Last rites: What a day. And tomorrow I’m getting married!

Ben Santamaria

What a 24 hours! More ups and downs than a pogo-stick convention. A snapshot of my day:

2pm Thursday: A single-man living in a shared house in Fulham, London.

5pm Thursday: Collected the keys to my new house and hung the first painting on the wall.

8pm Thursday: Caught in a torrential downpour at Craven Cottage only to realise that the usual custom of meeting my cousins at the ground had not been organised.

I sit alone by the Thames, a drowned rat, as the players come out.

9.30pm Thursday: Fulham have given me and the rest of the devoted faithful a slick 3-0 win to announce their arrival on the European scene.

10.40am Friday: What had been called amongst the antipodean Blues “the massacre at the ‘G” kicks off many thousands of miles .

It’s going to be a long morning listening as the ABC dissect the shortcomings of the Carlton Football Club as they ply their wares against the awe of Geelong.

11am Friday: Punter loses another toss and Billy Bowden his marbles by not giving the England captain his marching orders after the first ball.

11.10am Friday: Blues lead the Cats by 7 points at ¼ time.

11.30am Friday: Australia have two early wickets and England are 16/2.

11.45am Friday: Blues by 13 points at ½ time.

1pm Friday: England are 72/6 at lunch and I think I can see Aurora Borealis in the northern sky. Perhaps it’s just the oft-discussed aura of the Australia cricket team creeping back.

1.10pm Friday: Blues smash the Cats by 6 goals and secure finals’ footy for the first time since 2001.

Difficult to imagine a better 24 hours.

That said, I am getting married in the morning, so who knows?


  1. Crikey! The massacre at the G didn’t eventuateso obviously you’re onto a winner today. All the best mate and see you on the other side.

  2. Congrats!!!! :)
    i love weddings, So Romantical!!! :)

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