John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary: Gaming


Round Eight
Ultimate Footy

This is a neat fantasy comp. It differs
from SuperCoach where most end up
drafting the same players. Here, we battle
against ourselves – each player can only

appear in one team. Twelve teams have
a preseason draft and trade players each week.
We fight one on one in nine categories:
K, HB, M, Score, Accuracy, Tackles, HO, FF, FA.

The object is not to rack up dreamtime points
but to beat the opponent of the week in at least
five of the nine categories. This week my opponent
has no ruckmen. Brogan isn’t playing and his reserve,

Brent Renouf averages 18 taps. I have Kreuzer in ruck;
he’s good for 21. Tippett, in the forward line, will gather
another seven and kick some goals. I don’t have to play
Naitanui. I’m weak on tackles and handballs; I’ve upgraded

some players only for those stats. I don’t take this
seriously; I do it for fun in the same way Jack Kerouac
played his fantasy baseball cards many years before
he drank himself to death. I like the comps; they make

you watch other players and other teams as keenly
as you want to watch your own. They widen the
experience. They teach you things. For example,
those who rack up the tackle stats also concede

too many Frees Against. And players learn! Last week,
Kurt Tippett was asked to raise his arm and stare
at the umpire each time he was infringed. He did this
and turned his stats around – five Frees For and only

one against. He’s secured his place in my team.


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