How people pick and change footy clubs

Recently I have talked to a Hawthorn supporter and found his story about footy clubs was interesting.

Many of you guys pick who go for  influenced by family. And I heard immigrants were told to pick a team by locals and would choose the winner of a particular game. Or the club whose player was a hero for her or him.

As you know, I picked Saints because of the New Zealand connection, particularly having played footy in my favourite Wellington.

The Hawthorn bloke’s dad is a Cat and mum is a Hawk. By the way, I am so curious to know how the relationship works while their teams are big rivals.

He barracked for Geelong as a baby, but his mum lured him to change to Hawthorn by cooking lovely chicken. And he was impressed with her services. Then he decided to support Hawthorn.

Does this kind of attitude happen in many households? Is there any circumstance making individuals switch their clubs?

Needless to say, I am a Sainter forever.

Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you for reading my Almanac stories and leaving comments with positive and warm words and advice. And it was really great to meet up with some nice Almanackers at North Fitzroy Arms Hotel in October.

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and 2018 is a good year for you. My plan to go back to Melbourne has been set and I am excited to see my Saints in action at the stadium. I would love to catch up with you again.

All the best.

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  1. Cat from the Country says

    Hi Yoshi,
    I have been a Cats supporter since about 1960, before their 63 Flag. I just iiked Cats.
    My three brothers all suppprt your Saints, perhaps due to Verdun Howell, the successful Brownlow medlist or Darrel Baldock.
    My hubby barracks for the Doggies, only when they win!
    My son barracks for the Hawks. Did as a kid then when they lost a GF to Essendon, I think, he stopped. Came back about 5 years ago when they were winning again.
    My son-in-law supports (thanks to my birthday present to him) Carlton.
    My dad also barracked for The Cats. But I never knew.
    My mum and daughter tolerate our footy mania but do not support any team.
    Bless her she took her English husband to every exhibition match in London in the five years she lived there, so something would be familiar when they came back here to live.
    Have a wonderful 2018 Yoshi.

  2. Hi and Merry Christmas Cat!

    Oh it’s interesting to hear about your family’s footy story.

    What did your husband do while his Doggies were struggling? I feel happy for him for wining the flag last year.

    Probably your son is happy with Jeff Kennett’s future plan for his club. It’s interesting Kennett set the plan like in political one.

    You must have been happy when your Cats gained power after Bomber Thompson had started coaching your club and won the flag in 07, 09 and 11.

    I would love to hear who your daughter’s English husband picks.

    I hope 2018 is shining for you and your family.


  3. I grew up supporting Norwood in the SANFl going from a young age mainly with my dad and re vfl I suported individuals and changed clubs regularly until the Crows came in when the opportunity to watch Afl footy came in.I admit I am sick of the politics and lack of respect by the Afl shown to the state leagues admit I have become disulisioned with the Afl just so much hypocrisy thanks Yoshi

  4. Manny Koufalakis says

    Grew up on The Parade at Norwood about 5 min walk to the oval and have been a member since 1973.
    Dad was a migrant from Greece but was Norwood all the way and at the funeral was buried with the Red and Blue scarfe .
    For our family and most of the extended family you just dont follow anyone else and thats how it should be!

  5. G’day Rulebook and Manny,

    Thanks and sorry for the late respond as well as the late Merry Christmas!

    Rulebook – it’s good to hear you are a happy Crow now but sad to hear you are disillusioned with how AFL is handling with State League. They focus too much on expanding the game in the north, don’t they?

    Manny – you have a great family bond and loyalty to Norwood Footy Club. It’s awesome!



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