Grenville Dietrich: The Man, The Myth, The Legend


Grenville Dietrich, what a character, but I wish to highlight also what a sensational footballer. He was blisteringly quick off the mark on a lead. Grenville is the second highest goal scorer in North Adelaide Football history and also third in SANFL history re. kicking 10 goals in a game or more nine times, only ranking behind the footy equivalent of Don Bradman, the immortal Ken Farmer and Bruce Schultz.


Back to the beginning. Grenville grew up in Mildura, playing A grade footy at the age of 15. Grenville also represented Victoria in the victorious Victorian Teal Cup side in 1977 and was rewarded with All-Australian selection at Centre Half Forward with such players as Roger Merrett, Doug Hawkins, Mark Bos, Glen Hawker, Justin Madden and Neale Daniher just to name a few; it was truly a fantastic side. Grenville came down to play for Richmond in ’78 but unfortunately did serious damage to his ankle ligaments during his brief time at Punt Rd. Grenville also lived with Kevin Sheedy and remains friends to this day and a huge supporter of the Tigers.


Grenville returned to Mildura and in 1979 was actually recruited by Central District. Following a trial game at the Ponderosa, he got in to an altercation with a supporter in the toilet and in Grenville’s own words there was a fair bit of claret spilt, not much of it his own, and unfortunately he had a white shirt which highlighted the drama. He was summoned to a meeting in Kris Grant’s office on the Monday morning and given a bus ticket back to Mildura (remarkably, Kris Grant is still working for Centrals today, be interesting to know if he is the longest current serving official).


So back to Mildura, where he was eventually spotted by David Kearns and recruited by North Adelaide, making his debut in 1982 against South Adelaide playing at CHF (don’t think Grenville ventured out to CHF that often during his career!). Grenville made his name as a full forward and is the only player, in 1983 and 1984, to kick over 100 goals in a season consecutively but not never win the Ken Farmer award (leading goal kicker in the SANFL). (Rick Davies did kick 151 in 1983, a league record).



(a lot to wade through but the 1.12 mark roughly shows Grenville bringing up his ton in the elimination final)



(North-only highlights re. the ’84 season, so plenty of Grenville)


Grenville had a reasonably consistent year in 1985, kicking 70 plus goals, played in the second semi final only for Mick Nunan to suspend him for missing a Friday night training session (Grenville thought it wasn’t compulsory). North Adelaide supporters will always wonder what if re. the ’85 season.


Grenville started off the 1986 season like a house on fire, only to be injured in a Fosters Cup game (North were very successful, defeating Melbourne and Collingwood, only to be eliminated by the dominant Hawthorn side).


He came back for the finals, playing in the grand final against Glenelg only for Mick Nunan to drag him at half time, not to return. Following a meeting with Nunan it was decided that it was time to part ways and Grenville headed to West Torrens (to Grenville’s immense credit he would have stayed at North Adelaide, mateship was a very important factor for the big fella).


Grenville topped North Adelaide’s goal kicking every year he was at the club (1982-86).



In ’86, before his injury, Grenville represented SA against Victoria at Footy Park. Adelaide Uni FC happened to be in Melbourne on Inter Varsity. We headed down to Naughtons pub to watch the game. A rule was made, we had to scull for each goal Grenville kicked during the third quarter.


Standing Gary Pert the big fella kicked two goals in four minutes, the Publican just left the tap running as we shoved our glasses underneath! We had pooled our money, there were 26 of us so I knew it was 52 beers, he asked me how many was that I pretended to count and replied 36, so thanks Grenville!


This was also still the era of 10 o’clock closing, the late Peter Russo (thinking of Pete!) wound the clock back, it took a while for the barman to wake up, he then says to me I will stay open if you keep drinking, that wasn’t exactly a problem (Grenville kicked four goals in the brilliant Croweaters win).


Grenville moved to West Torrens and topped their goal kicking in 1987 then only to be injured early in the 1988 season. He ended up playing 24 games for the Eagles, kicking 72 goals. Grenville is one of the greatest ever characters to play the game, having plenty of Friday nights among others running into opposition clubs’ officials keen to buy him a beer. Well, it would have been rude to turn them down! Many times he may have ended a night slightly worse for wear, only to come out and dominate on the Saturday.


