Indigenous Round 2015

This years indigenous round sparked much debate. The footy world is split when it comes to Adam Goodes’ unique goal celebration on Friday night. Was it directed to the Carlton cheer-squad? Or was it just a tribute to the aborigines. Only Goodes will ever know that. Ever since being crowned the Australian Of The Year he has taken on the role of being a leader and model for the indigenous people. This was again shown in his latest act. What we know for sure is that he made an already interesting round even more interesting. The much anticipated Dreamtime at the “G” was a big as ever. It even seemed that the actual game was subordinate to various tributes to the aborigines and the entertainment. However, the real story, the one that will go down in the history books was a white man’s record game. Not his 2 hundredth, nor his three hundredth, but his four hundredth game. A record that in all eras will be an incredible one. Later on in the round, Port Adelaide beat Melbourne at Alice Springs and Hawthorn smashed Gold Coast in Tasmania. It is clear that the game has moved on from the predominantly Victorian days. Eddie Betts kicked another bag, Josh Kennedy kicked 6, Natanui took an absolute hanger. As the commentators of old would say,”this round had it all.” This years indigenous round was a special one, one that will always be remembered.

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