAvaney for: DELECIOUS!

  46. Michael Allan says

    L:ol Josh. I wish he said that in AFL 98!

  47. Haha yeah they should have McAvaney in the new AFL Game and have him say Delecious and “I get excited when i see something like that” lol

  48. Michael Allan says

    Haha that would be great.

    Well I’m off now, this slow internet is driving me crazy.

    To Steve and Josh, thanks for taking my side

    To Danno, don’t argue for the sake of arguing!

    Cya later.

  49. No worries Michael, got your back always against Danni lol

  50. channel ten is the bomb! :)
    Jon Ralph talks at half time!! :)
    i get so excited, i put up the volume and get closer to the tv!!!

  51. Steve Healy says

    I need to get AFL 98 full version

  52. Steve Healy says

    cya Michael.

    I hate Jon Ralph so much!

  53. Josh and Steve;
    i repeat-

  54. Danni i was reading the Richmond v Collingwood match report by Channel 10’s Adam McNicol, fellow Knacker, and he is good mates with Ralphy. You should get in touch with him and see if you can meet Jon lol

  55. Steve, dont be jealous!

  56. Steve Healy says

    He’s so annoying!

  57. ZOMG!! Josh, my jaw just hit the floor!

  58. Steve!!!
    hes NOT annoying!
    the words that come from that guys mouth are genius!! he knows what hes talking about and i LOVE to read his work in the paper.

  59. What’s ZOMG mean?

  60. Steve Healy says

    Danni just saw a Zebra and she’s saying oh my god

  61. Oh ok

    Its and overexcited version of OMG
    ZZZZZOMG!!! :)
    Speaking of muzzas i saw one after school with his P-plate car and the duff-duff music..

  63. Steve Healy says

    I learnt in Science that loud music in cars makes you go gradually deaf lol.

    good old Science

  64. Cant wait to go for my L’s next year, i’ll be zippin through Waaia with Lilly Allen and Lady Sovereign blasting through my subs!!

  65. I learnt in science…nothing..

  66. lol meanwhile ill still be on my Ls with Michael Buble and Elvis blasting in my speakers.
    or even Jon Ralphs commantry :)
    can i get it on cd?

  67. lol steve, jst broke his comp screen! :P

    night all

  68. Steve Healy says

    Michael Buble? God I hate him too, I hate the video clip of him in the supermarket. I mean of all the places to shoot a video, why there!!!!!!!!!! He’s bloody walking on fridges and stepping on packets of corn flakes

  69. Steve Healy says

    And I didn’t break my screen, I just broke its heart.

  70. Steve Healy says

    ROund 1 news- Essendon will play Geelong at the MCG on Friday night in Round 1 next year

    Sydney will play St.Kilda at the SCG on Saturday night, Brisbane will play West Coast at the Gabba that night as well.

    The Bulldogs will play a home game against Collingwood at Etihad Stadium on Sunday (for Johnson’s 350th).

    Geelong and Collingwood will play each other twice for the first time since 2003, Geelong and St.Kilda, Bulldogs and St.Kilda and Bulldogs and Geelong will only play once.

    Richmond will play a home game against Carlton on the thursday night opener

    This is apparently the likely round 1 fixture:

    Rich V Carl (MCG)

    Ess V Geel (MCG)

    Melbourne V Haw (MCG)

    BL V WCE (G)


    PA V NM (AS)

    WB V COLL (ES)

    FRE V ADEL (S)

  71. I just read that in the Herald Sun and came on here to tell you Steve lol. Port v North, what did i say?? lol

  72. Steve Healy says

    yea, not at the MCG though lol.

    Melbourne V Hawthorn on Saturday- great start for the Dees. Hopefully I’ll get an Almanac spot for that game lol

  73. I can see Melbourne winning that.

    Im happy about the decision of the Geelong and St Kilda game being in Round 13, because we could have another situation where both teams are 12-0 going into the match, but i think they should play again in Round 21 or 22. Also Essendon v Geelong on the opening Friday is a ripper

  74. North Melbourne have delistes Sam Power, Daniel Harris, Michael Wundke and Matt Riggio. Disappointed about Power going

  75. Steve Healy says

    yeah, I’m really excited about next season already. I’m interested to know what Round 2 is now, but the Easter Thursday Brisbane V Carlton is confirmed

  76. Steve Healy says

    Same. I heard about Harris, I thought Wundke had potential but Riggio had a disappointing season with just one game after an OK 2008.

    I guess the Roos need a fresh start

  77. And i think the Dogs and Swans are playing Round 2 as well.

    Since i got my first prediction right, i reckon Round 2 will be North vs. Carlton (ES)

  78. Yeah im disappointed about Wundke, i thought he was the answer to our goalkicking problems. Guess not

  79. Steve Healy says

    Dogs and Swans? In Sydney or Etihad/MCG/Canberra?

    I’ve heard that Collingwood V Melbourne will play on Saturday arvo just like this year in Round 2

  80. Dogs and Swans are gonna play twice, once at Manuka (Dogs home game) and SCG (Swans home game) and i reckon Round 2 will be at Manuka since the Swans open the season at the SCG

  81. Steve Healy says

    Oh the Bulldogs and Sydney are scheduled to play in canberra again.