Grenville is a very smart man, he wandered into a pizza bar, observed where the delivery guys left from, he asked “do you do home delivery”? “Yes we do sir”, so orders a pizza and stands by the door asking each delivery person where they’re off to, eventually bingo, Grenville replies “I am with you”. A young fella was a tad bemused giving Grenville a lift home as well! Grenville may have had an accident riding home the pushie one night with a pizza and swerving to avoid a car, going over the handle bars, missing a game with a burst bursa of the elbow, but even worse the pizza was ruined.


In 1988 Grenville returned to Mildura but broke his leg which resulted in him coaching the reserves. In 1989 he went to play for Leeton on the promise of being given a car, the vehicle was stolen and torched, the club wouldn’t replace the car so the redoubtable Occa O’Connor recruited Grenville to Kilburn FC as they wouldn’t clear him elsewhere.


In 1990 he played for Coleraine then returned to Kilburn in 1991-92. From 1993-96 he played for Karween-Karrawinna, finishing his playing career. Wherever he went always kicking a truck load of goals. To Adelaide Uni folk, I see a lot of similarities with Darren ‘The Jerk’ Graetz not only in stature and the ability to kick a sausage roll but both ridiculously smart and if I was picking a side re. general knowledge for a quiz night fair chance I would have these two opening the batting (though they both barrack for bloody Richmond). Grenville is also as good a ‘keeper as I ever played against, securing a brilliant leg side stumping from a quick in a country carnival game, the big fella was the ultimate reminder a good keeper keeps on his toes.


Grenville followed his sons’ sport mainly from then on but did get involved with Fitzroy FC in SA coaching the reserves to a flag in 2002. The club may have learnt the hard way paying Grenville in beers to man the scoreboard at junior games on a Sunday wasn’t the best financial move. Grenville has two sons, Sam who captains and is involved in coaching at Henley lawn bowls club (he is a gun) and Lachy, who is more into cricket, he is married to the very understanding Kathryn and has worked mainly in the courier business.


Grenville is prolific on Facebook, in general at times forthright with his opinions (hey, I am the last person to criticise anyone for that) but always well considered and formulated, a generous, gregarious bloke who has been one of the ultimate characters to ever play Aussie Rules footy. Thanks big fella! (for the fanatical Rooster fans)


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  1. G’day Rulebook, great article about one of the great characters of SANFL football. Not only a great character but a great footballer too.
    Being a (long suffering) Glenelg supporter, I’m grateful that Mick Nunan benched him for the 2nd half of the 85 Grand Final.
    I remember watching the state of origin games during the 80s, even watching some at Footy Park.
    In the game you mention, was that the occasion when Grenville took a mark in the goal square, on a tight angle (in the days before the rule was changed.) Instead of playing on (as players would do today) Granville walked up to where the man on the mark was, with a gap of about a metre between the mark and the goal post. Grenville simply stood right near the goal post, out of reach of the player on the mark, and popped through a goal. (A clear case of someone using their brain. )

  2. Michael Rehn says

    Simply a superb natural talent, who despite being an “opposition player” was one who enjoyed watching play. i”d love to see the days come back where footballers were judged on their ability to play footy, not followed everywhere by clowns with clip boards and stop watches, where the ability to screw punt a 60 m goal was regarded more highly than a skin fold test !!!

  3. Nick Haines says

    Great read Malcolm. As a North man I have many great memories of the big fella playing. I still rate his bringing up the ton at Elizabeth in the last game of 84 as one of the highlights of my footy watching time. A brilliant effort in a losing game.

  4. Matty Heath says

    The tale of Centrals’ Rick Vidovich wining and dining him for a day/night/early morning before he went out and booted 12 against the Doggies the next day is all time.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    A worthy recipient of the Rulebook love.

    Here’s the story of his big night out before a Centrals game, where their nobbling proved unsuccessful

    “So Grenville, most people have heard the alleged story that when North were playing Centrals one year, they had a plan to wine and dine you on the Friday before the game in a bid to curb your influence the following day, is this fact or fiction?

    GD- Well yeah, it definitely did happen, Rick Vidovich a selector from Centrals picked me up at about 11.30 on the Friday morning, we went to Cobbs restaurant for lunch, and then to Regines night club. Rick dropped me home at about 4 in the morning. I remember I walked in the North change rooms the next day to get ready and all the boys moved away from me, I was obviously still smelling like a brewery. The game started, I took a one hander early next to the point post, lined up to have a shot at goal, kicked the ground and the ball at the same time, the ball dribbled under Stephen Boehm’s arm and limped through for a goal. I’ve seen the replay of the game and the camera showed Mick Nunan sitting, shaking his head but things turned out ok, I kicked 12 out of 18 goals and we won the game.

    TB- Well that was a pretty expensive few days for Centrals and a plan that back fired in a big way!”

    The full interview is here

  6. Chris Kendall says

    Fantastic read Malcolm, capturing one of the true characters of SANFL perfectly. One of the pure full forwards and somehow still underrated by many. Loved watching him play as an opposition supporter, an unerring kick and great contested mark.
    Just one minor correction, if I am reading paragraph 4 correctly. A few players kicked 100 goals in a SANFL season but didn’t win the Ken Farmer Medal. Central’s Greg Edwards and Woodville’s Trevor Pierson both kicked 104 and lost to Tim Evans in 1982, while Neville Roberts (111), Grenville (109) and Roger Luders (105) all trailed Rick Davies (151) in 1983.

    Thanks for a great read.

  7. Mike Newbound says

    Grenville is a great person

  8. Brett 'BD' Dutschke says

    Marvellous, Rulebook. I’ll read it and other comments properly later. Grenville was one of my favourites.

    In response to CK’s remark. Maybe Rulebook meant to say ‘the only player to kick 100 in more than one season and not win Ken Farmer Medal’.

  9. Manny Koufalakis says

    There was a joke that he should have worn 0.08 on his jumper but he was a very talented footballer and a character of the game.

  10. Peter Crossing says

    Well said young Malcolm.
    Grenville was also a very good wicketkeeper playing for Kilburn in the Adelaide Turf Competition.

  11. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Terrific read, Book.
    What a great character and player GD was. His likes we’ll never see at the top levels again and the game and its fans are worse off for it. Cheers

  12. charlie brown says

    Loved it thanks Malcolm. A great piece. I only wish I had fully appreciated Grenville’s unique skill and personality at the time.

    Swish/Malcolm – I seem to recall that the Dover Castle Hotel and Frank Tasker were involved in the Rick Vidovich story?

  13. Another good read book. Defintely a character of the game and up there as one of the greats of the overhead mark/kick

  14. Kilburn had some pretty good footballers in the early 90s with a few ex-Norwood league players there as well. The mound men would have loved Grenville

  15. Very nice tribute to Grenville Dietrich. My parents support North Adelaide and my stepdad remains vehement that Dietrich is one of North’s best-ever forwards (behind Barrie Robran, of course). I will be slightly controversial in writing that North’s chances in the 1985 Grand Final were done at half-time. Glenelg seized all momentum away from North by erasing a 29-point deficit in the second quarter. I don’t think Dietrich’s forward prowess could’ve stopped Glenelg that day. The one observation that keeps coming through from avid SANFL fans is that Dietrich could have kicked many more goals in the SANFL in the 1980’s- if it wasn’t for missing trainings, injuries, etc. Great article Rulebook!

  16. Who would’ve thought Rulebook would be involved in producing more Richmond p*rn at the moment, haha. Great piece again, Grenville (at least in my memory) had that rare attribute of being liked by fans of other clubs, except when he was playing you. Love seeing how active he is on the SANFL facebook groups. Like this piece, 4Boat’s GD design captures the man so well:

  17. Thanks Rulebook. One of your very best. Looking forward to meeting GD one day – I think we should organise an Adelaide Almanac lunch in 2018. GD was coming to a book launch one year but had to withdraw due to last-minute bowls duties. I wasn’t sure whether that was a euphemism, but perhaps not.

