I guess thats why they call them the Blues

The Blues had a season that promised so much initially, faltered hopelessly midyear only to lift once more in the last few weeks before toppling into the season’s abyss in the first week of the finals in a gut wrenching loss to the Swans.

Season highlights
There was a lot to like in the first two months of the year. Setanta and his little helpers were setting the forward line ablaze and the calls of Fev Who? were coming thick and fast from Royal Parade. The Blues were playing open and fast footie and looked to have a finals spot sown up after 10 rounds.

The 3rd quarter effort by the messiah in the first final was something to behold. There is an aura that great players emit when they turn on their best. Judd was oozing the stuff.

Season lowlight
The mid season showed the Blues deficiencies by the bucket load. Defensive lapses combined with a poor work ethic from the majority of the midfield resulted in a string of poor games. Judd was getting no support and was asked to do all the heavy work. This resulted in him not being able to produce the highlights mentioned above on any regular basis. The coach’s box seemed at a loss to find plans B or C and the Blues race to September became pedestrian saved only by the ineptitude by teams below them, the Kangas probably being the exception.

Mathew Kruezer’s knee.

The improvers
I think Yarran and Garlett did enough to suggest they could be handy players if they can get a bit more of the hard ball and Warnock had a good final month indicating he could become a genuine first ruck and allow the Kruize Controller to play as a permanent forward. There were glimpses of improvement from others but the Blues mainly trod water with a list that has too many of the same type of players.

The sliders
The obvious ones were leftover players from the “dark years”. Houlihan, Fisher, Setanta, Thornton etc. These guys racked up a lot of games in a very poor side and have no further place at Princess Park.

Jarred Waite had a poor and undisciplined year even taking into account his return from injury. Play him at centre half back and leave him there.

Giggle moments
Fev. He has successfully managed to do to Brisbane in one year what he did to Carlton over 10 and we don’t have to cover the bill.

Losing to the Swans when it was there for the taking.

Mathew Kruezer

What next?
A team bonding cruise on the Yarra. Nope. Meat and metal. Whack some rump in the blender and get the kids pushing some big weights. The team needs to put on more muscle and strength if they are to approach the top four sides.

Trade week. The recruiting department has had a collective shocker over 5 years. Time to get the right key position players in defence as well as in the mid field to help Judd. And ex Melbourne hacks aren’t the answer boys as your reserve side clearly shows.

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A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. Some good calls there TR, although I’m more upbeat than you overall.

    I’ll put some thoughts down next week, and we can compare notes.

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