  82. Steve Healy says

    Has there been an news on the Easter Monday game?

  83. Nah not that i know of

  84. omggg he does?

    LOL everyone i love annoys you steve

  85. Steve Healy says

    ok, I reckon it’ll be Bulldogs V Sydney at 1:10 on Easter Sunday.

    I’ve heard that it’s gonna be Hawthorn V North Melbourne at Aurora on Anzac Day.

  86. Steve Healy says

    Lol Danni you’re right although I don’t really have grudges against Anthony and Brown

  87. DANIEL Harris is one of four players delisted by the Kangaroos this afternoon.

  88. Yeah i said that above Danni lol bit slow :P

    Who do you think will get the free-to-air game on Saturday night of Round 1? Sydney-St Kilda or Brisbane-West Coast?

  89. Steve Healy says

    Oh really Danni! Look at Josh’s comment (number 74)

  90. lol well thats good to know!
    heaps of people seem to hate poor Superman.

  91. Steve Healy says

    Sydney V St.Kilda I reckon. Someone on Bigfooty said that as well.

  92. gezz im sorry, im delayed, its hot and I DONT LIKE IT!!!

  93. Steve Healy says

    Anthony was actually my favourite player for Collingwood last year cos I loved how he came in to the AFL and became a prolific goal kicker. But for some reason I didn’t like him as much this season.


  95. Steve Healy says

    I dunno I just found him more annoying. And he kicked four against the Dees in Round 2 so from there on I didn’t like him as much.

  96. HMMM well unless he ruins your birthday i dont see that as a reason to dislike him.

  97. I think Anthony has a really weird face.

    Lol Danni when you get information off Superfooty you just copy and paste the first line

    Status – Trying to coax a star from a town near me to come play for Waaia on Facebook lol not going too well

  98. Steve Healy says

    Yea well he will never ruin my Birthday unless Melbourne play Collingwood in the 2017 grand final and COllingwood wins. Lol thanks again Josh for telling me that the 2017 GF is on my birthday

  99. prison was terrible today,
    we had a school farewell assembly for our year 12s and we the year 11s had to standup and do this oath about our leaderhip as the new year 12s. One of my bestfriends got school deputy captain, another got SRC captian and it was so bloody hot in the hall i was fanning myself with the paper that had the oath on it cos were werent allowed to take off our blazers!!

  100. well josh what can i say?
    herald sun get the job done short and sharp!

  101. Steve Healy says

    Lol Danni.

    Status- Annoyed that in my fixture none of the Round 1 games match with the real fixture!!!!!!

  102. Steve Healy says

    Josh I think your team needs a country gem like Liam Jurrah. Not Liam Jurrah himself though, one of his relatives

  103. it doesnt end there.
    when i got to the hall i had no idea where my pc class or teacher was so i just sat with another year 11 class, like SECOND from the front!!! ARGGGHHHH its NOT FUN!!!
    The girls behind me couldnt shutup and gto told off and i couldnt fall asleep cos i was near the front and my friends were all busy geting leadership positions! lol

    status- Chewing gum

  104. ohh god steves getting worked up about his LOVECHILD

  105. Steve Healy says

    Liam Jurrah should be everyone’s lovechild. Lol I’ve said that before.

    Liam Jurrah for Best and Fairest! Can’t wait for Melb’s B&F tomorrow!!! I’ll be doing my first piece on the this site for nearly a month.

  106. LMAOO..
    i would LOVE to witness you telling him that hes your love child

  107. Steve Healy says

    Hmm it’d be hard since english is his 3rd language.

    Liam Jurrah is the best player ever to wear 48! No one can argue with that.

  108. Steve Healy says

    The games record holder for number 48 is Mal Michael with 61 games for Collingwood for the record.

  109. ROFL
    youd point to yourself AND go “STEVE”
    draw a loveheart “LOVE”
    point at him ‘LIAM”

    ‘Oh for goodness sake this is gonna take ages, look, YOU ARE MY LOVE CHILD!’


  110. Steve Healy says

    lol. At least I don’t have lovechildren like you Danni.

  111. WHAT..i dont have lovechildren.
    i dont even have children full stop, although i have already picked out the names.

  112. Yeah Steve was goin nuts on Facebook last night about Jurrah lol.

    My day wasn’t too good. Had P.E to start and played T-Ball while listening to music on a speaker a girl brang. I couldnt run so i had a runner for me and i stood at 2nd base while fielding. Next was maths and yeah that was pointless. 3rd and 4th period was P.E, and i sat out for the whole lesson because they were playing Basketball, and i was the main witness in a fight lol so that made things interesting for me, and had double english to finish

  113. lol i always have english at the worst time!!
    ill have it double in the morning when im still asleep or like last period on a friday when im over tired.

  114. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I was goin nuts and then I had to get off the computer just as you came back on.

