Grand Final Preview: The Pre-Wrap


And what a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Jobe walked away with The Brownlow.  And what a worthy winner he was too.  It was so refreshing, a renewal of faith, to hear his acceptance speech.  You’d have thought you were back at Presentation Night at Dimboola Football & Netball Club – The Mighty Golden Kangaroos – wouldn’t you?  And wasn’t Brucie Boy in his element?  (Maybe he should be saved – as a Living Treasure – for such occasions – Ed)  However, not everyone wanted to be there.  Last year’s winner, Dane the Ungracious, looked like he’d lost a £ and picked up a penny.  Either that, or there’s been a few words spoken around at TLC*.  We know that what goes on in the Locker room stays in the Locker room, but it’s hard not to draw conclusions, is it now?

Talking of drawing conclusions.  The Carlton Captain, judging from his demeanour, was another who didn’t really want to be there on the night.  Whether that was at Crown or at Carlton wasn’t clear, but churlish was a word that sprung to mind to describe his behaviour on the Red Carpet.

The Great Helmsman is determined to have a night Grand Final isn’t he?  He just won’t give up.  What is it with power and mental stability?  Isn’t the $2m+ plus perks enough?  We’d be happy for him to pocket that if he’d just leave things alone, wouldn’t we?  What happens to the human brain when it finds itself encased in a skull that is firmly embedded in the clouds?  Does it lose the function to think things through?  For openers, this twilight grand final thingo – taking on a tank full over breakfast doesn’t keep you going till twilight.  And what happens to all those GF BBQs?  They’ll be a nice bunfight by five.  No Andrew, in the twilight of your tenure, please don’t stick us with a twilight GF.

And as for the reason you gave on the SkyChannel the other night – that when you looked around the twilight Preliminary Final and saw all those kiddies running around it warmed the cockles of your heart, making you determined to bring The Game to the next generation – are you going to let the little children come unto you on Grand Final Day?  Are you letting them in for a child friendly $40?  Or even for free with each accompanying adult?  Next you’ll be telling us that you’ll be outside Gate 4 with Angry & the G Mac handing out free milk?  Although, with an event that pulls a cool $50 mill, you could afford to.

So Cloke’s signed up for another five-year plan at Carringbush at some salary cap defying amount of money.  Not so sure that’s been a sound, harmony-producing move from the Oval Office.  Might it have something to do with the mood in the star studded locker room around at TLC?

There’s been a lot of mail drawing our attention to the fact that Richmond beat both of Saturday’s antagonists during the season.  In fact, not just beat them; they flogged them.  Flag Favourites Hawthorn by 10 goals & The Swans by five.  With the Coleman Medallist, the Runner-up in the Brownlow and a new draft of recruits, including the highly regarded Development Coach Chokko Williams to slot into the side over the off-season, 2013 and Carlton can’t come around quick enough for The Long Suffering Punt Road Faithful.

But enough of my gabbin.  Let’s see who’s going flyin after the Grand Final.

Hawthorn v South Melbourne, at the traditional time at the traditional venue.  Boy, is this one getting a great build-up!  It’s really, anyone’s guess, wouldn’t you say?  And what a classic contest.  The best attack v the best defence.  Ward Rooney has suggested that we barn our sheep on Saturday, and has posted everything bar a tsunami warning.  (Sounds like a good day to knock up some Glühwein and stack the Mallee roots up on the back porch, eh Wrap – Ed)  Who this favours is anyone’s guess, but you’d have to suspect the team that relies on centimetre perfection off the boot would be compromised.  (But doesn’t any ball movement? – Ed)

Can The Little Boy From Xavier College – ever so grateful for Sheeds allowing him pursue a career beyond Whingy Hill – hold The Buddmeister?  And what if he does; The Hawks made do very comfortably thank you when he had that month off during the year.  In fact some SOTG have been heard to say that they did better ex-Buddy than cum-Buddy.  They’ve got an impressive spread of goalkickers.  And allow me to tell you something, something you’ve possibly already factored in – The Best Kicking Side in The Competition (Official) won’t kick as poorly this week as they did last Saturday.

Not that The Swans aren’t without their scoring options.  The Maybloom defence isn’t the greatest in the world, but they do their job, are steady under pressure and rebound dangerously.  They’ll let a few through, true, but they’ll set up a few too.  Goodes will need close attention, and Guerra sitting up with the Wives & Girlfriends won’t help.  Sam Reid is the X factor here.  He needs to lift to be able to keep the Hawthorn backline accountable.  The Chardonnays demonstrated how many scoring opportunities that can create.  That they’ve only been blown away a couple of times this season should be taken into account – once by this mob.  (Richmond was the other one wasn’t it Wrap – and by 10 goals I read somewhere – Ed)  Actually it was thre times – but they managed to haul in The Handbags – only be topped by a Boys Own effort from The Big Tommahawk.

The midfields are even, and what a contest they’re going to provide the punters – a veritable smorgasbord of one-on-one contests & breakaways.  You’d sail across Bass Strait in a Volkswagen just for the Opening Bounce, wouldn’t you?  We can’t split them.  Kieren Jack v Slammin Sammy Mitchell.  I ask you; can you split them?  Jordan Lewis – arguably one of the reasons Josh Kennedy’s wearing The Lakers’ strip today – on JK.  Both have had magnificent seasons.  And JL won’t mind if he misses the first couple of weeks of 2013 as long as he’s got the 2012 Premiership Medallion to show for it.

So with The Football Gods Shaking Down The Thunder From The Sky this morning, is it an omen, or are they just letting off the fireworks early?  Ward Rooney says it’s going to be Haleing tomorrow, and that’s our omen.  Big Mummy’s good, and Pyke’s a handy back-up, but there’s a cloud over his fitness.  (And over Ted Richard’s too Wrap– Ed)  Roughie put in a shocker last week.  That won’t happen again.  Look, we’re saying that The Mustard Pots will more than break even in the rucking duels.