  18. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I must have been at the game where Grenville brought up his 100, but don’t remember it. Selective memory I suppose. You wouldn’t know it from the highlights but Centrals won by 7 goals.

    I’ve got one of those GD t-shirts. A real show-stopper.

    Those 80s highlights are just sensational. Well done ‘Book.

  19. That was the game Steve .. The big fella had received a 15m penalty (I think it was 15 in those days?) so his opponent on the mark was taken to the middle of the goalsquare, so Grenville walked up next to the goalpost and calmly poked it through.

    As a young lad, I had little interest in watching any player that wasn’t one of my beloved Redlegs, but Grenville was sensational to watch – Super talented in the air and by foot, he was a colourful character from a great era when players could get away with things they couldn’t even consider these days.

    Great read as always Malcolm, well done and thanks a heap mate!!

  20. Rulebook – Love your series of tributes to some of the lesser known legends of SA footy. Not so keen on the blokey grog culture “war stories” that inhabit many of your pieces. For too many the “youthful excesses” of our 20’s and 30’s become the broken marriages; lost careers; premature deaths and failing health of our 40’s and 50’s. The stories may be accurate portrayals of the times, but do we really want our children emulating them?
    When I see old footballers complaining about memory and concentration problems due to concussion injuries, I often wonder what other contributing factors could be involved?

  21. I really hope they’re Ugg boots in the photo jumping the fence – but I suspect they’re not.

  22. Uncle Grenville is living proof footy is largely between the ears if you keep the ball out in front of you.
    I’ve often pondered who would win the battle for the last party pie.
    A legend and a gentleman

  23. Will McClean says

    I met Grenville one time at Coleraine . I had played a few games with Mick Dozna at Freeling so we had a yarn a laugh and a few beers. Good bloke .

  24. Grenville was a freak footballer, as an opposition supporter I always dreaded playing North when he was at the goal mouth but loved watching him play.
    Russo had all the moves!

  25. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Steve yep that was the game v v footy smart,Grenville.Michael I could not agree more,Nick than you especially re help with the clips.Thanks Matty and Swish appreciated re the detail,Chris thank you wording fixed my fault,Mike indeed he is,Thanks BD yes it should have been in consecutive seasons.Manny well played,Peter as good a keeper as I played against,Phillip the game is far worse for losing a character like,Grenville.Charlie thank you that does ring a bell I have messaged Sean to check.

  26. Very Interesting – thanks RB. Can you do one on Ugo Colasante?

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Neags a genuine gun.Milts Kilburn had Brenton Klaebe,Des O Dwyer,Rohan Helyar and Duane Stewart
    the mound men a article in itself.Paul agreed the tigers were on top at half time but we will never no what could have happened a fantastic character.Dave yes fair point re Richmond and that is superb.
    JTH definitely and happy to be the Organiser,thanks Swish and as I said above,Nick for his help.JK very much likewise and yes definitely a better era in so many ways.PB I see your point well and truly but also the other side re the fun side as well also re the almanac is the platform for honesty warts and all so it is a hard one.JTH fair point.Jerk I could sell tickets for the battle of the party pie well played.Will thank you.
    Chris you can picture the look on Peter’s face re the barman taking ages before realising that the clock had been wound back thanks folks greatly appreciated

  28. Peter young says

    Good read. I remember Grenville well from junior footy days in Mildura. A prodigious talent, love his Facebook opinion as well

  29. Dennis Gregory says

    A terrific insight into the life of a great character. He loved his footy but he loves his family and life even more.
    A great rundown full of insightful moments of the career of one of Aussie Rules great people. Well done!

  30. Thanks for this, RB

  31. Great read, I would imagine that the one and only David Cearns also recruited GD to Coleraine as well as NA, I once was a part owner of a race horse in cohorts with David’s brother Daryl, that horse is buried in Coleraine, where David and his first wife Pat lived, I have many, many wonderful memories of watching GD Kick Eleven Goals (KEG) and once had the entire library of all of his games on vhs.