    I’m playing snake on FB at the moment lol

  115. lol im jst chillaxing before i have to get hard into study.
    period one was soo SAD!!! :(
    it was my last Religion lesson :(
    all the girls put in some money cos we love our teacher so we bought him two ties.
    a serious one and one that has smiley faces and says ‘Jesus loves you’ on it!
    lol hes so cute1 he was laughing so bad he even put it on as soon as he opened it.
    we also each decorated an a4 piece of paper and he flipped through it and he went: “OHHH!!’ when he saw mine! :) lol cos it had the collingwood symbol on it.

  116. Steve Healy says

    hahahah. When do you finish school Danni?

  117. Lol it was our Year 12’s last day today

    I dont go on facebook to play games lol i didnt even know there was games on there.

  118. hmmm… i cnt remember the date but exams are in aout 3 weeks so soonafter that i assume.
    lol i swear if i was in year 12 i would have cried so bad :(
    i swear hes such an awesome teacher.. HE CALLS ME NATHAN BROWN!! :)
    He so cute he bought all this chocolate and lollies for the class.


  119. Steve Healy says

    Lol. I have the highest Snake score out of all my freinds. Yeah some achievement I know.

    I think it’s our year 12’s last tomorrow cos there’s the assembly.

  120. lol blazer up steve, balzer up!

  121. The Demons are still chasing Luke Ball, oh and i heard Cam Bruce talking and he has a very high-pitched voice, i thought he’d have a tough voice

  122. Steve Healy says

    Cam Bruce, what a legend. He has the same birthday as me.

  123. Yeah i knew that lol

  124. Steve Healy says

    Austin Wonaeamirri is two days after mine, and Liam Jurrah eight days before lol.

  125. Lol i think i have the same as Matty Lappin.

    Steve me and my mate were talking about how we didnt know who the people we got in that quiz were and we said that there should be a footy version of the birthday quiz

  126. Steve Healy says

    Yea that’s the same thing me and my mate did when I did that quiz lol.

  127. Steve Healy says

    Nah Josh, Lappin’s is 17/2

  128. Lol hmm

    Day off tomorrow whooo!

  129. Ohh…well it might be Kouta’s, not sure. Actually it might be Robert Harvey, or his is day after or something

  130. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, his is 21st of august, same as my brother. Nah Kouta’s is the 18th of January or something/

  131. Jeez im way off, actually it might be Whitnall. But that’s my last guess, i know a former Blues player has the same as me though

  132. Steve Healy says

    Lol Cam Bruce took a risk saying the Dees will get off the bottom of the ladder, I mean we will but if we don’t he should get delisted.

  133. Steve Healy says

    Hmmm, I’ll check, Whitnall’s is definitly in August I know that.

  134. Jeez that’s a harsh call Steve, and the Dees will get off the ladder. They are better then Freo, Eagles and the Tigers.

    In my new footy fixture season im doing, im trying to plan an Adelaide v Port Adelaide Grand Final, just for something different

  135. Steve Healy says

    Gee that’d be a great grand final, I’ve always wanted a Showdown or Derby grand final, I wish it was Freo V West Coast in 2006.

  136. the only good thing about watching westcoast play is that i get to see MITCH!! :)

  137. Speaking of West Coast, did anyone notice that Sam Butler played every game this year? I didnt and i was surprised

  138. Steve Healy says

    Well, I like seeing all teams play.

    For some reason, I always see Port Adelaide the least out of all the clubs. They’re hardly ever on Free to air.

  139. MEH i cant survive watching Port, Freo, Sydney AND…
    dont kill me steve SOMETIMES Melbourne play.
    if its not against collingwood theres a 5% chance i might watch

  140. Really Steve, Freo never play on free-to-air as well, not that i want to watch them lol nah i like seeing every team too, just not a game like Adelaide v Sydney from AAMI Stadium on a Saturday night coz your 100% guarenteed a low scoring slog. I like watching Freo because of Hayden Ballantyne and Matthew Pavlich

  141. ahh yes, Pavlich you other lovechild

  142. Steve Healy says



  143. Steve Healy says

    Freo and West Coast are both very exciting to watch.

    Josh, I’m just going by the games that I’ve scored. I scored 2 Port Adelaide games this year, I think I scored about 8 of Freos. I’ve actually scored 4 Port Adelaide home and away games in 3 years.

  144. …lol im sorry.
    no offence but i was just being truthful.
    like if the dees are playing ill flick it on for the score and almost everytime my response is:
    ‘ohh, theyr losing, again” and just to put the icing on the cake melbourne will miss about two while the opposition will kick 4 in time for me to finally change then channel or leave.

  145. I thought they were exciting when Jurrah was there, imagine what it’d be like with Jurrah AND Wonaeamirri

  146. Steve Healy says

    Danno, unless you’re refering to the St.Kilda game in Round 22 this year that 4 goal thing has never happened before!

  147. lol i probably am, i dunno.
    but the thing is your the only melbourne supporter i know!
    like i would have NEVER pinned you for a Dees supporter, Richmond possibly but not melbourne.
    its good to be different though.

  148. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, I reckon if Wonna and Jurrah were free in the goal square they’d try and take a specky over each other lol

  149. or chealsea roffy!

