Junior Girls Footy: Abby Lennon at Wests (Toowong) in Brisbane

Molly Lennon

Abby Lennon: Wests Girls, Under 13s


Sasha Lennon writes: We had an early morning watching Abby play for Wests Bulldogs (of Toowong) against the Yeronga Devils at Oakman Park. It was a crisp and clear Winter’s morning with a bit of dew on the oval. The girls went down by three points after leading all day by a kick or two. It was a cracking game and the enthusiastic crowd reminded me how far Aussie Rules has come here in Queensland. Pink footy. Pink mouthguard. Classic.


  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi, I spent Saturday watching three divisions of the St Kilda Sharks and they were brilliant. Finally good pathways are starting to appear for girls and womens football. Great skill and enthusiasm shown. Way to go! Will be writing up experience over the next few days


  2. On a recent visit to Brisbane to visit my Son and Family, I was lucky enough to be able to see my granddaughter Abby Lennon play with her team
    West Bulldogs (of Toowong)
    I was most impressed at the skill and effort the girls and my granddaughter Abby in particular put into the game. For girls so young, they showed incredible staying power, determination and effort. They didn’t win unfortunately, but non the less, the game was extremely good to watch.

    Frances (Abby’s Gran)

  3. Go the Bulldogs! (Although I’d like to see a return to the maroon wooly jumper with the two white vee stripes).

  4. Dr Rocket says

    Agree with you Gus!
    Good to see Wests in their maroon and white.

    Sandgate and Wilston-Grange still in trad kit.
    Alas Palm Beach Currumbin now wear Brisbane Lions design not the purple and gold

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Gus I think the club has a few variations of the maroon and white now, including maroon hoops on a white jumper (or is it the other way around?).

    Gran, Abby is improving by the week; was named captain for this coming Friday night’s match against Kedron (who wear a combination of the Melbourne and Brisbane Lions kit).

    Gorillas still traditional.


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