Life of a dog in lockdown…Colin Wroby gives an update.

So are you getting this all down?



Because my paws are too big for the keyboard, I have asked my mum Yvette to transcribe my growling, nudging, and attention seeking behaviour into words to share.  It’s a pretty weird time for everyone so I am joining in.


We stay at home all the time now.  I am lucky.  We have a back yard which is now where number 1 Mum Yvette or number 2 Mum Mimi throw balls to keep me busy. (Or up the hall if it’s raining). One ball isn’t enough.  They have a supply, and they throw one and have the next one ready for me to chase so it’s non-stop exercise.  We do it every time I start to growl or stare them down from their usual activities of eating, looking at their screens, watching TV, cooking, cleaning, talking on the phone and doing the personal hygiene stuff.


For me, I just walk out the doggie door and do my business in the lovely greenery outside.  They wish they had that kind of freedom, cos most of the time I just want to be with them, so I annoy the crap out of them (hopefully) when they are trying to do theirs.


My big eyes and my cuteness help.  I now sleep cuddled up with one or the other every night, something Mum number 1 said would never happen in this house. I miss the rest of the pack who used to come by.  Little human Emilia on Mondays would mean I was contained in my cubby but Mum No 1 would let me out when she would sleep in the other room.  Little human Sienna would feed me treats through the grill. My big brother Daniel used to give me the best tummy rubs and play with me for ages, but he’s self-isolating at his home so I miss that too. We don’t even see newby Noah who hasn’t been to visit his Nanna here yet.  Thank goodness we met him when he was really little, before the time of whatever this is.


The things I miss most though, is party time at the park.  In the mornings, Mum No 1 has been walking with the same two friends she’s walked with for nearly 20 years.  There used to be a crowd of them apparently, but the regulars are now Margaret and Gina with occasional visits from Sue who is self-isolating in Frankston.  Margaret and Gina are the only ones left in the mornings from our group now, it’s illegal for us to join and Mum 1 is very paranoid and keeping me at home. I used to chase the ball from the big throwy thing and mostly bring it back, unless I got distracted by all the other dogs or people who loved to cuddle me.  I am VERY good at rolling over for tummy rubs.  REALLY good.


But I miss the afternoons most with my bestie like Bradley the Spoodle was only a teeny tiny puppy when he first came with his dads Aaron and Al.  I love Bradley, he’s kind of wild like me and even when he was little, he was up for some great rough and tumble.  He is now double my size.  And gets distracted by all the other dogs.


My other favourite is Minnie.  I love Minnie.  She and I are the same age and both Cavoodles, (though she is whitish, and I am a lovely caramel brown) and we go absolutely nuts when we see each other.  Her dad started bringing her every morning as his work dropped off.  Now I don’t see her at all.


Then there’s Franke, my longest mate and best bestie, his Mum Annelise  and Mum No 2 Mimi have been friends all their lives, and so have we.  We do home visits to each other especially when Frankie walks his family anywhere near our house, he just pulls them in and they come around the back and Frankie and I don’t believe in social distancing (that’s why Mums stopped taking me out.  I am not built for this shit.) I am going to stay with Frankie when the wedding happens in MY backyard next week.  But more of that next post.


I am glad I have my two humans who feed me and entertain me, and I hope I am doing enough to keep them busy with my needs and wants.  After all, they don’t have footy and friends and parties and Pokémon raids (which meant I would meet more people who would cuddle and play with me) to go out to anymore.


I don’t think Mum No 1 is too fussed about the footy being cancelled though…you should have heard her cursing after the second half of St Kilda’s one and only game.  She was yelling at the big screen saying how could they play like that in the second half after such a great start, and stuff like, it was like they were told that the season was halted at half time and so shut up shop.  She was pretty grumpy and she’s usually not that grumpy, except during my other favourite activities like stealing tissues from the bins, socks and undies from the floor, laundry out of the baskets, or anything else I see with my attention always at the ready.


Yawn.  That’s enough for today.  I am heading back to sleep so I can keep my humans occupied whenever they get up.  I am ready for action…..zzzz…zzzz…zzz.


Just waiting for Mum No 1 Yvette to finish posting my thoughts as first time contributor.



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About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    A dog named Colin!!!

  2. John Butler says

    Colin, just sit tight. All will be right in the end (we hope).

    Enjoyed this, Mum number 1. :)

  3. Shandy the Wonder Dog sends Colin his regards. He would join him for a walk in the park but the state borders are now closed; the airlines aren’t flying; and at 15 his arthritis prevents Shandy walking the Nullarbor as he once could have.
    Shandy’s slaves (male – feeder and walker) and female (affection and massage) have lifted their game and are now attending to his needs appropriately. He has withdrawn his trade request.

  4. Yvette Wroby says

    Colin sends Shandy a big butt sniff and tail wag. Thanks guys.

  5. Yvette Wroby says

    And I am answering for him cos he’s gone to Frankie while we have a 5 person wedding at mine… so I am replying for him.

  6. Great stuff, Colin.
    There will come a day when isolation is over

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