Jarrad Waite and the Hand of God

God she works in mysterious ways

Conjuring up life so Jarrad now plays

Against the Blues on a hot August night

His 200th game will set Kangas alight

From heavenly vantage, they beam with pride

As beneath, Vin’s son take a hanger out wide

Preparing to kick, Jarrad stands on paint

Don’t spray it old son, to get no complaint

But Kangas’ colours are such an insipid hue

God is enraged; she loves Navy Blue!

From throne above, the one thing to do

She points at the ball, the kick doth slew

She whispers to Vin “Oh, tis such a great shame,

your son’s kicking skills are now on the wane!”

In celestial seats Vin gets a real fright

Jarrad rolls an ankle, then picks a fight

How does he do this, as if it’s on cue?

First feigning an injury then starting a blue

Vin says to God: “Please atone for this Boss”

“Waitey’s 200th…Like, who gives a toss?”

About Arthur O'Bryan

An elegant variant who loves to surf, and drink loads of local wine. I ride the bumps with the Blues along with my four kids and gorgeous winemaker wife.


  1. I’m not a Blues or Roos fan, Arthur, but I certainly enjoyed your Jarrad Waite poem.
    You’re not related to former Fitzroy 1944 premiership player Arthur O’Bryan by any chance?
    I was a teammate of one of Arthur’s sons, Paul, at the University of Canberra (formerly CCAE) Wombats in the 1980s.
    Indeed, devout Blue and Almanacker Tony Robb coached Obes Junior in that time.

  2. Not related but happy tp share the same name as the Fitzroy great.

  3. Thanks Jarrod, now go back to Carlton now!

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