  150. caio dudes, gotta get suck into the books now.
    if i manage not to get distracted and draw love hearts and flowers all over my notes and actaully get some work done ill try to see if i can get back on.

    status- study till the cows come home, which could be a while cos i dont live in Waaia!

  151. Ha! Good one lol

  152. Michael Allan says

    It was muck up day at my school today. Same Blease wore his Melbourne uniform, a wig and taped up his ankle lol.

    He was given the most popular in yr 12 award.

    The yr 12’s a;lways make a video for assembly and it was so funny becausse they’d be doing slketches and Blease would randomly come in, sign an autograph give it to someone then leave. He did it to a sports teacher and the teacher discretely put it in his pocket lol.

  153. Lol thats funny, i wish a footy player went to my school..

  154. Michael Allan says

    It would’ve been good if he had played this year. Recruiters won’t want players from my school now since Blease got a season injury at lunchtime. lol

    Unfortuneately my year levevl’s pretty bad at footy so I won’t have anyone in my year level.

  155. My year might have a few kids who can make it to the AFL

  156. Michael Allan says

    Well we’ve got two in this years draft. Next year we’ll only have one that I know of. The year 9’s are really good but there’s not much talent from the yr 10’s. lol

  157. Michael Allan says

    I like watching Western Bulldogs play. They’re midfeild is so quick and such good kicks. They’re interesting to watch because they’ve got a small mobile forward line that nobody else has. I’ll watch them even more now they’ve got Hall.

    Thgey’ve got so many exciting players like Aker, Johnsoon, and basically they’re entire midfeild.

    I find Ryan Griffen very frustrating becasue when he’s on song he’s terrific but he’s bad is appauling. I do consider one of my love children.

  158. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t logged on for the past day or so.

    Yeah the Bulldogs are an exciting team to watch, I like the style of their younger players like Ward, Harbrow and Hill.

    For a while Sydney were the most boring team to watch with their stoppage-filled play, even in the 2005 Grand Final the skill level was shocking although it was an exciting game.

  159. Michael Allan says

    G’day Damo

    Yeah Sydney were a bit boring but if you win a premiership and get into two grand finals you can’t really bag the style of play.

    Please don’t mention Ward. I don’t like to be reminded of terrible Richmond trades.

    I’m not sure who I’d say is the most boring club at the moment. All clubs have their exciting players and reasons to watch.

  160. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think the style of football has improved since that flooding debacle in 2007 in that Hawthorn v St Kilda match, classified as easily the worst game in history!

  161. Michael Allan says

    Haha I was at that game. It was terrible. I never get bored at the footy but my interest was tested that night. lol.

    Oh and Danni your wrong about the clubs you said you can’t watch

    Port- Daniel Motlop
    West Coast – Mark LeCras
    Sydney – Adam Goodes
    Melbourne – Steve forgot to mention Aaron Davey.

  162. Steve Healy says

    Ah yes how could I forget Aaron Davey.

  163. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Hawthorn V St.Kilda was a dismal game. Luckily I was out that night I think so I didn’t watch it.

  164. I Can happily say i got some hard work done! this is bad news for my poor religion teacher who i will have to meet up with to have a look at my work.
    i can also say that my brain is melted!!!! lol

    oh and Michael here is my response:

    Port- Daniel Motlop- WASHED UP DUD
    Sydney – Adam Goodes- NEVER REALLY RATED HIM
    Melbourne – Steve forgot to mention Aaron Davey.- YEAH,IF YOU SAY SO.

  165. Damian Watson says

    Which of these do you guys think would be the best timeslot for a match when the two new teams come in: Saturday Twighlight
    Monday Night
    extra Friday Night game

    Status- watching Packed to the Rafters

  166. deff the extra FRIDAY night game!! :)

    status- answering ras3/4 exam questions, up to my 3rd double sided page, ohh my poor ras teacher!

  167. Michael Allan says

    Beautifully summed up by an ignorant Collingwood supporter

    Motlop – Are you kidding me? He’s an absolute freak only about 28 he just had an injury ridden season.

    Mark Lecras – You obviously havn’t watched him enougfh to appreciate what an amazing player he is. He gets atrociouiss delivery but finds a way to turn the situation into a goal.

    Adam Goodes – Two Brownlow’s not good enough for you?

    Aaron Davey – Just becasue his team is struggling doesn’t mean he’s bad. In my opinion he’s the best kick in the AFL. Fantastic to watch.

  168. Steve Healy says


  169. ignorant Collingwood supporter ehhyy?
    hmmm ill take that as a compliment thanks!

  170. Michael Allan says

    I guess an extra Friday niught mgame would be ok. I wouldn’t like waiting for Richmond to play until Monday. Unfortuneately I think Monday night will get the game.

  171. Steve Healy says

    Collingwood supporters think differently.

    Danni, you’re a lovely Collingwood supporter

  172. I reckon Wednesday twilight.

    Funny i think im the only person in Australia who doesnt like Packed to the Rafters lol.

  173. Steve,

  174. ill second that Josh, i dont watch it aswell.
    is Geoff still on h&a?

