Help! Boxing Doco on Peter Jackson

Hello earth people, I come in mild panic.

I’m currently studying screenwriting at RMIT, and one of my subjects is making documentary. I originally planned to do a documentary on the repo industry, but they are a cagey bunch so I’m junking that idea and doing a doco on the turn-of-the-20th- century black boxer, Peter Jackson.

Jackson was born in St Croix in 1860 but died very early a broken man and is buried in Toowoomba cemetery. He gained citizenship here and toured England and America chasing an elusive world heavyweight title after winning the Australian title in 1886.

There’s lots more to say but I’m really here to ask if anyone knows of a sport/boxing commentator that might be amenable to being a talking head on my doco. I have Richard Broome from La Trobe Uni as one commentator (he wrote the bio in the ADB) and also some interest from Alex McClintock (but he is up in Sydney so that might cause logistical/organisational issues). If anyone can make recommendations, preferably someone based in Melbourne, that would be appreciated.

The project is yearlong, but I’d like to start shooting and interviewing as soon as possible as I’ll have to edit, etc.

Thanks in advance.

About Dave Latham

Dave Latham has recently finished a history thesis on class and Australian Rules football in Melbourne between the years 1870 and 1920.

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