It takes two to tanko – a McLean pas de deux

By Neil Anderson

Just a few rounds to go which makes it interesting to see how teams will cope ‘dancing’ around the ‘T’ word.Bulldogs verses Tigers on Sunday will give an early indication of which company has put in the hard yards at rehearsals to prepare for season 2013.

On the face of it, the Bulldogs now known as the ‘Cue In The Rackers’, should be too good for the Tigers known this week at least, as the ‘Mathematically Possibles’.
The Bulldogs should definitely receive the flowers at the end of their performance and take home the ‘Brockie’ tomorrow night.
Looking at the Bulldog company lineup, it’s fairly clear their 2013 season has started early.
A number of experienced but fading stars have been recalled to perform alongside the kids. The audience will definitely notice the less-than-prominent cod-pieces and threadbare tights when these old darlings of yesteryear take centre stage.
The Bulldogs have also lost one of their principals in Luke Dahlhaus after he did his ankle rehearsing at the barre. His understudy Tom Liberatore is also missing after spending too much time at a different sort of bar.
Further examination of the Bulldog company lineup shows evidence of ‘tankevisation’.
Lin Jong has finally been included to give the troupe an Asian flavour. It’s true he did study under Li Cunxin (Lee Schwin Sing) and played a few games with the Defectors. And he’s definitely landed on his toes recently. But is he ready for his premiere performance tomorrow?
Jarrod Grant who was expected to be a principal gets another chance tomorrow. Built like a stick-insect, he seems to lack the strength to do the heavy lifting, even for the lightest of his colleagues.
Yes, the more I examine the Bulldog line of performers, the more I’m convinced their 2013 season starts tomorrow and early draft picks are all sewn up.
Unless of course someone goes against team rules and produces a performance of a lifetime. Someone like Nic Nat Nureyev who undertakes a magnificent leap in the final act, a la Billy Elliot.
The only other contender could be Port Adelaide who has recently introduced a secret weapon and trump move they have called ‘self-destruction. 

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