John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

Round Four, preview

Here’s a chance

Here’s a chance for Port. Collingwood is tearing
itself to bits. Here’s one round where Port can
note that its opposition is more ragged than itself.
Here’s a chance to put their foot upon their throat

in the last quarter, where the game may still
be there to be won. Bring Rodan from the bench
to run them ragged. No. That won’t happen.
They’ve left him out again. They are stringing

one of their seniors out on a lonely line, as they
did, last year with Chad Cornes. Is this Matty
or are there other forces making these strange calls?
Adelaide can bounce back this week, repair the

puncture in its bubble. And give Sam Shaw some air.
Nothing will be proven, of course. The footy will
be pretty – a big score, flowing play. The engine
will purr; everything will be OK again. Bernie

may even be best on ground with more Dreamteam
points than he can sell. Next week, the Showdown
and that won’t be a real test either. Adelaide has
two weeks to reorganise, tuck the Hawthorn shame

under its wing, and start its serious campaign again.


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