  175. Steve Healy says

    Packed to the rafters is the most terrible show!!!!!!!!! You’re not alone Josh. It’s one of those channel 7 shows where the cameraman vomits on the camera and then puts it on TV

  176. Michael Allan says

    PTTR is horrible. It could’ve been worse Danni. lol.

  177. Steve Healy says

    Damn it my Collingwood theory didn’t work

  178. ..what could have been worse?

    what collingwood theory?

  179. Damian Watson says

    Packed to the Rafters is one of the BEST shows on TV!! these people can actually act.

    And it’s certainly better than those crappy soapies like Neighbours and Home and Away that you all seem to have an interest in.

    I think they had a Wednesday twighlight game back in 1996 between Essendon and Geelong and that turned out to be a suprise success with about 60-70 000 fans attending.

  180. Michael Allan says

    I could’ve called you something worse. lol.

  181. good to know Michael, good to know.
    lol this is so funny seriously, everyone is so against collingwood supporters its like we have our own religion or something.
    freedom of speech people!

  182. Steve Healy says

    Neighbours is OK. Home and Away is worse than packed to the rafters. It is the most pointless show, they may as well show the fishes in the fish tank like they used to on Channel 31

  183. STEVE- Collingwood theory??

  184. Yeah i think Wed. twilight is a good idea coz it would be good to have a game midweek so we dont starve for 5 whole days. But it would mess up how many days break each team gets before games.

    PTTR is just a show i dont watch coz i missed the first few episodes so i wouldnt be able to get into the series if i start now, that’s my excuse! I watched the episode where the bloke took viagra but that’s all lol

  185. Michael Allan says

    I have know problem with freedom of speech Danni.I have a problem with you not rating stars like Goodes and Davey. It’s just stupid to say things like that!

  186. Next she’ll be saying Chris Judd is not all that

  187. Micheal, its not that i dont think they are good players, they are just not in my well, ‘Juddy section’ as i would put it.
    now if i wet around saying Judd isnt rated then you should be worried.
    maybe its the fact that Goodes deosnt play for a big team like Essendon or Carlton, or the fact that i hardy watch sydney play so obviously i wouldnt rate him.


  189. Steve Healy says

    The only players Danni rates are the good looking ones.

    Brown- Doesn’t get enough of the ball, not consistent enough.

    Anthony- Very inconsistent, never dominates enough. He’s also quite slow.

  190. Steve, come on now!
    there is no way i would rate cuddlesnrainbows and Superman in my Juddy section!
    as much as i love them both they cant be compared to juddy or Burton

  191. Learn to spell Danni.

    I remember Anthony kicked 7 goals against Essendon in the NAB Cup this year, was that during the earthquakes?

  192. Burton????????????

  193. Michael Allan says

    How could you not have watched a superstar like Goodes at some point? Besides you can just look at his acheivements to see how great he is. Two Brownlow’s, a premiership and 3 All Australians.

    Why wouldn’t you want to watch Goodes? How many midfeilders do we have with his size and athletic ability? He’s an absolute freak.

    I wouldn’t rate Davey with Chris Judd but I’d definately watch a Melbourne game because of him.

  194. OH SHUTUP! its lucky i can even think straight after all the stuff i read, wrote, re-read, edited, adjusted, wrote and read again!

  195. Michael Allan says

    As Danni would say ZOMG!

    You’re getting crazier by the second Danni. You’d rate Burton with Chris Judd? ABOVE DAVEY AND GOODES???

  196. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that NAB cup match was during the earthquakes, that was strange I never felt it but my neighbours said the house was shaking.

    You can add a rising star to Goodes’ resume’.

  197. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it was the earthquake game. Davey’s faster, and a better kick than Judd

  198. And Judd is a better eye-gouger

  199. Actually Steve i’d say Judd’s faster than Davey.

    I remember the earthquakes in Melbourne. I was out camping at the Murray River with a couple of mates and i remember saying haha how weird would it be with Etihad Stadium blew up while we were out there or something, then when i was listening to the radio trying to hear the scores i could hear them talking about earthquakes and i thought it was all coming true

  200. Yes i would rate Burton with Judd.
    Burton is dangerous, he makes me sweat when hes near the ball!!
    Goodes is a good player but personally myself doesnt have the urge to look at him in that star studded manner like you.

    and that SHUTUP was for JOSH! lmaoo
    i was like..yupp ill bet Michael thought i was saying to him.
    and that was not an appropriate time to use ZOMG!!

  201. Steve Healy says

    One word. No. Davey is faster than Judd.

  202. Steve Healy says

    Danni, Goodes has one two brownlow medals. surely you would rate him highly

  203. NO WAY STEVE!
    Do you want Hughesy to kill you or something?

  204. No im sorry but i dont.
    who must have noticed my stubborn taurus nature by now and should know that unless i personally change my mind about goodes hes not going to be rated highly to me no matter what.

    status- continuing section b questions

  205. Oh guess what? My p.e teacher is cousins with Hughesy. And my p.e teachers name is Mr. Hughes so we call him Huuuuughessyyy!!

