Grand Final Lunch Raffle

Thank you to all who appeared on Saturday for the Grand Final Lunch over Zoom, and thank you to those who bought a ticket in the raffle.


Enjoy as John Harms draws the winners of the raffle, which you can see below.



If you can’t view the video, try watching on this link. 



6 bottles of Rockford wine – Rick Kane

2 bottles of Rockford wine – David Southgate

2 bottles of Rockford wine – Mike Sewell

Membership for 2021 – Kieran Croker

Footy Town – Sean Mortell

Play on – Swish Schwerdt

Any edition of the Footy Almanac – Geoff Yeomans

Merger book by William Westerman – Alan Stewart


  1. Looks like Rick Kane is about to have a lot of new friends!

  2. This raffle is rigged I say, rigged! What a minute? I what? I won. Wine! Not rigged I say, definitely not rigged.

    I would like to thank my parents and Dionysus and all of youse who believed that one day a slip of paper with my name scrawled on it would deliver me wine! I luv youse lots.

    Cheers & ta Footy Almanac!

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