Grand Final Eve Lunch: Lunch was the winner

The Grand Final Eve Lunch has become a tradition here at the Almanac and Friday’s in downtown Melbourne was a lot of fun, with a full house (from aroound the world), heaps of speakers and a few quiet ones enjoyed by all.

Although we are usually at the Waterside Hotel for our functions – as we will be for the Melbourne Cup Eve lunch (Nov 3) and the launch of The Footy Almanac on 20 Nov – because of the larger crowd we went to the Royal Melbourne Hotel where Nick, Kelli and Chris and all the staff were just terrific in looking after us.

Of course we did the Tip the Top 8 count (the results are included at the end of this story) and film-maker and Bombers fan Trevor Blainey got the chocolates with a phenomenally low score of 25. Trevor writes for us. He also produced the acclaimed film Noise and has just released his latest film Cut Snake.

Here’s what then happened:

The interviews included the official Smokey Dawson Grand Final Eve Lunch Smokey Dawson count and Don Scott’s Season in Review:

Rod Rocket Gillett and Geoffrey Gold
Tim Harcourt (The Airport Economist)
The Smokey Dawsons
Nick Johnston and Geoff Walsh
Maree and Peter Thomas (No 1 ticket-holders at the Swans)
Wayne Smith (father of Isaac)
Tony Morwood
Anthony Daniher
Sam Pang
Don Scott


Here’s a couple of photos thanks to Sasha Lennon:


3G Ant Daniher JTH GF lunch 2014

Sam 3G Pang, Anthony Daniher, JTH


3G Don Scott JTH GF lunch 2014

3G, Don Scott, JTH


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Tip the Top 8 2014


After 7                          xp                            xa                  Final

Cookie                                   17                   Coll – 7th                  11th                 33

Lisa Lennon                          19                   Coll – 5th                  11th               55

Trev Blainey                         21                   Geel – 5th                 3rd                   25

Dips                                        21                   WC – 4th                  9th                  46

Burkie                                    21                   Rich – 5th                 8th                  30

Helen Fithall                         22                   Syd – 4th                  1st                  31

Andrew Ellis                         22                   WC – 5th                  9th                  38

Adam Grundelmann         22                   Coll – 5th                  11th                 58

Scott Field                            24                   WC – 5th                  9th                   40

P J Flynn                                25                   Adel – 5th                 10th                 50



  1. Magnificent day. Thanks to those great men who organised it.

    The highlight? – The Smokies Dawson. Superb idea. Lets strive to get a table of Smokies Dawsons next year.

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