Livewire Leon lets loose.

By Ramon Dobb

Don’t you just love the AFL draw, as we play OUR home game against Footascray at the Doggie Dome.  It seems like we’ve played the Doggies four times in the past 19 rounds all at Doggie Dome….  Hang on, we have!!

Yep, sorry its me again, after seeing Steve’s pleas for a writer, I checked email at 4:40pm and still no takers so decided to take on the job while I’m on a roll.

We started the first quarter strongly again, but again we were wasteful and didn’t make the most of opportunities.  Our backline was on top with Hairy Harry and Mighty Maxi marking, spoiling or rebounding everything up forward into Livewire Leon territory.  After a lacklustre start to the season and a week off, Leon was BACK and in everything.  Persistence paid off with goals to Deadeye Didak, Lively Leon x2 and Crumbing Clokey.  Shockin Sharrod did his best Missing McAffer impersonation with an OOF from 20m in front and Squandering Swan missing one in at close quarters.  The great Doggie Dome surface was at its best with Hobbling Higgins a first quarter casualty as patches had the grip of a beach volleyball surface, which obviously confused Tapping Tooves after seeing his double fisted volleyball spoil when he was five metres clear of his opponent.  We dominated the drowsy dogs in general play but only 7 points up.

The second quarter continued with the persistent Pies still in charge.  Livewire Leon was still on fire and in everything again with more goal assists than a goal-post maintenance man – one to Jumpin Jolly and another for a Hairy Harry H Bomb, and a “shoodabeen” where Shockin Sharrod missed another one from directly in front, obviously having his own little competition with Missing McAffer’s Geelong effort.  The umps were back to their best with the worst 50m penalty ever witnessed against Misfortunate McAffer and then another for a truthful spray from Heated Heater.  Half time,,, and how ironic that the first advert I see is the one with Golden Boy Reiwoldt crawling up to the Umps and everyone giving poor Barry a serve for giving it to the umps – memo to Golden Boy,,,, Bazza was right!!  As for the state of the game, it was a familiar story with us in front, but shooda been a bigger lead and the nagging feeling that the Doggies can get a break and come back hard.

I’m not sure if I dozed off on the couch at half time and was dreaming but somehow I had this vision that Loping Leigh Brown marked on a lead and slotted a goal from 45m out near the boundary.  Not sure what happened the next few minutes as I was in some sort of Twilight Zone experience until the harsh reality of seeing Bruiser Beams grab the ball, and bang a long goal from outside fifty that had leadership and will-to-win written all over it.  Then we had a bit of party time with another one from Livewire Leon, Shocking Sharrod turning into Superb Sharrod with a couple of great snaps and Deadeye Didak again slotting one through after another great Daisy Dale assist.  Whenever there wasn’t a free kick to the Footascray Freeloaders at the centre bounce, Swanny, Pendles and Dids seemed to be clearing everything.  Goals to Perfect Pendles and Leading Leigh Brown (AGAIN!!!!!!) saw us finish with an 8 goal quarter.  We were well on top and the commentators obviously thought we were home as the Horrible Healy & Hird started banging on about the Destitute Doggies not being the same without Brad Johnson, Acker and someone called Tim Callen – talk about a long bow,,,, why they didn’t throw in Dougie Hawkins, Chris Grant and Bluey Hampshire for good measure??

The last quarter started with us 37 points up and after a great intercept by Deadeye Didak and follow up hard running we ended up with Stoppage Swanny sharking a Jumpin Jolly tap for an open goal and we were 43 points up.  Then just when you thought it was safe to relax on the lounge and enjoy the Sunday evening, Flying Footascray re-emerged – goal after goal and it was a familiar story of fast finishing Footascray.  With five minutes to go we seemed to regather our composure and whilst we couldn’t kick a goal, we did actually get some hands on the footy and used up some valuable time with possession and eventually were worthy victors.

The Jungle Jim McAllister Medal (I just loved Jungle Jim and so happy I could sneak him into a FPS report).

3- Leon – he was the difference with his electric forward play.  He set us alight in the first half and whilst his second half was quieter, it was a great return to form.

2- Swanny – got plenty of it and consistently good through the game, without being great.

1- The Mop – consistent game and stood up in the last quarter with some great efforts.

Pendles and Dids were in strong contention for votes and Ball and Beams were pretty good.

Happy with the four points after 2 weeks of disappointment, but our last quarters are a bit of a worry.

And as a postscript from last weeks game – one of my mates, who was up for the Brizzie game and prematch drinks with HB, Tuddy and I, was at the President’s Lunch (can you call it lunch at 4pm?) at the Doggie Dome.  In walks Tuddy and Tuddy makes a bee-line to him with a big smile and asks “How’d you pull up after last Saturday?!!”  It’s only an hour after the game so I haven’t heard the after match shenanigans, but I’m sure it would have been a pleasant Sunday evening!!!

Go Pies.

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