Hawthorn’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

Duyrea         Frawley        Gibson

Spangher      Stratton     Birchall

Hill           Shiels       Hartung

Rioli     Roughead    Schoenmakers

Breust    Gunston    Puopolo

Cegler     Smith    Langford

I/C: McEvoy, Hodge, Mitchell, Lewis, Burgoyne


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  1. Rick I would go for Litherland rather than “He-sus” in the back half as I believe he represents better medium to long term value. We need to have an eye on how we build for “High Five” in 2017…..

  2. Jake Carlisle ?


  3. That’s one heck of an interchange bench

  4. Why not A Rance at full back, Trucker…?

    there are still a few days of trade time left…

  5. Fair bench you’ve got there Trucker. One of them misses out?

  6. Paul Campbell says

    Agree with Aussie 80’s, battlers on the bench.

    Looking forward to who might come up, from Sicily, O’Rourke, Howe, Heatherley and O’Brien.

  7. ned_wilson says

    I’m with Paul – one or two of that lot will bob up. My money is on Howe.

  8. Trucker Slim says

    Yes, Graser, I went safe. This team (give or take a player) has done the job the last two years, so you know, when you’re on a good thing.

    Glen, I think that bus has gone and I’ll let the actual Hawks brain trust do the real heavy lifting on who makes up the side.

    aussie80s, not bad, huh. Let the old men shuffle on and off as they please.

    Mr Wilson, Rance would be a beauty. He’s one of my faves for sure. But this ain’t fantasy footy this is bricks and mortar stuff. I’ll leave it to others to dream.

    Dips, we’ll rotate that bunch so that each one of them only plays 15 or so games of the regular season. keep ’em fresh for the pointy end.

    PC, agree. I left them out but not because I don’t rate them. They’ll get their chance.

    Looking at it on paper the team doesn’t seem that old …


  9. Trucker Slim says

    Agree Ned, and I like Sicily, a good clean kick.

  10. I think Sicily has moved past O’Brien (who seems to have the X Ellis problem of inability to put on muscle). Next two years critical for O’Rourke and Howe. And we seem to have discretely overlooked the fact there must be a chance we will face a forced retirement if the investigations show there is a prima facie case…..

  11. Agree on Howe, would look to him playing at least a dozen or so games.

    Langford will need to improve on last year’s efforts to hold a spot.

    Will Simpkin get delisted or traded?

  12. Curious as to what Almanacker Hawks believe the future holds for O’Rourke ?

  13. sorry rick. You should flog those old timers until they drop from sheer exhaustion – or arthritis -whichever comes first. None of this bench-bludging. next you will have them in the MCC Members Lounge watching on high with martini and olive in hand. plenty of time for that.
    Smith is a definite possibility at full forward – his mobility and kicking is Buddy-ish. But I fancy him a tad more running towards goals, than away from them. He needs to wind up a bit.

  14. Peter Flynn says

    Forgasmic Old Mate.

    Aah, I see why you have put 5 on the bench.

    Very clever R Kane.

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