An interview with Herb Henderson

This is a delightful insight into Footscray 1954 premiership player Herb Henderson from Mike Sexton who caught up with Herb at his home in Millicent (SA) last year.


About Michael Sexton

Michael Sexton is a freelance journo in SA. His scribblings include "The Summer of Barry", "Chappell's Last Stand" and the biography of Neil Sachse.


  1. That’s a fascinating interview, Michael! Hearing Herb talk about keeping Coleman to a single goal and stopping the 100 goals for the season is amazing. I could listen to Herb for hours.

  2. Terrific stuff! Not too many of the boys of ’54 still with us. And doesn’t Herb come across as a bloke you could sit with all afternoon with a cup of tea just listening to his recollections. Go the Tricolours.

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