I Talked To Captain Blood Last Night

I talked to Captain Blood last night in the fading evening light
Well Jack’s statue anyhow outside Punt Rd where he’s remembered
And I confided I’d been crying as after all these years of trying
Our Tigers, mighty Richmond, had played finals in September!

Jack now knows I joined his army from seeing KB, Royce and Balmy
On the family Rank Arena when I was not long from my cot
Call it voluntary conscription, the most bitter-sweet addiction
Loving the Tigers not too wisely but too well has been my lot

I told him how I reckoned that next year true glory beckons
Richmond’s had a few false dawns but this time our sons will rise
Loyalty will be rewarded and new history recorded
Our black and yellow destiny, our Premiership, our prize

Jack just kept right on staring, but feeling better for the sharing
I turned for home and walked the dim lit path to Brunton Avenue
And though you’ll say it was illusion, when moonlight meets with self-delusion
When I glanced back I swear there was a smile on Captain Blood’s statue



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