I Tipped This 2017 AFL tipping competition: great value, great prizes – $10,000 up for grabs


This is a fantastic tipping comp – with ripper prizes. $3,000 to the winner, in a small field. The odds are very good, comparatively. $10,000 in total cash and prizes makes this a great opportunity.

And you are never out of it. There are competitions within competitions and prizes galore.

Here’s how it works:

You can tip in the traditional/conventional manner – straight out. You get 1 point for the correct tip and zero for an incorrect tip. This is low risk. Perfect round is 9 points.

Or you can tip at the line. If you choose this approach you get 2 points for a correct selection, but you lose a point (-1) for an incorrect selection. Perfect round is 18 points, and you can also score -9 points.


So you can tip conservatively and add a point at a time for a tipped winner

Or you can take a risk and tip at the line.

Competition Code : FA Footy Tipping

The password is : almanac2017

Description : Footy Almanac Footy Tipping

You can share this with your friends family, colleagues by forwarding the below url to those you want to invite.


or by sending this post far and wide. We’d love to get 300+ tipsters.




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