John K’s 2012 Footy Diary

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Round One, Week One


The season begins, oddly, with one game
for the week – the Sydney derby between
the Swans and the Giants. Matty Rendell
goes down for a Thought Crime; Jim Stynes

dies; Jason Akermanis says that Stynes was
nasty on the field. He meant that as praise
but he also queried why a footballer should be
given a state funeral. That was unnecessary.

The media feeds on itself and upsets the family.
We live in prickly times. Labor was lined
and quartered in the Queensland election.
Was that the highpoint of the anti-Labor

pendulum or is there still more to come?
Next, the nation and then South Australia…

Who can gauge the turning point of bile?



Greater Western Sydney lose by ten goals
in their first serious outing and most think
they have played well. The expectation

is that they will be beaten by twenty goals
by every team this season. They are a curious
combination of the very raw and the very old.

Their old players and their old coaches
are on death’s row;  they live on Last Chance
This is their last dive into

the men’s pool; this is their last chance
to wear the costume and parade their intent.
They don’t have to do anything – they don’t

have to win a game to prove their credentials.
The young ones are on First Chance Street.
They don’t have to win games either; all they

need to do is to secure better contracts in 2013.
Right now, it doesn’t matter to them where
they are playing. They are at the gate that leads

to the home of the gods. Their lives have just begun.



  1. John Butler says

    JK, of the two anticipated massacres on Saturday night, one exceeded the expectations of all.

    It wasn’t the football.

    What’s the mood like in SA?

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