International footy: Knacker pulls the boots on for the San Jose Hornets

by James Mackay

Some of you may be aware of the footy leagues in the USA.  Each area has a few teams and then once a year each district sends a team to the Nationals (Colorado Springs in ’08).

The district around San Francisco includes teams from the bay city (known as the knights), the San Jose Hornets, Marin and Oakland.  Yep, just four teams.  I was lucky enough to be in town on the weekend and because they were short of numbers (they must have been REALLY short) the San Jose Hornets agreed to let me run around the paddock (a baseball field with cones for lines and plumbing pipes as goals).  It’s a great collection of people who turn up – all ages and abilities are catered for.  Each team must be made up of 70% Americans and these guys love it!  Because American Football is really a game for the massive types, the “typical” American doesn’t play.  Now, with the growing Aussie Rules leagues, there’s a whole new legion of footy fans coming through.
It’s great fun and everyone has a ball.  I should point out though that the fifth quarter is unique, with Tequila slammers (and cowboy hats) provided by a local distiller.  Nice.
And here’s a tip: if you’re a talent scout you could do worse than hunt for a tall yank who’s on the cusp of College Basketball – the vertical leap and grab on these guys is insane!
I have a pretty ordinary video camera but one of the WAGS at the game took some footage and I edited it into a one minute video.  I apologise now for the ordinary quality.  Just click the link to download it.
PS: the moral of the story is that just because you’re in another country, you aren’t necessarily any better.  Sunday was proof that I am too old and too slow to play anymore.  Yes, I missed a goal from right in front.

Aussie Rules in California
Video Length 0:54
Click here to watch


  1. Great work in helping to spread the word, James. One day the rest of the world will wake up and realise we have the greatest game on the planet.

  2. Great footage James.
    I have become an interested observer of the number of Australian Rules teams and leagues there are around the world.
    The International Cup is held here in Melbourne every few years and showcases the expansion of the game across the many continents.

    Great to see!


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