Kicking accurate goals

The footy season has ended with the Tiger time. But my writing never ends. It will not all be about footy in the off season though.

Today my writing about footy is still going.

When I watched the footy final of Geelong versus Sydney at a British pub in Kyoto, I realised that kicking accurate goals after long runs during the matches was hard.

Legs get tired and muscles get stiff with tension. Then kicking accurate goals with great angle and long distance is hard. Also pressure triggers.

In the modern games, even forwards have to run on the field to help midfield and sometimes even back line. And tackles might affect movements of legs because of hitting the ground and hurting.

That’s why many players get massages on the boundary line in between on and on the field.

Players can control runs, but if they are running slower, they will be tackled. The balance is needed, I think.

Weather affects turf and performances as well. Methods are the same. Muscle movements are affected by turf conditions.

I think that’s why some clubs choose to have high altitude camps off season. And St Kilda had high performance camps in New Zealand.

St Kilda have been aware of needs in improving kicking skills and recently appointed Ben Dixon as a goal kicking coach (part-time based).

Dixon has been approached by several clubs as a kicking coach.

According to the Herald Sun, Dixon will revamp individuals’ kicking techniques of all players, plus will look to address their mental issues on kicks for goal.

Dixon kicked 282 goals in 203 games in his career and was one of top 10 goal kickers at Hawthorn. His accuracy in kicking when he played will help my boys improving goal kicking, I believe and hope.

I can’t wait the 2018 season and visiting Melbourne in less than three weeks.

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