Almanac Rugby League – Is it too soon for a bit of a laugh?


Channel 9 woman commentator on NRLW grand final between Brisbane Broncos and Sydney Roosters: “…I think the only reason [she] wouldn’t play this game of rugby league is if she didn’t have her leg attached to her body…”


Well, I got a laugh out of it!


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  1. Hmmm. If her leg wasn’t attached to her body does that mean it was attached to her head or one of her arms?? Or maybe it means it wasn’t attached to anything at all and it just hops around on its own – the lonely leg phenomenon I think they call it.
    The good thing about unattached legs is that twice as many get a chance to play footy – you need 36 of them to make team whereas only 18 bodies that have legs attached can otherwise play in a footy team.
    There are advantages.

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