In What Colours Do You See The World?


Is the world black and white to you? Is it yellow and black? Is it maybe blue and gold?


To me, the world is black and white. Nevertheless, I don’t deny that I definitely let other colours into my life.


Growing up in my household, football was never a big deal or a topic of conversation. This is due to the fact that my parents, my brother and I are from South Africa. Over there they don’t have the AFL or anything like it. This meant that when we came to Australia, Mum and Dad continued following the cricket, rugby and other sports which they followed in Cape Town.


However, we’ve been here now for nineteen years and, believe me, in those nineteen years there have been some big changes. Both my Dad and I barrack for Collingwood, and my brother and my Mum barrack for Richmond. If I’m being honest, I don’t religiously follow the football at all. Often, I’m just sitting in the lounge room with Dad and he’ll put the game on and I watch it because I’m already sitting there. I don’t go to football games or have a club membership, but I do follow Collingwood and I tell people I follow Collingwood when I’m asked.


In comparison to me, my Dad loves the football. While he doesn’t go to games all that often, he always watches Collingwood play when they’re on TV. You’d probably be able to hear him yelling at the TV from the end of the street! He knows all the players’ names, the rules of the game and the lyrics to the club song. It makes for quite a show when we win a game as he turns the volume up on the TV and sits there singing along with it!


My Mum is an absolute Richmond nutter! She goes to every game she can and always takes friends along with her. Just like my Dad, Mum loves to sit and yell at the TV as though the players can hear her and take her advice. She’s got a membership, a scarf, a blanket, stickers on her car and even a little tiger soft toy. She’s Richmond obsessed like I’ve never seen before!


If you were to ask me when I became a Collingwood supporter I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I genuinely don’t remember. When I was in primary school we used to have ‘footy day’ where we got to come to school dressed in the colours of the team we supported. Every year you’d find me sporting different colours to the year before because I could never make up my mind!


My brother, on the other hand, has always been a Richmond supporter. He’s not as crazy about it as Mum is but he has supported Richmond for as long as I can recall. I remember a story Mum and Dad told me about my brother right after he started following Richmond. He chose the team, and Mum and Dad went out and bought him a membership, a jersey, a scarf and all the Richmond merchandise they could. Sadly, about a month later, Richmond were absolutely obliterated in the Grand Final, and my brother was so upset he told Mum and Dad he was choosing a new football team to follow. Mum and Dad said they were scrambling because they’d just spent all this money on Richmond merchandise for him and didn’t want it to all be a waste! So they gave him this long, motivational speech about how once you choose something, like a team, you have to stick to them and stand behind them. Even if they fail and lose, you can’t just give up on them straight away. And guess what? My brother still follows Richmond today, so I guess the speech worked!


I know that football is popular, and I genuinely do enjoy watching Collingwood play, but I would also just as happily watch a movie. Even so, I will not deny that I follow Collingwood, and I am proud to say that I choose “Good Old Collingwood”!



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About Shannon Cole

My name is Shannon Cole and I am 20 years old. I am a journalism student at Deakin University, while also working part-time as a swimming instructor. I got the opportunity to write for The Footy Almanac through one of my university units, and I also have a personal blog where I post articles (, so feel free to check that out. I hope you enjoy my articles and keep an eye out for any new ones I post!


  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Enjoyed your story Shannon! Interesting how your folks quickly adapted to Aussie Rules. Do they still follow rugby in the same manner. Your story has made think about how I became an Essendon supporter and to be honest I don’t really know but I’ve been one for over 60 years! Cheers.

  2. Shannon, wracking my brains the other days, I realized one of the main reasons I DON’T support Collingwood. One of my bosses always used to say, “There are only two kinds of supporters – Collingwood supporters and those that wish they were”. I never liked the smug way he always said that.

  3. It’s amazing how quickly they can adapt and come to love something, Colin. Dad still watches the rugby occasionally, but he much prefers watching AFL!

    Fisho, funny you say that! I was just chatting to Dad about how HE became a Collingwood supporter and he said he chose them because everyone ‘loves to hate them’!

  4. roger lowrey says


    Great story. Curiously enough some RSA neighbours we befriended a while ago here in G Town started following Essendon for some obscure eason. However, wirh much ceremony we gave tbeir first born child a Cats scarf, cap and mini jumper on her first birthday with Chappy’s number 35. She loved Chappy. And twelve years later, wouldn’t you want to know, she remains a loyal and true Cat. Love your work. Keep writing. RDL

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