Kids’ Footy Stories

Kids’ Footy Stories


Life is relentless! It’s been a footy year! Ironically, so much so, it prevents me from writing for the Almanac! I have about five unpolished pieces, Yeates, Nankervis, Howe, could write a whole book on the Curra Swans, never met a finer bunch, but just can’t get them done.


I started the year building walking tracks in the heat and cyclones of North Queensland, driving 1½ hours from the canefields to play in Townsville where some arsehole broke my back with his knee. Recovered as work and adventure took my little family further north, deeper into the tropics, where I have been playing for the Crocs, and swimming off hard, grimy days of work in the rainforest mountains in waterholes with my wife and baby.


Footy-wise, recovered, got fit again, backed into a pack and did my ribs two weeks from finals. To say it’s my age is bullshit. You put your body on the line – some years you get lucky, others you don’t.


No complaints, but I’ve had better seasons.


Throughout it all, Elena has been just brilliant, perfect, supporting this hack and his obsessions.


At night, after these intense days of bush, training and family, I’ve been working on my ode to my daughter.


Imagination trumps violence. It inspires, and, hopefully makes a better world. In honour of her, I am writing 365 kids books in 365 days, complete with art direction, in case teachers, or kids, or parents want to draw or use them, and giving them away for free.
A year’s worth of stories from a short-listed author, for love, and the future. (Feel free to spread the word on it!)


Here are some footy ones. Just in case any Knackers want to read, or draw a footy book with their kids, or grandkids. I have several more planned.




I’m trying to do other topics, too!


So, yeah, I’m pulling about 4-5 hours sleep a night, but it’s worth it. It’s funny, I don’t miss watching the AFL as much as I thought I might. That’s now family time. I do miss the Knackery, though.


In the off season I’ll find more time to polish those pieces.




  1. Old Dog,
    I’ve been reading these on facebook, although I am not the target audience.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    You are amazing. Will read with my drafted grandkids next week

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