  206. LMAOOO!!
    MAN..i miss Hughesy saying something weirdly gay about a footy player…

  207. Steve Healy says

    No, I hold Daniel Hughes in high regard, and I hope he can find a spot in the senior team for the Dees next season.

    I explained it. Collingwood supporters think differently to normal people.

  208. And my teacher actually looks like him too. Oh and he was dancing to some weird girl music today in p.e so yeah the gay-ness runs in the family

  209. Damian Watson says

    Josh that reminds me about a book I read in Year 8 ‘Tomorrow When the War Began’ when the kids talk about their home towns blowing up and invaded.

    By the way Davey is not faster than Judd!!! at least at the moment.

    Yeah I’m starting to miss Hughesy’s antics already even though he is appearing on two other shows.

  210. Yeah they think “tha umpy is farkin retarrrded” lol

  211. okay so now your saying im not normal?

    gee thanks for that steve…
    gezz im in a biatchy mood today!

  212. Yeah Damo i read it this year and that’s why i said what i said to my mates lol.

  213. Steve Healy says

    Judd doesn’t have the explosive speed that Davey has. And the ability to run players down from behind.

  214. well ill bet Toovey is faster than Davey

  215. But agree with me on this one Steve, Alwyn is faster than Aaron.

    Damo what number was Jeff Garlett this season?

    Status – Looking through Wikipedia trying to see if any players have changed guernsey numbers. Fevola has been given the number 8

  216. Comment 214: A perfect example of how a Collingwood supporters brain works

  217. Steve Healy says

    Garlett was number 38

  218. Michael Allan says

    I find it hard to compare players speeds. I would’ve thought Davey was quicker but I might be wrong.

    Danni, I’m sorry but that’s just wrong. Yo0u say that Burton’s dangerous when he’s near the ball. Are you implying that Goodes isn’t.

    Once again it looks like the guys are on my side for this one.

    And don’t worry after reading the part about editing and stuff I knew it was for Josh.

  219. Josh dont be such a ‘Roo!’

  220. Steve Healy says


  221. Damian Watson says

    Maybe so but Juddy seems to accelarate while in possesions and he has the strength to break through packs and not even Davey can produce those skills better than Juddy.

    Poor old Tim Schmidt has retired, he has been on the list for six years and only managed 17 games.

  222. Steve Healy says

    DAVEY IS THE QUICKEST BLOODY THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  223. GEZZ well i think i should just get my friend candy to get on here and back me even thought she knows nothing about footy, jsut so i can have some sort of support as the targeted ‘feral’ collingwood supporter.

  224. Oh ok, i just cant picture Garlett with 38 on the back so i thought they gave him a new number.

    Yeah Goodes has the ability to play anywhere on the ground, remember the game against Freo last season where he booted 8 goals? Burton is good for a mark and a few goals but that’s it Danni, LeCras, Porplyzia, Matty Campbell and Nahas are better than him

  225. Steve Healy says

    Yeah he retired to pursue a career in real estate lol.

    Josh, what’s this numbers thing on Wikipedia? I didn’t know Fev was 8, all I know is Lovett’s 9 for St.Kilda

  226. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Gartlett was brilliant in the match against Melbourne in Round 21 kicking four goals and he is certainly a player to look out for and yeah his number is 38.

  227. Well me and Candy get along terrific so i wont worry.

    Really? I rated Schmidt, thought he was a good youngster. The Dees or Tigers should pick him up, even Freo.

  228. ohh that reminds me.
    Josh candy wants to see a photo of you.
    im being serious

  229. Michael Allan says

    Damo just because he can break through packs that doesn’t make him faster. Over 100 m I think Davey would win.

    I went to Bulldogs Essendon this year and while I was waiting to get inside the lady behind me was saying to a guy who seemed to know little about footy. “There are two Davey’s, but we’ve got the better one.”

    I had to bite my bottom lip, close my eyes and take a deep breath. It made me so angry. lol

  230. You just type in a team (say “Brisbane Lions”) and down the bottom it’ll have current squad and every player with there number beside it. Some of the newly traded players have nothing next to there names, but Fevola has number 8 next to his.

  231. ha and i thought i had anger issues

  232. Steve Healy says

    Ask her to search “Josh Barnstable” on Facebook for a picture.

    Thanks Josh. Aaron Davey is way better than Alwyn

  233. What?? Candy sounds weird… lol

    Nah i’d go with Judd, he has that accleration, he can evade almost anything and is hard to tackle. If it was 100m with opponents awaiting Judd and Davey, Judd would win it

  234. Damian Watson says

    Juddy can accelrate out of the pack while Davey is a brilliant exponent of chasing a player down at quick and similar speeds.

    I just think Juddy is a tad quicker!

    They should organise a race between the two, that would be entertaining.

  235. okay, well josh make sure its a good picture cos shes got high expectations lol

  236. Aaron is better than Alwyn
    Alwyn is faster than Aaron

  237. lol candy, weird? NO WAY!
    ohh shes the best!
    but im being serious about the photo thing

  238. Michael Allan says

    Ha Josh I wouldn’t go that far. Burton has been serviceable and Nahas and Campbell are a fair bit behind him imo.

