Karma Curses Carlton

“Arrghhhh F*cking Collingwood!!!! OH-MY GOSHH LIKE I sweeear Carlton better f*cking win this time! F*cking Collingwood are on top of the laddaaahh…”

 Ahh, what a great start to my Monday morning.

This is exactly what I want to hear.

Not one to normally take a cheap shot like that I decide to let it go, why bother anyway?

Had I responded to that comment it probably would have ended ugly.

Let’s just call her the ‘Culprit’

 So I choose to do the smart thing, I unpack my books, pretending I didn’t hear anything, strut right past the Culprit with my head high, nose pointed in the air and a slight smirk, this was my way of saying-

“NAWWW are you sad your precious Blues can’t take the heat? Well you can cop that because my boys are on top of the ladder, so SCREW YOU!”

(Well that’s the G-rated version of what I was thinking)

The downside to attending an all-girls school is the constant bickering that some girls never grow out of, and so you must have a number of approaches ready to tackle any situation.

Approach taken to handle this situation?

-The ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all’, approach.

I chose to use my proud exit from the room as my response, who do you think is the winner?

 That bickering came from the same person who once also proclaimed in a whiney voice-

“ARGG I HOPE COLLINGWOOD LOSE THIS WEEK!” knowing that I was present in the room but who cares, I didn’t react and karma did.

We won our game and her Blues lost theirs.

She one of those people that think they know what they are talking about, even though she doesn’t, the stuck up type that would enter herself into a beauty competition or something stupid like that. When I spoke to my other Carlton supporting friend about this she wasn’t surprised and totally agreed with what I had said to her.

Goes to show the different people you find that go for the same team.

Even she said “Yeah she doesn’t even know what she’s going on about, I hate people like that!”

 Now I am waiting to see if Karma was going to prevail again.

I woke up about an hour before the start of the game, (that’s what school does to me) and had a heavy Lebanese breakfast, as dad left for work just before that start of the game.

Chiseled-Greek-God Nathan Brown, who is looking mighty fine as always, makes his presence known giving Carlton their first goal from a free. All is forgiven though, he’s so damn cute!

Leon celebrates game 200 with Collingwood’s first goal.

It’s a tough contest, the Blues don’t want to let go early but the Collingwood pressure is strong and eventually Didak kicks his first.

“Whyyy TRAVIS!!WHYYY?? Even I could kick that!”

Swanny gets one to make up for the Cloke’s miss.

 Dawesy nails the first of the second and follows with another.

He’s like the young, fresh Anthony Rocca, with the great big body, just get a look at those shoulders!

Davis stretches to grab a mark and manages to stretch our lead.



Next comes a Wellingham-Leigh Brown goal.

Bulman, no sorry it’s Pendlebury, Pendles, PENDLE-BEE!! GOALS!

 “TRAVIS!!” *bangs head on desk*

“Pass the footy next time, please! Unless you are on an impossible angle outside 50, that’s when ull nail them, but other wise…!!!”

The third term starts with a Cloke Confuzzel which resulted in a goal from Beamsy.

“Be happy Trav, you probably would have missed it anyway!”

Jolly takes a ripper mark, but does not manage to convert.

Leon turns on the Neon lights and kicks his third.

The commentators accuse Collingwood supporters of being greedy, so far in front but still wanting more. Im sure the teams like Sydney and North Melbourne would want this to turn in a thrashing of Carlton, it wouldn’t hurt their chances ladder wise.

COLL- 80                                      CARL- 26

Hmmm, I wonder if Juddy regrets going to Carlton instead of Collingwood now.

Betts takes a jab which pays off.

FINALLY, Travis finds the middle, outside 50 mind you!

He can probably hear me through the television as he manages to kick another one, 35 meters with a slight angle.


No one thrills me like Didak! (Probably explains why I couldn’t manage to say a word when I met him)

He sends a high flying, graceful torp straight through the goals and makes me fly off my seat in awe.

Carlton decide its now the time to gain some ground.

Shaun Hampson, who should be a Giorgio Armani underwear model, slots one through.

