Junior Almanac – Poetry: Bombers (by Archie Rawlings – aged 8)



Heather McDonald is Archie Rawlings’ teacher. She writes:

It’s a cold wintry night and I’m not at the footy.  I’m at my local primary school’s poetry reading night.  And for the first time in his life this little eight year old footy fan stands on stage ready to recite his poem.  A poem he’s written about his team.  The only team he’s ever loved.  The only colours he’s ever worn.  Red and Black, in Adelaide.  Now that takes courage.

Fronting the microphone takes another sort of courage.  So does sharing your eight year old dream.




by Archie Rawlings


The umpire holds the ball,
The crowd starts to roar,
The ruckmen face each other,
The crowd watch in awe.

The ball hits the turf.
Merrett kicks it long,
It sails through the air,
And Daniher takes it strong.

He stands, pulls up his socks,
He lines up straight,
He slots it through for a goal.
The crowd cannot wait,

They wave their banners and cheer,

I can’t believe it,
They are the premiers this year!



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  1. haiku bob says

    This is an absolute ripper!
    Wonderful imagery.
    I could see Joe Daniher just from reading your words.

    Well done Archie!

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Because I know a bit more about plays than poetry, I asked my wife who is a teacher and poetry student to read your poem.
    She was very impressed with your poem, particularly as you were only eight years old. We both agreed it takes a lot of courage to stand up and recite the poem in front of an audience and well done to your teacher for posting the story on the Almanac.
    I was your age when I saw my beloved Bulldogs win the grand-final. But I was a middle-aged man before I found the courage to try writing plays and short-stories. For you, the world is your oyster.

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