Happy Christmas (Footy is Over) – For Now

And so this is Christmas

The season’s all done

Another Hawks flag

And each one less fun


Not all will greet Christmas

Down the family club

Not all favourite sons

Replaced by a sub


Bleak Adelaide Christmas

The seeds that we sow

The dear and departed

And Paddy no Crow


And so merry Christmas

For red and for black

Lawyer’s gift that keeps giving

And a new coach to sack


Glad tidings at Christmas

Bedraggled Bluebagger

BB’s now a Blue

Restore Princes’ swagger?


A very merry Christmas

Not all the Dogs want

Some talls would be nice

While they’ve got Bont


The Magpies at Christmas

Little reason for merry

Hope under the tree

Find the new Pendle-bury


Cats carol at Christmas

Away in a manger

All prayers ‘ve been answered

Now they’ve got Danger


Perth swelters at Christmas

Nat Fyfe’s worth a mention

Dockers need 3 more wise men

Now Pav’s on the pension


West Coast welcomes Christmas

So near yet so far

The flag needs Avenging

Adam Simpson’s her star


She wants him for Christmas

Tied up in a sack

He’s top of her tree

Or flags back to back


A very merry Christmas

And a happy New Year

Hope Goodesy’s spear dance

Brings hope and not fear


(Apologies to John Lennon)


  1. Punt Road greets Christmas as quiet as a mouse.
    There’s drama and iced cake found in the house.
    Yet Struggletown carols echo hope and good cheer.
    Could that Pennant and Cup be ever near?

  2. daniel flesch says

    “Another Hawks flag
    And each one less fun”
    Would it still be less fun , Peter , if they were Eagles flags ?
    Just asking because apparently the Avenging Eagle wants “flags back to back .”
    Supporters of other clubs keep telling me how boring is the success of the club i happened to have supported since before it won its first flag . My response is always to ask if it would still be boring if it was their club having Hawthorn’s success. And would they like to have had Kennett ?

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