  32. grenville dietrich says

    Dont forget Damien Mellow Mal…..Pat and Jodie (RIP) were my hairdressers when I was at Coleraine when they had the shop in Hamilton Di.

  33. Luke Reynolds says

    Another cracking read Malcolm. Loved the pizza shop anecdote!
    The SANFL in the 1980’s must have been wonderful to follow with all it’s superstars and chracters.

  34. Fond memories of GD and ill- fitting jumpers.

    I remember (vaguely) being at a Buck’s show for a mad Roosters man where GD turned up with his appearance fee being unlimited beers. Classic.

  35. Michael Aish says

    Good man. Great talent. Remember clocking off from 5DN one Friday night (playing the next day) and Grenville met me at the door pretty sure with a beer then invites me to the pub around the corner. Not too many like the big fella.

  36. grenville dietrich says

    You are a living legend and I person I respect as highly as anybody I played against Aishy. Not to mention WINNING STATE CAPTAIN…….

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says ( The 2 legends together at State Training,Grenville and Michael Aish )

  38. Simon whitelaw says

    A bloody legend. One of my favourite non Sturt players in the 1980s. I remember barracking for him in that state game. Crowd went beserk during that burst of goals.

  39. Grenville remains my favourite opposition player to this day. A character of the game who was simply one of the most entertaining players to watch.

    My favourite Grenville story is the one Swish alluded to (and needs clarification). Centrals hatched a plan to have a club official (and in-law of Grenville’s) take him out for a few quiet beers on the Friday night before North played Centrals the next day. The next morning before the game the Centrals coach went up to the official and asked, “How’d it go with Grenville last night”? The official replied, “Not a problem. I left him in Hindley Street at 3am and he wasn’t going home anytime soon”. Grenville kicked thirteen that day … or so the legend goes.

    An excellent read about one of the SANFL’s all time greats.

  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Tim Ugo definitely a character,Peter yep Grenville goes hard but it is always well considered.Thanks Dennis v much so appreciated,Smokie.Dids I suspect,David Kearns has had a significant impact on Grenville I will ask him to elaborate and would have been a bloody good libary.Grenville yes Damien Mellow v smooth moving wingman.Luke thank you yes likewise I love the pizza story and it was a wonderful era call me a dinosaur I wish it was the same today.Marc it would have been a bloody good bucks night.Aishy some how don’t reckon you would have backed up as well the next day as the big fella and Grenville couldn’t agree more that is a good photo.Simon yep v much a living legend and yes the noise on the tv was huge seemed to be a fantastic atmosphere.Danny yes that night is part of footy folklore I look forward to Grenville’s response thank you

  41. Fantastic read brilliant footballer and what a character the pizza delivery pure genius

  42. Stan the Man says

    Ten at the Parade one day whilst a little “under the weather”. Some of those grabs he took where exceptional…..and a very very accurate kick at goal. Great work Rulebook !!

  43. Evan Katsaros says

    Great article (again) Ruley, keeps jingling the long term memory. I remember the day I was at Kilburn watching some State team candidates and the interchange boys were being rained on – no room on the bench – Grenville, Graham Wickham & Willmott (coach)

  44. Andrew Bishop says

    Another good article Malcolm (“Ernest”). I checked it to see if there was reference to Grenville’s ability as a ‘keeper to take the quicks over the stumps (which I’ve only heard about not seen) and of course there was. Cheers, Bish

  45. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    A grade at 15! Very impressive, unfortunately nearly all can related to the annoyance of injury. Sounds like a clever man, shame about the pizza and bursa combination though

  46. Martin Rumsby says

    Everyone who saw him play knew Grenville was a great talent, but your article adds some interesting details about the man and his character, Malcolm. I had forgotten that he played for West Torrens after his time at North had finished. The videos embedded in your article contained some excellent footage of the early careers of some SA greats including Andrew Jarman (barely recognisable), Stephen Kernahan and Tony McGuinness.