  239. Well how bloody come in the AFL Grand Final sprint they dont have Judd and the Davey boys in there?? And yes my facebook picture is of me with my aviators :P

  240. Steve Healy says

    I think Aaron is just faster than Alwyn.

    HOW ABOUT A RACE? Alwyn, Aaron and Chris Judd

  241. Haha what’s her number? I’ll text her lol

    Yeah but if the ball is spilled from a pack, i’d see Nahas and Campbell roving and snapping a goal easily before Burton, and Burton plays the crumbing forward role

  242. Steve Healy says

    Josh it’s funny if you think that 38 is weird for a player like Garlett, cos Nahas also wears that number.

  243. okay ill let her know 2mro so she can check it out.
    josh is loving the fact that older gals are asking for his picture


    Ohhh her number eyy?
    hmmm ill ask her 2mro b4 i give it.

  245. Damian Watson says

    Anyway guys I better go, I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow!! again.

  246. Steve Healy says

    Oh Shane Mumford got number 16, well no suprise really.

  247. and you know whats funny/
    lmaoo i swear on nathan brown, she LOVES, I MEAN LOVES GUYS IN AVIATORS

  248. Aww give it to me now, she won’t mind :D lol

    Nah i have a weird thing with remembering player numbers, i pretend like i’m looking at the player from the back and there number just appears in my head, but it didnt work for Garlett.

  249. Steve Healy says

    I just know players’ numbers off by heart. Ask me anyone and I’ll answer it.

  250. Ranga Ediwickirama?

  251. lol, yeah..i dont wnat her to kill me.
    ill see how this goes 2mro lmaoo
    lmao i remeber when i was like
    ‘hes a country boy’
    lmao she got so excited

  252. Steve Healy says

    Lol I didn’t know what aviators were till a couple of days ago

  253. yeah buy a few pairs steve, us ladies love em

  254. Michael Allan says

    bye Damo.

    Danni, why would stars like Judd and Davey waste their time at the Grand Final sprint?

    Yeah 38 seems to be the rookie number. Nahas will get a better number next year though. I’m thinking number 15.

  255. Steve Healy says

    Lol Josh that’s a hard one. 42?

  256. Michael Allan says

    Ben Bucovas

  257. its called excercise Michael! :P
    still i just wann se toovey run

  258. Steve Healy says

    Ok I don’t know Ben Bucovas’ number lol

  259. And the best thing about em: you can stare at chicks and they dont know your doin it! lol :) :) :)

    On the topic, has there ever been a star number 38?


  261. Steve you said you knew everyones number! lol okay smart-ass Steve (hey that’s a new name for you) what number was Drum before he left Freo? Coz i wanna know and i cant remember

  262. Michael Allan says

    Oh Cmon Steve everybody knows he’s number 33 for Freo.

    I’m off now bye.

  263. I wouldnt stare at a Collingwood chick sorry Danni

  264. zomggggggggg!!
    thats SOOO MEAN!!
    hmm i wonder what would happen if i was in a North geresy! HHMMPHHHHHHHHH lmao
    its okay, i wouldnt go out with a ROO

  265. Steve Healy says

    Drum was number 30!!! Too easy.

    Cya Michael.

    Leon Harris is the games record holder for 38, he played 186 games in it for Fitzroy

  266. Steve: Casey Sibosado

    I swear Freo gets all the weird names

  267. Oh i would lol

    Im gonna tell you a dirty little secret of mine Danni: I have a phobia of magpies. Actual magpies

    If Drum was 30, then Zac Clarke has moved into his spot

  268. Steve Healy says

    Yeah. Hmm is Casey Sibosado number 38? Sorry guys, I know pretty much every player who has played a game.

  269. really ill match that.
    im scared of pigeons and crows and sparrows but ill sit down and have a chat to a magpie, hows that for weird?

  270. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Drum’s 9 but used to be 30.

  271. candys favourite animal is the kangaroo hence why she says she goes for north, that and the speedos incident

  272. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! Sibosado is number 39. Get your act together Steve lol

    Well its coz i get swooped by the “Waaia Magpie” and it actually hits me, it made me bleed once after it smashed into the side of my head.

  273. Oh okay.

    She’s a Northerner is she?? Speedos?

  274. ohhh..wow thats bad.
    my cousin took in a baby magpie that had a broken wing and we called it Buckley, IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as soon as it was healed they let it fly off.

  275. yes she was at the pool and the NorthMelb boys were there..swimming around topless in their speedos and thats all it took for candy to convert to North.

  276. She’s not some bimbo is she? Coz that’s what comes to mind when i think of the name Candy.

    Yeah my brother saved a Magpie after it had a broken wing and it was really cute and we let if fly off but it wanted to stay with us but one day it was gone. I bet its the one swoopin me too..

  277. Steve Healy says

    Oh on camp I got within a couple of metres of a kangaroo, or it might’ve been a wallaby lol but still. I nearly touched it but it hopped away


  279. I’ve had 3 pet Kangaroos, about 7 pet possums and we’ve got a pet Cockatoo. Our house is like a zoo. That rhymes

  280. nah she not, shes very individual, loud, funny, kinda crzy at times, shes a smart cookie, natural blonde.

