It’s now a matter of faith

Collingwood/Geelong Preliminary Final Friday 17th September

If  you were a Collingwood supporter, and apparently there are over 70,000 of you at the Game or at home, it was a great, truly superb win.  They came out and skinned the Cats, each and every Cat was turned into a violin string and played to the tune of “Good Old Collingwood for Ever”.  The better they were, the worse the Cats.  The Cats were kept to one goal in the first quarter, one goal. They got 2 in the second, maybe none in the third and Collingwood were so far ahead, they took the foot off the pedal and Geelong got some in the last, making the score look better than it actually was on the night.  The Pies strangled, tackled, crushed, mutilated, pulverised and triumphed.  It was stunning in its execution, it was shocking to watch the team who beat us last year, go down in such a way.

Worst of all, when St.Kilda win tonight against the Dogs, we have to play this team in the Grand Final.  I hate happy Pies but we will play them.  The supporters are overwhelming, singing “Collingwood, Collingwood” half way through the first quarter as they made mincemeat out of Geelong.  And then ate them, as Magpies are want to do.  Eddie Maguire looked happy, which is problematic at best.

My friend was despondent and saw (until she slept on it) the Pies as unstoppable but I’m still an optimist (which is really surprising with my depressive personality and all).  I was there last year, I saw the pain of defeat, I went to the gathering of grieving Saints at Etihad the day after the 2009 Grand Final and watched the suffering, hurt players and Riewoldt swear that they would use the pain of defeat and bottle it and come back again.  Which they have.

With football, I have faith,  go figure.  Last night, at ½ time I wrote a posting on the Almanacs site that St.Kilda and Bulldogs will vie for who loses not to have to face a rampaging Collingwood.  But I was joking because I know tonight the boys will give it everything to have another crack.  And who knows, the experience of the Grand Final last year may well help us over the line.  And we are faster than Geelong, hungrier than Geelong.  As hungry as Collingwood.  We may not be as many and not as noisy, but we have faith that this St.Kilda team can do it.

We will go into tonight’s’ game confident, and next week’s as underdogs, but bring it on.  In football life, anything is possible and we will go to these matches hungry as hell.

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