The margin gets down to 42 points and im not impressed, Geelong  will still have percentage over us.

“BEAMSYYY!!” he’s sooo CUTEEEE, SOO CUTEE! The cowboy kicks his third, “Yee-haww!!”

 Swanny who has been everywhere all the time, looks as though he hasn’t done a thing all day, that’s how relaxed he looks!

Steele looks like a clean-cut hill-billy with his hair cut. What is he doing, he got a cut like 3 weeks ago and this cut is too neat for my likings!

Siren- *squeals*

Coll- 105               Carl- 57

Looks like the Culprit won’t be happy on Monday, but Karma is a betch and she’s just going to have to get used to it!

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Danielle,

    remind me not to say anything provocative to you this week prior to the Cat’s home game on Saturday night. You sound quite formidable when cornered.

    Being an adventurous foodo I am a bit interested in the specifics of a ‘heavy Lebanese breakfast’. More ingredient information required please.


  2. LOL good idea Phantom.
    I may seem cute, petite and harmless to the naked eye, but things can get ugly pretty fast.
    i don’t have much patience, my star sign is Taurus, the bull and i have a mean set of lungs handy for screaming matches.

    ummm..well a heavy Lebo breakfast is basically a mix.
    So get the fried eggs with mince meat, which is cooked in a special clay pan.
    Then you get a plate of ‘Labni’ which is a home made fresh cheese made from yogurt (it’s a savory dip like the chick pea Hummus dip)
    I also ate some ‘Fool Medames’ which is cooked Fava beans mixed with garlic, and other stuff mum puts in. Lol
    One of my favourites is the lebo soup called ‘Kishk’- made out of bulgur wheat.
    We also normally open some tuna and consume lots of home pressed green olives along with all those other things.
    This may sound weird to you, but its tastes awesome!
    So, all of the above is eaten with loads of Lebanese bread, which explains why I can’t move after I’ve finished eating. Lol
    This is right away followed by Lebanese Coffee and some sweets.

    Mind you mum has declared that as soon as I’ve graduated, she’s going to teach me full Lebanese Cuisine. For a girl who manages to burn toast, this will be interesting!

  3. Steve Healy says

    Very nice report Danni, and that food sounds nice too.

    Collingwood should’ve won by at least 100 with a performance that dominant, it was annoying seeing carlton come back.

    Steve :)

  4. Sounds great Danni. Love the idea of all the different tastes and textures.

    Could be good for a leisurely brekky next Sunday (depending on the scores). Also for summer brunch on the shack deck done over an hour or two.

    Keep the lid on it this week. It’s only just another game.


  5. 4. – lol i don’t come with a lid.
    It will be a big game psychologically but both teams seem VERY determined. :)

  6. Danni, I know many a person like The Culprit. Oftentimes going to the footy these days, such hatred is directed my way. The whole tall-poppy thing. Sadly, most of it comes from Pies fans :-( They’re not all as charming as you.

    And hear, hear re: Taurean temper :p

    Great article as always, BRING IT ON!!!! :p

  7. Tony Robb says

    The Pies were very,very lucky on Saturday I thought. Firstly, that they were playing Carlton and secondly, that one of their players didn’t come down with serious case of leather poisoning.

  8. 6- Fellow Taurus, on behalf of the meanies i appologise :)
    May the best team win.

    7-Thanks for the comment Tony.
    Bit harsh on Carlton though, they play well when they want to.
    Makes me think, if only Travis kicked straight…

  9. Good work Danni, sorry for being late on the comment.

    Yum yum, I wouldn’t mind being lebanese for a day. And I have a ‘Culprit’ at school, who is in fact a teacher, who supports the Western Bulldogs. He was giving it to me all day today, and wherever I went he seemed to be in the next class or 20m away in the school yard. I just told him to piss off at one stage haha.

  10. 9- LOL Josh.
    i had an inner celebration for the victory against the ‘Culprit’ today.
    Her sour facial expressions really brightened up my day :)
    revenge is so very sweet.

  11. Hey Danni, emotionally exhilarating report as always. Get on MSN, I have some news you’ll be keen to hear :)

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