Just off the pace

I was checking out the results of The Footy Almanac Tipping Competition (for which the prize is half a dozen bottles of red) and I noticed that Neil Kimpton was three clear on a score of 99. To be three clear in a comp of 80+ tippers seemed to me to be statistically significant. “99,” I thought to myself, “that sounds like a lot.”

I checked out the overall situation and yes, our comp leader is equal 18th of 17,391 tippers across the country, and just two off the pace. And all of this after a shocker a couple of rounds ago, when many got 8 or 9, and he didn’t.

How does he do it? And what are his thoughts on the season?

“The tipping is random luck I reckon,” he told me. “I am a Blues fan and I am always getting them wrong- the last two rounds anyway. What a mug: I picked the Pies to win by four goals.”

“I delight in the work of the Almanackers and was particularly delighted to see Barry Dickins make a comeback,” he said (kindly). “However my biggest thrill at the moment is that I am leading our family comp which is administered by my nephew Chris Erickson who will be competing in the 20km walk at the London Olympics. I am more than happy to bathe in that sort of reflected glory.”

Chris Erickson is now The Almanac’s Own Chris Erickson.

In a later email Neil wrote:

“I have just dragged myself out of a deep slumber after watching the eighthth stage of Le Tour (Cadel look good) and the Fed’s seventh victory at Wimbledon.

Your news that there is a prize for winning the tipping comp makes me nervous. I go to water under pressure especially where alcohol is on offer.

Who will win the flag? No real stand-out is there? However given their “soft” draw I think the Crows will finish on top at the end of the home and away season.

Maybe the Hawks for glory in September and, again, given the nature of the draw the Roos might sneak into the Top 8, but that could mean the Cats and Blues miss out.

It’s all too hard, John

Let’s just take it a week or even a game at a time!”

I’ll be keeping an eye on Neil’s progress.




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