Grand Final 2018: Y’all did the game proud


Tipsters, that was a king-hell ripper of a match.


Just got home from the pub (they had a boat in for the occasion).



I was too exhausted to stay long after the match. I’m a bit hoarse, odd for someone with no emotional investment in the result. Though I had found an old Hawaiian shirt with enough blue and yellow.



Collingwood’s five goal burst was as beautiful an exhibition of football as I’ve seen in years. Early, a moment on their right half-forward flank boundary, a Magpie tapped it back in at the last, led swiftly to a goal, their second or third.


The goalfree 23 minutes of the second was great, intense, gripping football. Fantastic backline play from both teams. At one point a high ball was hoicked toward the Collingwood goalsquare to a two-on-one advantage. Schofield made a contest, the Eagles cleared it. That’s when I thought they might have it, despite being down five goals to two.


Halftime I said to anyone who’d listen (there was a lotta black and white, including the publican) that if West Coast were within a kick at the last break, they’d win. And so it proved, but they made hard work of it.


It was a tremendous match. Truly, football was the winner today.


Congratulations Eagles, commiserations Magpies. Y’all did the game proud today.

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  1. Love the Hawaiian shirt, Earl; I have one that’s very similar other than a few of the buttons around the waist having succumbed to “flabular pressure”.
    Like you, I had no emotional investment in the game (i.e. I dislike both teams equally), but I enjoyed it that much I was hoping scores would be level at full time so that we went into extra time.

  2. