Jumbucks galore

Went to visit my mate Dags Douglas down Bordertown way some years back. Under the grandstand before the Reserves match, with the home team in varying states of readiness – finishing a last durrie, liberally dosing the upper extremities with liniment, the coach got all in a lather during his pre-match speech.
Coach: “Now Johnno, you played a beauty last week. I want you to do just the same again. OK Johnno?”
There was no reply from Johnno
Coach: “Johnno, are you listening? Are you here? Where the bloody hell’s Johnno?”
Player: “He’ll be here a bit later, Coach. They’re crutching at his place today”.

And to continue the wool/sheep connection, a representative team:

F:       Dwayne Lamb (West Coast)
Jack Woolley (Essendon, Melbourne, Carlton)
Tim Weatherald (Sturt)

HF:    Fred Shearing (Glenelg)
Len Woolf (in sheep’s clothing) (Hawthorn)
John Shepherd (Sturt)

C:       Jamie Lamb (St Kilda, Geelong)
Bob Shearman (Essendon, West Torrens, Sturt)
Roger Hoggett (Carlton)

HB:   Craig Lambert (Richmond, Brisbane)
Alan Shepherd (Perth)
Ray Woolford (Norwood)

B:        Alec Ewers (North Adelaide)
Michael Woolnough (Geelong, Collingwood)
Roy Ramsay (Essendon, North Melbourne)

Followers:         Shaun Rehn (Adelaide)
Shaun Burgoyne (Port Adelaide, Hawthorn)
Shaun Hart (Brisbane)

Interchange:    Ramsay Bogunovich (Geelong)
Charles Shearer (Port Adelaide)

Umpires:         ? Zschorn (SANFL, 1915)
Matthew Leppard
Richard Fox

Unfortunately Garry John Cowmeadow (South Melbourne, 3 games) was not eligible for selection.

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Peter Crossing loves the pure 'n natch'l blues. He is a member of the silver fox faction of the Adelaide Uni Greys. He is something of a cricket tragic although admitting to little interest in the IPL or Big Bash forms of the game.


  1. Bob Speechley says

    Wot No Fred Wooller?

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Good stuff , Noughts Tim Weatherald will be delighted with his selection !

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