Indigenous Round

This week is the Indigenous Round and I have two questions. Would Footy be such a popular game today if our indigenous Australians hadn’t adopted the game as their own?

I went to the MCG last Friday to watch the Hawks play Sydney, or that’s what I said. I really went to see Buddy and Cyril.

The second question; does anyone like the special jumpers they play in? Some of them have been terrible.



  1. Keiran Croker says

    Yes, some of the jumpers, like old Eagles and Crows away strips have way too much colour going on. The simple ones are best. The Tigers jumper for this week looks great.
    I agree that our Indigenous brothers seem to have a unique talent for the game. Maybe it is the connection to Marn Grook.
    As a Swans fan, I have been blessed to watch Mickey O, Goodesy, Jets and Buddy over recent times.

  2. Mick Jeffrey says

    Actually didn’t mind the Eagles indigenous jumper, certainly better than their boring white away strip. Would the game be as popular? In the mass markets I’d probably say yes, but there would be something missing that would hold the game back, probably more to do with the game without great structure as most indigenous players would prefer to see the game.

  3. Welcome to Australia for the indigenous round where we celebrate the indigenous culture. First topic today is Lindsay Thomas on sen and the abc. My God, do we have some problems in Australia. The racism is so ingrained in this country we do not even know when we are racist. Sen , brereton, Hudson, McClure and long mire. I nearly drove off the round. Welcome to victimization corner. Something has to be done about Thomas…. Oh yes there are others. Sell wood, but what he does is no problem…?? So says Brereton and Hudson sagely agrees. Longmire comes on, coach of Sydney, and agrees something should be done and neglects to mention that his own players do it. Shameful. I hope he can look Adam Goodes in the eyes next time he sees him. Whately on the abc, welcome to indigenous round where what Thomas does is not ok.. What Sellwood does is? Shameful ingrained racism by people who are not really fit to be on air. Welcome to indigenous round Australia

  4. Skip of Skipton says

    Question 1. Yes it would. Aboriginal Australians haven’t adopted the game as their own. What about Aboriginal Australians from the other side of the Barrassi Line? Rugby League is and always has been their game.

    Our game, Aussie Rules, is better with Aboriginal involvement and enthusiasm, undoubtedly.

    I was disappointed today when Tim Watson didn’t nominate the Krakouer brothers among his five favourite Aboriginal footballers.
    They were pioneers for Aboriginal acceptance in the big league, and also a drawcard. Their skills were way and beyond the early 80s.

  5. Skip of Skipton says

    Word is that North Melbourne were only keen on Phil Krakouer, but got told it was a package deal or nothing. Funny that Jim was the better overall. Gun rover. GUN.

  6. Hey Skip – where did that ‘word’ come from as I have never heard that.


  7. It was a nice piece coincidence that in the opening game of the indigenous round, the two leading goal kickers for the match were both indigenous footballers: Lance Franklin and Lindsay Thomas.


  8. Barry McAdam says

    Phil, I agree. The indigenous jumpers are horrible. I’m all for Indigenous round. Put the indigenous flag on the guernseys. But i just hate changing the jumpers of our teams. Stripes, sashes, monograms, hoops. That what footy guernseys are and should be. Not statements. Celebrate the round in other ways. It deserves it. But stop *&$/ing with the guernseys.

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