Junior Almanac: Winning is a plus, good footy is a must

Brisbane Juniors Under-13 Girls Grand Final
6.15pm, Friday 11th September
Abby Lennon (age 11)

Photo of junior football

Wests’ Abby Lennon gets her kick away just in time

All the Wests girls were in the change room getting ready for what would be an outstanding game. This was the first Under-13s youth girls grand final ever! We were ready to play the as-yet undefeated Kedron Lions.

As the siren rang and the speakers burst with the sound of our club song, we ran through the maroon and white banner, led by our captain Sophie.

We looked professional as we jogged across the field, and our names and numbers were called by the announcer just like the pros.

Moments later we lined up for the national anthem followed by shaking hands with the Kedron players and the umpires.

Our captain won the coin toss and chose to kick with the wind.

We then stretched and formed a group huddle as the siren blew. “Doggies on three – one, two, three, Doggies”!

A great tap by our ruck Abby W. went straight over to Razza. Boom! Wests was tackled and the ball ended up in Kedron’s hands with the Lions’ number 8 sprinting out of the pack to score a mighty goal. The Kedron crowd cheered.

What a mark from Kedron’s number 9! But her kick didn’t quite reach the goals, so Wests booted the ball to the other end of the ground. The ball bounced everywhere back and forth, claiming highs, frees and marks.

The ball sailed towards me and I took a great mark. I was on an angle but took my time, booting the ball straight through the middle of the goals.

Then the ball was in play again. I stormed out of the pack to score my second goal in a row!

We then re-set and a beautiful kick by Jessica got it to Tahlia who scored followed by me, with my third. The crowd roared.

At quarter time, we are in front by 10 points. This was the first time in the whole season that Kedron was down at quarter-time.

In the second quarter Kedron managed to keep us scoreless while getting two goals of their own. At half-time, we were five points behind.

At the main break, we had a delicious sports drink to energise us. I felt nervous but excited about what might happen in the second half. Life is like a question mark.

In the third quarter we did our best to bounce back but the strong Kedron girls were showing their muscle.

Our ruck Abby W. kicked a goal for Wests but by the end of the quarter, we were trailing by 37 points. Yikes!

The fourth quarter was disappointing but we still tried our best to the very end.

In the end we lost by ten goals. Kedron were just too big and too strong with the Lions’ score of 13 10 (90) defeating the never-say-die Wests Bulldogs 5 0 (30).

But as my coach says, winning is a plus, good footy is a must.

Photo of junior football

The Kedron Lions hunted in packs as the Bulldogs battled hard


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Well played Abby. Your coach is correct.

    Finals time must bring out the “Yikes!” in us.

  2. Life is like a question mark. Thanks Abby … two more years in the under 13s … Is Keith Wallis still coaching at the Dogs? He was coaching when I was 11 … forty years ago …

  3. Great story Abby. You show all the signs of being a fantastic writer (and you’re a pretty handy footballer too). It’s a great read! Keep it up, from your very proud Dad xx

  4. Well done baby girl. You worked hard at your story and your team mates will be proud….. Just like me! ! Xx

  5. Excellent effort to make the grand final in the first year for the team. I heard that the win the week before to make the GF was the first time you’d beaten that team too. What a great improvement throughout the year! That story is a great read too, thanks Abby. Go the number 3s!

  6. Sandy Hadley says

    An excellent read Abby…well done! And we’ll done in your game too…to make it to the granny is no mean feat. Xx

  7. A fantastic write Abby, and a brilliant account of your brave effort as a team against the Lions. How exciting it would have been for all of you to have got so far, and to have the honour of being the first EVER under thirteen’s girls to get to the final. Playing an undefeated team, would have been daunting too. I have seen you play and you are someone who always tries your hardest no matter what you do. I’m very proud of you, Yours is a great team, and your coach is doing a great job. A fantastic effort by all concerned.
    Love you, xoxoxo

  8. Wow! Way to go Abbey! Sounds like you’re killing it. Future sports star/journalist in the making.

  9. Hi Murray
    Keith Wallis is still coaching at Wests.Feel free to drop in sometime.
    Brilliant article Abby. It was a great game and we are a proud of you and your team.

  10. Steve Hodder says

    Abby, I played in four losing grand finals. Keep up the good footy and you never know, anything is possible.


  11. Great article Abby….My goodness the opposition did look bigger!! Well done on your quick 3 goals too.
    Next season I will have to get up there to watch you all play!! Europe took over this time didn’t it?xx

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