Is it 1985 again?

Is the good Doctor Edelsten back in charge at the Swans? Will Buddy arrive in a pink Helicopter? Will the Swannettes be reactivated? Lance Franklin to the Swans, I see it but I don’t believe it!

I woke up yesterday at 6am to the cries of my 18 month old son Jack, expecting a pretty mundane day. A little bit of Peppa Pig, heat the bottle, change a nappy or two, grab a shower, punch through a day at work and head home for the night. Not to be.

I tuned into the ‘hard hitting’ Sunrise news bulletin and was informed the Swans had made a bid for Buddy but were expected to be blown out of the water. A bit of a surprise but 1000/1 I thought. What a silly idea, why did we need him I thought? Sunrise switch to a shameless Dancing with the Stars promo and I wonder if they will drag Sargeant Gilroy out of retirement for the next series. Hi ho its off to work I go.

The phone starts ringing at lunchtime. The Giants have thrown in their hand and it looks like we have Buddy. 9 years. You are kidding, the man is not KB?

Hysteria in the papers, words like cheating and rort are thrown around willy nilly. I am trying to get my head around things while copping it from any Hawks fan I know.

My initial thoughts.

1) This is a massive risk. 25% of the salary cap and all the eggs in the Tippett and Franklin basket. While Tippet played well this year I don’t think it worked structurally for us. How will the two fit in?

2) 9 years – can’t get my head around it

3) The Swans will now challenge the Pies as the most despised in the league

4) What happens in a few years when Jack, Hanners, Joey and others come knocking for more cash?

I’m a conservative type. I jump at shadows. I don’t like change. My reaction is predictable.

The cost of living debate is front and centre all day. When I was 21 I lived in Kings Cross for 12 months on 35k while I worked at the Olympics. I survived. The arse fell out of my pants a few times, I was nearly mugged twice, I was offered things by dodgy people in laneways and ladies with loose morals, however, I survived. I was frugal. I think a young Swan on 70k in a sharehouse would do ok.

The Swans have made their name in recent years by recycling players who wanted a chance. Now we appear to be after the big fish. This will change perceptions and views on the Swans. No longer will the famous ‘culture’ be talked about. In the immediate future we will be seen as the poachers. This sits uneasy with me.

The Swans recent marquee signings have worked. Lockett – tick, Hall – tick. Dermy – cross. Two out of three ain’t bad to quote Meatloaf.

Above all this my key feeling is that I should have faith in the powers that be at the Swans who made the decision. I can’t fault the recent track record. Put simple they make the right decisions at the right time. There has to be a strategy with this, they would know that the books will balance. To be working on this for 12 months and to keep it under wraps is a feat in itself.

I put my faith in the Swans management and cross my fingers that everything will fall into place. Time will tell.

I arrive home and inform young Jack of the recent developments. He cares little, a game of chassy and a episode of Little Charlie Bear is on his agenda. He will be 11 when Buddy’s contract expires.

Fingers crossed and along for the ride we go.

About craig dodson

Born in the sporting mecca that is Wagga Wagga and now reside in Melbourne with my lovelly wife Sophie and son's Jack and Harry. Passionate Swans supporter and formally played cricket at a decent level and Aussie Rules at a not so decent level! Spend my days now perfecting my slice on the golf course and the owner of the worlds worst second serve on the tennis course.


  1. Todd Allison says

    The power in this deal now lies with Hawthorn. The terms offered by the Swans are similar to that offered by the Hawks in monetary terms. The major difference being the length of the contract. The major difference is that in three years the Hawks can book half of Franklin’s salary outside the salary cap. The Swans will never have this luxury.

    If I was the Hawks, I would match the deal and immediately look to ship Buddy elsewhere. What could they get for him – the Swans might have to part with Kennedy, Mumford and their first round draft pick. The Dockers need a key forward – could the Hawks do a straight swap for Fyfe. Maybe GWS will enter a trade for the number one pick.

    It’s hard to see how the Hawks don’t match the offer. The risk to them is four years in the future and doesn’t change their salary cap. In the future, they can continue to pay Buddy (with half his salary outside the cap) and still get a star for the remainder.

  2. So now with 2 downhill skiers in Buddy & Tippett in forward line, Sydney the club clearly aligning philosophy with Sydney the city & going for style over substance.

  3. Beaten me to the punch Craig. America shut down yesterday but did anyone notice?

    I get Franklin’s reasons. And the loyalty argument is one thing but does any employee honestly mouth off about their current employer without having an exit strategy? Kudos for keeping it under wraps for this long.

    I think I get the Swans rationale. We don’t have to play on him and we’ll have two spearheads good for >3 goals each per game hopefully. My guess is Reid will go down back and be an LRT type swing player, I’m feel his confidence levels in the forward line aren’t as immediately developed as Tippett’s or Franklin’s.

    What I don’t get is a nine year contract in the most injury prone sport of them all.

    Strategically I wonder if it keeps the COLA going longer? I’m not an advocate. It might have been necessary for the clubs relocation but now it seems redundant given the money these blokes are on.

    I wouldn’t relish being a Melbourne based Bloods supporter right now that’s for sure. Not sure we’ll reach Collingwood levels of animosity, that’s one hell of a chasm to leap in one deal, but it will be interesting to see the long term perception repercussions. At the moment it’s running emotionally hot; you’d think anyone wearing red and white is at risk of being tarred and feathered and run out of town.

    Like you I have faith in the Swans strategy but I hope their management haven’t taken us over the high side on this one. The sacrificial lamb here seems to be Mummy which I’m not particularly happy about.

  4. craig dodson says

    Todd I hadn’t looked at it from the Hawks perspective, will be interesting to see what the reaction is.

    Belly I think the Swans will have to employ a tackling machine in the forward line to cover the slack.

    Tom, happy to see i’m not the only supporter with this waive of thinking. I think you are spot on ith Reid, 2 years ago I thought he was heading to be a superstar, perhaps a Tarrant like switch will work. The rumour mill says a few clubs are keen on him, hope he is not lost, however, you can’t have it all. Yep the scalf is hidden in the cupboard until it blows over. Sad Mummy is gone, has been a top contributor for us, I guess that means Tippett spends more time in the ruck.

  5. mickey randall says

    Bring on 1985 if it means that Brynne is a toddler in Oklahoma.

  6. Hanneberry to the Eagles now the Swans have blown their reduced salary cap and can no longer afford to re sign anybody else for 9 years – tick.
    “All Dickheads” culture at the Swans – tick.
    Someone else besides Jobe and the Purple Scum to boo at Subi – tick.
    What’s not to like about this???

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