John Greening Incident

Getting close to 39 years since the infamous felling of John Greening at Moorabin. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, and a lot has not/can not, be said about the episode.

Now I recall a fair bit of that  period, but can someone remind me re Jimmy O’Dea’s tribunal hearing. In those days the tribunal sat at the start of the week, but was his hearing conducted on a Thursday or  a Friday? I feel it was a few weeks down the track from the event, just prior to the St Kilda v South Melbourne game at Waverley, or is my memory playing tricks; can some one clarify?


  1. Glen.

    Jim O’Dea played the following week against the Dogs at the Western Oval – Mick Malthouse & Gary Steele made their VFL debuts that day. Sadly it was Stephen Boyle’s final game, his promising career cut short after sustaining an injury that cost him his sight in one eye.

    It was O’Dea’s last game for season 1972.

    A question for you Glen – Did Greening and O’Dea’s path cross in the VFA when Greening was at PM and O’Dea at Dandenong ?


  2. Hello Michael, i thougt Malthouse made his debut in the St Kilda v Colingwood match. My recollection was the tribunal hearing was on the Thursday, or the Friday prior to the match at VFL park V South Melbourne; need clarification. How may years did O’Dea play at Dandy? He returned to St Kilda, and finished in 1980. Greening played for us at Port, 1976-1978. Correct me it i’m wrong , but wasn’t he one of the mass exodus of players after the 1978 season? Re Greening and O’Dea, was O’Dea at Dandy in 1976? If so then the paths might have crossed, as i think O’Dea was back at Moorabin by 1977.

  3. Mic Rees says

    Hello Glen.

    Greening played at PM in 1977 and was part of the team that gave Sandringham a severe beating in the big one. He left in 1978, and returned in 1979 when Peter McKenna served as coach – had Bedford, Thorpe & Rod Carter as team mates. We came 3rd.

    I think JOD’s stint at Shepley Oval may have been for 1-2 years tops.

    Not sure if my 46 year old mind is playing up but was the evidence of a fan used to eventually bring O’Dea before the tribunal? Will get back to you.


  4. Steve Fahey says

    I know that Greening didn’t play, by his own choice, when the Pies met the Saints when he made his brief comeback in 1974 – 1976.

    The tribunal hearing was definitely several weeks after the match and my memory is that they had taken statements from a number of supporters who claimed to have seen the incident.

  5. Ramon Dobb says

    There’s a bloke called Magpie Greg on Nicks Bulletin Board and Extreme Black & White fansites who is an encyclodpedia on all things John Greening – post your question over there you’ll get the answers. PS, please be nice on there, its the cyberspace equivalent of the Vic Park outer.

  6. MagpIe Greg says

    I’m Magpie Greg – let me know what you want to know. I am no longer on Nicks or EBW.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Welcome aboard, Magpie Greg

  8. G’day Magpie Greg.

    Any information you can provide to enhance my old posting would be greatly appreciated.


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