At the end of it all, it’s won & lost in the head.  Both sides are mentally tough, but we’re of the view that The Hawks played out their nerves last weekend.  And just maybe, The Swans didn’t.  There’ll be plenty of local support from Emerald Hill for The Lakers, and plenty more down from Emerald City.  We’ll see plenty of Bloods’ Football too, but it’s the Roar of The Leafblowers that will be the loudest when the Siren Sounds to end Season 2013.

Good tipping and even better punting.

And remember, if you read it in the Wrap you’ll know it’s not crap.

* TLC – The Lexus Centre

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I'm an Aussie Rules tragic who can remember, as a four year old, shaking the hand of Captain Blood in the rooms just before he ran out onto the ground after half time, as my Old Man slipped him a packet of under-the-counter Craven A cork tipped. Now it's my turn to take my grandson Ben through the ritual of character building that is the journey through PUNT ROAD to the outside world.


  1. Did you see Judd interviewed by Robbie Burns for Marngrook on the Red Carpet. He was very different. He engaged and joked.

  2. The Mayblooms defence isnt the best in the wirld? What? Hawks had third best defence in the comp this year. Three of five losses allowed a measly 9 points more than the Hawks scored. We can win this! Buddy for the Norm Smith!

    Thanks for your weekly wraps Mr Wrap

  3. Neil Belford says

    So Rick – Is Dermotts old team going to win then.

    Likewise – thanks Mr Wrap

  4. I’m kinda thinking it’s been karma afflicting the Hawks since 2008, not a curse. That they made a Faustian deal back then to win a flag ahead of schedule and have been paying back for it since. If that perception (or prejudice) is correct the Footy God’s will deem it’s the Swans holding up the cup tomorrow arvo.

  5. Pretty sure the “Best Kicking Side In The Competition” won’t kick any better than they did last week. The forecast conditions won’t be conducive to their pinpoint kicking style and Swans pressure is equal to any in the comp. I think the Swans are way over the odds and a huge chance to win.

  6. Steve Hodder says

    Hawthorn will win and the Geelongens will have to suffer it.

  7. Skip of Skipton says

    I concur with Budge, and need to add no more. Steve Hodder is an exhibit for Lord Bogan on another thread.

    RONNIE Burns, Rick. Remember the former Geelong livewire who topped their goalkicking a few times after Ablett Snr’s departure? Thought not. You could be another exhibit for Lord Bogan.

  8. Nothing to do with me Skip. Hodder and Rick are their own men.

  9. Budge, if all the Hawks do is kick the same score they did last week, and do do the Swans they’ll still beat the Swans by one point. I can live with that. Goodnight and may the Hawks win!

  10. Skip of Skipton says

    Indeed they are, Lord. Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

  11. What a morning to awaken. Here in the Leafy East – the Hawthorn Heartland. You can’t even buy a banana for your lunch down at Toscanos unless you’re sporting a GoldenBrown beanie. Fortunately Bob Stewart has stocked up and the streets are awash with the Colours of Success.

    You’re still not saying Geelong’s the only team that can beat Hawthorn are you Steve? Geelong City might be a little bit like Kansas City – they’ve gone about as far as they can go.

    And as for the Hawthorn defence – you’ve been around too long to fall for stats aren’t you Rick. The 3rd best performing defensive system it may be, but it’s been blown away three times – Geelong had them hung out to dry until they ran out of puff (see above) – and Adelaide, who played well above themselves on the day, were able to challenge them right up to the death. (GTWTCO)

    And if The Bloods can restrict The Mayblooms’ power forwards, it’s game on.

    And I’m just going out to check the sky, but looking out the window it looks like Ward Rooney might have got it wrong.

    Let’s hope it lives up to expectations. Eat ’em alive Hawkers!!!

  12. Had a chuckle the other day when the usual media Leafblower proponents were predicting this year being the start of a dynasty for the poos & wees. Gotta admire the chutzpah. At least we from the pivot waited until we’d won the ’07 decider until we started make such rash predictions!

  13. Ahhh, schadenfreude!

  14. Yes, Belly.
    The Bloods had no help from umps yet were humble and gracious winners.

    I do not like Hawthorn but admired Hodge’s generous speech (he speaks in the brave manner in which he plays) and also thought the wonderful Brad Sewell played and continued to conduct himself in a manner that any team would desire of a player.

    Well done the Bloods.

  15. Steve Hodder says

    Yup, well done Sydney!

  16. Skip of Skipton says

    What a game of footy! That might be the best Grand Final I have seen. Un-effing-believable! What was said at 1/4 time? Hawks looked like exploding at that stage. Swans come out and go 6-0 in the second!! Mindblowing. Hawks cut loose late in the third, and early in the last, get two goals up; game over. Then the Swans lift again! Amazing.

  17. Shane Kennedy says

    I am happy because this game may oust the ’05 Grannie on future footy marathons.

    Goodes’ and Malceski’s goals may have saved me from further exposure to Leo’s mark (which I still don’t know how he took).

    A cracker of a game. The performances of Hanneberry, O’Keefe, Sewell, Franklin and McVeigh were extraordinary. I am also loving 7mate, where it is on again!

  18. Skip of Skipton says

    Let’s hope Shane. The ’05 grand final was a disgraceful exhibition of footy. Only surpassed in ugliness by the 1966 grand final, which I am sure they would have played on the Marathon, and the reason I can’t be bothered watching it anymore.

  19. It could well be the beginning of an era – a Hawthorn v Sydney era. Both lists have a good 3-5 years in them, both coaching teams experienced and both administrations are solid. Let the era begin, eh?

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