Great teams of the SANFL


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SANFL Composite Teams

Postby Flag No.10

These days you can’t trust the published teams to reflect the way that the sides will line up on game day. In that vein, the composite teams below comprise players who have played SANFL League footy, across different decades, but with lineups that also can’t be trusted.


Team #1

F: White Coffee Daly
HF: Hearl Beech Ball
C: Moore Power Bills
HB: Stopp Krakouer Knight
FB: Ey Dohnt Caire

R: Schoppe Harvey Norman
Int: Head Payne Pill


Team #2

F: Archibald Payze Paynter
HF: Copping Littler Loving
C: Smelt Block Sewer
HB: Stretch Tape Miles
FB: Close Kitchen Window

R: Wynne Noble Honor

Int: Bond Mahney Dew


Team #3

F: Lamb Currie Burns
HF: Mules Kickett Harder
C: Weeding Neely Dunn
HB: Hogg Suckling Young
FB: Barber Cutting Beard

R: Wild Salmon Sporn

Int: Hollis Fiora Marshall


Team #4

F: Grimm Russian Winter
HF: Menz Jenner Talia
C: Dent Carr Dawe
HB: Smart Hobby Farmer
FB: Fry Crabb Schell

R: Wedding Day Pash

Int: Twitt Would Gamble


Team #5

F: Butcher Bone Mutton
HF: Long Rivers Kruse
C: Downes Hahn Light
HB: Green Lipp Balme
FB: Paull McCartney Singh

R: Shaw Godden Heaven

Int: Wright Kidney Stone



Team #6

F: Cheep Cotton Dack
HF: Thorn Spiers Hand
C: Hansen Lynch Mobbs
HB: Flood Waters Lower
FB: Dare Reed Mail

R: Goodchild Nicks Hams

Int: Cook Prime Veale




  1. Team #3 is my bog
    Its centre line, full back line and ruck are hilarious.
    Well played.

  2. Paddy Grindlay says


    Gold, gold, gold.

  3. Channeling my not-so-inner seventeen year old, I give three votes to the half forward line of team #4. Then there’s two votes to the int. of team #3, and one vote to the enduring disappointment of the half back line of team #1.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Can’t believe that Terry Short, Paul Bagshaw and Craig Cock weren’t named

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