  281. Steve Healy says

    lol Josh is this a competition to sound as young as possible? Surely one of the possums is called Toovey

  282. Steve Healy says

    She should barrack for Carlton if she’s a natural blonde, but then again so am I so scrap that idea lol

  283. nahh steve im sorry but you won!
    i was dying when i read that
    its like a little shy kid at show and tell.

  284. Steve Healy says

    well thanks Danni I’ve still 5 years old at heart.

  285. I got kicked where it hurts for boys by my Kangaroo :( hurt..

    I dunno how he sounded so young, but Steve you deserved your win. Congratulations mate

  286. NAWWW ROFL ur so lucky i aint next to you i would have pinched ur cheeks and tapped you on the head!

  287. Steve Healy says

    Thanks lol, gotta go guys cya

  288. ROFL josh..thats so not something to laugh at..i mean…OOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!
    YEAH WELL thats the self defence area for a quick getaway from stalker dudes

  289. yeah me too
    bye all.

    ohh i see candy 2mro

  290. I hope she’s with telstra :P lol

    Have fun at prison tomorrow everyone..

  291. Not much footy news today. Brad Johnson has retained the club captincy for 2010, while Guy O’Keefe and Malcolm Lynch have been cut.

  292. lol our year 12s finished today and ran through the school screaming their lungs out!
    then some boys from a dude school came in for a stroll in their costumes consisting of a sexy nun lol , superwoman, a clown and others lol.
    i got to school in the morning only to notice our school bus and the art building got wrecked badd!!
    cant wait for 2mro, our 12s have their muck-up day!

  293. Our year 12’s headed to the beach today i think.

    Show day was fun, mum beat me in a game and won a Winnie the Pooh bear and she hasn’t stopped letting me know about it

  294. lol i love winnie!
    our 12s have like a class of 09 jumper with nick names on the back, me and my friends were tying to figure out what to put on ours for next year.
    here are my possible names-

    Danni, Pretty, Jonas, Darcy, Federer, Brunette, Magpie……
    i dont know which to choose!

  295. Yeah we have those jumpers too. Them and muck up day is the only reason why i wanna do year 12.

  296. exactly! CANT WAIT!!! :)

    In front of 150 close family and friends, Collingwood skipper Nick Maxwell tied the knot with his longtime partner Erin last weekend.
    Several teammates and their partners attended the ceremony including Josh Fraser, Shane O’Bree, Simon Prestigiacomo, Nathan Brown, Dale Thomas, Scott Pendlebury and Sharrod Wellingham.

    nawwwwwwww CAPTAIN!!!!!!! THATS SOOOO ROMANTICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Lol i see Jack Anthony was yet again not invited

  298. Oh and Tayte Pears and Tom Bellchambers did a bit of bonding while on a holiday together in Thailand. Pears got a tatoo off a Bell on his foot, while Bellchambers got a tatoo of a Pear on his foot

  299. Nah i think he would have invited everyone but most dont show up.
    although..he might have gone, without a partner which is why he wasnt mentioned cos it only mentions those who came with partners.

    only thing that gets to me is the Bridal waltz, i cry everytime!
    last wedding i went to was my cousins and my eyes went all watery and i was like

  300. By the way did you talk to Candy? ;)

    Status – listening to 3OH!3 and Katy Perry’s new song “Starstrukk” and chewing on fairy floss gum

  301. Steve Healy says

    Hello everyone. I’m on this website

  302. The king has arrived. Lol

  303. LMAOO Yes i spoke to candy.
    i told her to txt me when shes seen your avaitor photo! :P
    lmaoo when i told her she was laughing so bad, im like he aksed if you were a bimbo
    and she was like..’WHAT, DANNI WHAT DID YOU SAY?”

  304. Steve Healy says


  305. LMAO..yes steve, thats great! lol
    and then we broke out into conversation about how aviators look so bloody good!

  306. Steve Healy says

    Does Candy know who I am Danni? hahahaha probably not.

  307. Oh i was so tempted to a buy another pair of aviators today for only $10 but i cbs getting the $10 note out of my wallet. Has anyone read my Melbourne Cup story? I want to hear your thoughts on it

  308. lol yes i do mention you steve.

  309. Steve Healy says

    Is it up Josh? I’ll read it now.

    Thanks Danni, only a true friend would mention friends to their friends

  310. I was telling my friend how much of a freak you are Steve. Freak at footy stats i mean

    Yeah it’s up

  311. lol i even mentioned steve to my mum, you know about the footy stats and all the maths behind it!
    lol she was interested.

    Josh as if you turn down another pair of aviators!

  312. Well i was eating a bucket of hot chips at the time and didnt want to get smudges on them so i left them. Totally regretting it at the moment, wonder if i can ride back into town and get a pair before they pack up…

  313. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for spreading my word guys. Lol Danni, I need to repay you a favour. The only detail I’ve gone into when referring to you while talking to other people is that you are a girl and you’re 17 and you go for Collingwood. Well I guess that’s all I need to mention lol.

  314. Does this Candy character have Facebook?

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