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Photo: courtesy of the MCC’s Balcony Banter site




by Clio Fayers (Grade 5 at Merri Creek Primary School)


On March 8, International Women’s Day I went to the Women’s T20 World Cup Final at the MCG. My favourite players from the Australian team are Ellyse Perry and Sophie Molineux. Ellyse Perry because she’s an all-rounder and one of the best women cricketers in the world, if not the best.


I was one of thirty girls who got asked to walk on with the teams for the national anthems, and it was AWESOME! I did it with five other friends, Mabel, Clara, Lucia, Tepa and Makisa, and my little sister Della and they were all very excited that they got to do it as well.


When I got to the ground I found the group that I was supposed to be with and we went in with the Cricket Australia staff. When we got inside we got to put on blue t-shirts with the T20 sign and we got to keep them. We were divided into siblings and not siblings and then put into two teams. The two captains tossed a coin to decide which team we would walk onto the ground with. Our captain won, and to our surprise, chose India! Then we rehearsed walking on for about 20 minutes. It was a bit boring. We then had to wait about an hour and a half before going onto the ground. While we waited in the change-rooms we played some cricket games and talked. I was excited and a little bit nervous, as were most of the other girls.


Then it was time for us to wait in the players’ tunnel before going out on to the ground. While we were in the tunnel, Katy Perry started playing for about ten minutes and she played the songs ‘Roar’ and ‘Firework’. We couldn’t see much but that was OK because we got to see her play after the match anyway. She was really good and I’m a big fan!


When Katy finished, we went out on to the ground and lined up to wait for our players to come and walk out with us. When the players came and took our hands this big bubble of happiness went through my body. I felt really excited and lucky. My player was Radha Yadav – she was nice because she asked me my name and put her arm around my shoulder, which was lovely as it made me feel less nervous.


We stood in a line in front of our players, while the ‘welcome to country’ ceremony was on. Then it was time to sing the national anthems. First it was the Indian anthem. I’d never heard it before but it sounded good. I could hear Radha singing behind me. Then they played the Australian anthem. As the team and crowd were singing the Australian anthem I looked around to see that there were so many people! I was surprised to find out that there was actually 86,174 people in the MCG!


After the anthems finished the crowd clapped and we walked off the ground. The Cricket Australia staff took us back to the change-rooms to get a cap and some dinner and then they took us back to our parents to watch the game.


Australia was batting first. They hit lots of 6s and 4s. I really enjoyed watching Australia bat because they hit it so far and long and I was also hoping to catch the ball but I didn’t. At half time the Cricket Australia staff came to say to that we were going to play some cricket games on the ground in front of 86,174 people. I was really surprised. But anyway we went out on to the ground and played some cricket and I felt nervous. My friend Clara was interviewed in front of the crowd and she was up on the big screen.


Then Australia bowled. I was so excited because I love bowling myself. They got an early wicket, then another, then they bowled the rest of the Indians out. Australia ended up winning by 85 RUNS! I really enjoyed watching the game with my friends and family it was a really exciting game and I LOVED IT! The Australian team celebrated and there were fireworks and streamers.


The next day, Mum took me and my friend Mabel into Federation Square to see the team and we got lots of signatures from the players on our hats. I even got a photo with Ellyse Perry.


What a great weekend! I will never forget it!


Clio Fayers is a Grade 5 student at Merri Creek Primary School. Her Dad, Chris, is an MCC Member.


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Clio’s story first appeared on the MCC Balcony Banter site.  HERE.





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  1. Thank you Clio, I really enjoyed reading about your exciting adventure. I wish I could have been there myself but unfortunately I was at work in Brisbane listening to the game on the radio. Now I feel I have a real insider’s experience. By the way, the last time I went to a Test at the MCG I saw Shane Warne take his 700th test wicket. And I may have had a beer with my old friend John Harms afterwards. Congratulations on your writing and keep up the good work. Cheers … TG

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