  47. Rocket Singers says

    Remember him playing at Leeton. What a character!!!
    He used to love drinking at the Hydro Tavern after training on Friday nights.
    Games were on Sundays.
    Didn’t end well…

  48. Gavin Lauder says

    Have great memories when the big G played at the mighty Kilburn. Playing at Scotch one day oval under water we had Two 100 sanfl goalkickers in Gren and Ian Willmot playing forward. Well what could go wrong. Well there not much use two massive blokes up to there knees in mud. Another one we went on fitness camp to pt Turton every player could have 2 beers after training which most didn’t take up as they were stuffed.Next morning there was a mountain of empties out the front of Gs tent. Great memories .

  49. David Sanders says

    I enjoy reading all your SANFL articles Malcom, regardless of team. I was lucky enough to be involved with North when we had a very talented & very wild bunch of players. I’m not sure Mike Nunan gets enough credit for somehow getting everyone to head in the one direction; win as many games as we did. Grenville was at the top of the pile of our eccentric characters. Prodigious talent. One story is I remember at training was we all going through a drill doing check sides from the pocket. Mike insisted that’s how we were to shoot from goal from there. G kept drilling drop punts through the middle against instructions ….from then on when doing the drill Nunan would yell “everyone do checkside except Grenville. Grenville does drop punts’….

  50. Barry McAdam says

    Well written tribute Malcolm.

  51. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Chook and Stan.Evan anorexia was not a problem on that bench ( I laughed picturing that memory ) Bish he was a seriously v v good keeper.Ben his general trivia knowledge is outstanding.Thanks Martin ( Nick Haines was a fantastic help re finding North highlights in searching it made me appreciate the Redlegs museum even more ) Rocket yes the big fella has told me about,Leeton he can expand if he wishes.Rat brilliant would have been a touch of lack of mobility in the ankle deep mud and sensational re the pre season camp v funny.David yes I do get your point re Nunan in that regard gee Grenville,David Robertson,Tony Antrobus and the Jarman’s for starters you had some characters! A fantastic kick for goal dead eye dick with the drop punt thanks Barry appreciate people sharing the article also

  52. Geoff Reynolds says

    Fabulous Grenville in the midst of existing & emerging talent developed by all clubs through the 80’s always with incredible attacking flair

  53. Steve Fahey says

    Great yarn on a great character, Rulebook.

    I had one encounter with the great man playing cricket at the Mildura annual Willowfest carnival. He certainly wasn’t keeping that day as he opened the bowling at quite sharp pace to a 16 year-old me, the youngest on our side that travelled from Melbourne. It was 45 degrees on New Years Day 1979 and we were playing on malthoid that was semi-molten due to the heat, which made the ball zip all over the place. It didn’t help that we’d had a few beers the night before and a combination of my drinking inexperience, the heat and the third day in a row playing in 45 degrees meant that I was struggling after spending the morning in the field.

    After a few overs not achieving much more than surviving, I ducked into a short one from the big bloke. Fortunately it was before I wore contact lenses and it hit me in the point where my glasses and my cheekbone met, fortunately considerably lessening the blow to my cheekbone. My glasses landed about 20 metres behind the wicket ! I was quite stunned although largely uninjured, but retired hurt due to concerns re concussion and the fact that my glasses were bent to the scheizenhauser. Big Grenville was supportive and concerned, as were his teammates.

    The replacement batsmen came in…and a couple of overs later he got hit in the head as well and retired hurt, no serious damage incurred. I don’t remember whether Grenville was the bowler again but it doesn’t happen often that the number four batsman comes to the crease with no wickets down !

    Thanks for jolting a very fond memory Rulebook and again for a great yarn.

