Is this all the woollen footy jumpers in the world?

Rod Oaten many jumpers


Old Woollen Footy Jumpers.


First of all I want to claim artistic license for the jumpers. Some relied on memory and at my age that’s a bit dicey!!!!! All these jumpers are Victorian clubs and all date from late 1940’s to mid 1970’s.  I glued two Geelong team photos together, whited out the colours, got the coloured pencils to work, then photo copied. All this happened about six years ago.


Key to jumpers VFL(1) VFA(2) VAFA(3) Country Leagues(4) Mistakes(5)

Back row. Collingwood,(1) Old Caulfield Grammar (3), VAFA Olympic Jumper(1956 Games) Dromana,(4) Berwick(2) Alvie,(4) North Melbourne(1) Ormond(3)Old Scotch(3) Richmond(1) Fitzroy(5)) Mordialloc (2 early version)

Second Back row, Port Melbourne,(2)Essendon,(1)Northcote (2. 1940’s) Newborough,(4)Lorne,(4) MHSOB (3.early jumper) Mordialloc (2.later version) Melbourne,(1)SouthMelbourne,(1)Geelong,(1)Williamstown,(2)University(1.1914)


Third Back Row. Carlton(1) Aboriginal Flag Jumper, StKilda,(1)Frankston(2) Preston,(2)Brunswick(2) Yarraville(2) Kilsyth(2) Angelsea(4) Sunshine(2)

Fourth B R. Dandenong (new2) North Ballarat,(2) Camberwell(2)

Caulfield Strappers jumper 1950’s, University Blues/Blacks,(3) Angelsea(another version) Box Hill,(2)Caulfield(2), Hawthorn,(1)Dandenong (2) Toorak Teachers College, Caulfield (old Federal League)


Third Front Row. Ajax,(3)Springvale,(2)Moorabbin(2), Waverley (2) Fitzroy( 1.old), Prahran (2) Oakleigh(2) Coburg,(2) Geelong West(2) Traralgon (2 and 4) Yallourn,(4) Melbourne High School.


Second Front Row. Beaumaris (3,stripe correct) Fitzroy(10 Bendigo (mistake, wrong colours) Caulfield North Central School, Werribee,(2) Victoria,(1)Brighton,(2) VFL/VFA Olympic jumper 1956, Footscray(1) Sandringham(2)


Front Row. Camberwell ( 2.last jumper) Northcote (2.last jumper) Old Ivanhoe,(3)West Brunswick,(3)Uni. High Old Boys,(3)MHSOB (3 later jumper) North Melbourne (2).


All correspondence relating to these jumpers will be answered to the best of my ability and knowledge!!!!!!!

Rod Oaten






  1. Steve Hodder says

    Those bastards look rather Geelong like! Anyways; there’s a couple of versions of Fitzroy. Then there’s Preston, Weriibee, Preston, Ajax (or Nth Ringwood?), (old style) Ringwood, Bayswater, Sturt, Port Melbourne, is that the SAFL version of Port Adelaide? Surrey Hills used to wear the Melbourne guernsey, Croydon wore Carlton for obvious reasons; heck just about every country or metro comp must’ve had a team that nicked a big league design (always wondered why they were allowed, flattery etc etc?) Not sure about the indigenous guernsey? Fitzroy Stars? What’s with the Olympic rings?


  2. Steve, To celebrate the 1956 Olympic Games here in Melbourne, they played an exhibition match of Australian football, with a combined VFL/VFA (the green jumper) playing the lilly- white Amateurs (white jumper). I’m not sure of the result but I think the VFL/VFA won.

  3. Skip of Skipton says

    The green with yellow V in the back row is powerhouse of the FDFL/WRFL and perennial finalists, Spotswood.

  4. Skip, No, Dromana, 1961.

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    What an awesome picture Rod. Any notable players in the picture? What is the team that had the Glasgow Celtic style green and white hoops?

  6. Skip of Skipton says

    OK then, 2nd back row, 2nd from left, looks like Brendan McCartney in Newtown-Chilwell colours.

  7. Alright – starting at top left. Anyone can feel free to make a nomination, and Rod Oaten will be judge and jury.
    Top Row: 1:1 to 1:12 (going left to right)
    2nd Down: 2:1 to 2:12
    3rd Down: 3:1 to 3:10
    4th Down: 4:1 to 4:13 (there is only a glimpse of red and black? hoops at 4:13)
    5th Down: 5:1 to 5:11
    6th Down: 6:1 to 6:11 (if anyone can make out enough of the hoops at 6:11)
    Bottom Row: 7:1 to 7:7
    Rod – It would be a help if you could let us know if they are Australia wide jumpers or they only reflect Victorian sides.
    Beyond the obvious – I reckon 2:3 of the green with the yellow yolk is the original Woodville Woodpeckers (SANFL) jumper of the mid 60’s circa Bob Simunsen.
    I can’t see a Port Adelaide prison bars jumper in the lineup so I don’t reckon Steve H is correct on that.
    Swish – was the original Central Districts SANFL jumper identical to Footscray? Glenelg and Richmond were identical, as were West Adelaide and Essendon?
    Dave Zampatti/Dennis Gedling: Is 5:7 West Perth – what era?
    I reckon 2:11 is my West Torrens SANFL jumper circa the 1953 premiership before they put the gold eagle on the front. 6:1 has the sash going the wrong way.
    1:1 is Swan Districts in the WAFL?

  8. Skip of Skipton says

    Peter, 5:7 is Terang (the Bloods) of the Hampden league. West Perth are red with a blue sash. 5:8 is the old Geelong West VFA jumper. 5:9 is Traralgon.

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    5:10 is Rod’s Yallourn Sparks

    PB, Woodville were yellow with green yoke, Centrals started with Footscray strip.

    3:10, 4:2, 4:4 could all be AUFC Blacks, but realise that others also have this.

    Lindsay Gaze played in that Olympics game

  10. The jumpers are all VFL/VFA/VAFA/School jumpers/and Victorian country teams of the !960s. and 1970s. No interstate sides and no stylised birds or animals to be seen. I’ll give it a few days and publish the teams, in the meantime I’ll have fun with the comments.

  11. 5:11 is Williamstown
    6:5 is that Whitefriars (Dips? Sal?)
    3:5 Preston ?
    6:10 Sandringham
    4:5 Uni Blues

  12. Hi Rod – this is a great image. Would you have a digital version to share (other than this photo of the image.

  13. Barkly St End says

    Love the photo.

    The royal blue with white V, towards bottom, in centre, looks like the Footscray North Primary School (George Bissett, Dennis Collins), and ANU also plays in that jumper.

    Sunshine had a similar jumper in the VFA, but theirs was a full white yoke.

  14. Barkly St End says

    top row, middle, white V on red, looks like the West Footscray jumper.

    I’m trying to spot the Yarraville jumper, might be bottom row?

  15. Peter,
    Bays had a yoke until mid60s and then the sash…never, however, Richmond’s sash. Glenelg’s only covered the front.
    SANFL jumpers are nowadays bastardised by ads.
    Thanks for this Rod.
    SANFL boys can do one on lace-ups!

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