  54. Grenville Dietrich says

    Thanks for the story you did on me Mal, I’m extremely pleased with the research you did and the way it was written……Cheers GD

  55. Great story..
    Love stories on characters…most AFL footballers required to be robots these days and stick to “the process”

  56. Grenville says

    Thanks for the Willowfest memory Steve, that would have been a game that I wasn’t playing for Sunraysia in the Cup Div and was playing with all my mates for Westmead and I think it was against Rosanna but could be wrong. At the end of every year Freddie used to put out a report and summary of the week and I received the Most Hospitalised award which as you say was 2 in one game… I was still bowling back then Mal as I was only 19 and the back was still in 1 piece

  57. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Geoff,Steve glad you were ok so it’s a fond hazy memory not a serious injury shocking memory
    youth heat and drinking quite often not a good trifecta bingo yet again true.Winnie v much so,Grenville one of the last genuine characters loved by every one.Grenville thank you and yes I had heard about the traps you were genuinely sharp ( glad the article has kicked off again ) thank you

  58. Greg Hamilton says

    Great article about a great player (& drinker) but I remember being in the Queen’s Head Hotel (in Nth. Adelaide) until midnight, every night except Sunday (when it was closed) NOT 10:00pm…

  59. Mike Newbound says

    Champion bloke and player Larkin. Whatever he was bloody good

  60. That was worth reading Glenelg fans are always glad he didn’t play the 85 grand final . Grenville was a star even though I support Glenelg . Ii loved watching Grenville star at fullforward for north.

  61. Simon whitelaw says

    Huge fan one of my favourite all time non Sturt players. I cheered those four goals in that State game. The crowd was going nuts around. Me, chanting his name. Good memories of a fine player.

  62. Paul Harradine says

    Great read .Never got to play against the big man but plenty of memories of him stitching up the best back men in the game from all comps. I did not know that he had been at kilburn.Kilburn provided quite a few players to Woodville in their league 1964 debut.I reckon Rick(sun of bitch)Vidovich might have been a little out of his depth with that assignment. Hi Rick.Great job Grenville, always look forward to your comments on here.

  63. What a true character was the big man. Unfortunately when Mike Nunan tried to make him change his life style (no more meat pies or beers) he wasn’t the same. At his top Grenville was a great entertainer. Thanks RB for your excellent profile. .

  64. Peter Frampton says

    Malcolm brilliant article.Grenville was an absolute legend and I’m so glad he decked someone at Centrals and we got to watch him in action, mostly on the field. I love the modern game and the skill level. There are a lot of similarities with the way the Mighty Roosters played back then – fast uncompromising footy. Made me laugh tho when the commentator, possibly Ian Day said “Oh no he’s kicking across goal”. The handball was great to watch and sent a shiver down the spine. Do yourself a favour, put an hour aside and watch this. Thr icing on the cake was none of the opposition teams kicked a goal!

  65. Lazar Vidovic says

    Grenville Dietrich … a great man . Very much respected by my fellow Aussie rules players

  66. Fans of all teams loved big Grenville. I don’t know the man but the fan perception is of a guy who liked a feed and a beer and wasn’t guilty of training the house down.

    Despite all this, he regularly crashed packs and kicked bags of goals. A genuine character that is sadly missing in the modern game. Good on you Grenville!

  67. Shane David says

    Played under Grenville under 13s. Very good man and smart coach.
    I also seen him play some cricket brilliant wicket keeper upto the stumps to the quicks.

  68. Mark McKay says

    The Flinders University Crabs arranged to have Grenville DJ for one of our famous “Ratpak” shows. I picked up big Gren from the bar at Thebby and he was already well primed. The first song he played? Toni Basil’s “Mickey”….

  69. Jack kelly says

    I played against the Big G when he was at karween karawinna a freak , great bloke mr casual natural sportsman must catch up again soon Big Fella

  70. Adrian Jackson says

    Entertaining reading! Can anyone confirm or deny a story I was told about Grenville’s coaching habits at Coleraine?

    I can’t recall if this was said to be standard procedure or a one-off, but the story was the coach ordered an hour of circle work…..then parked himself on a banana lounge in the centre wicket area, next to a well-stocked esky!

    I really hope it’s true!!!

  71. Grenville Dietrich says

    Sorry Adrian but not even I would sit in a banana lounge in the middle of winter at Coleraine. Wish I had of thought of it tho but the side I ended up coaching were half the U/17 lads in the end and they busted there arseholes week in week out…..

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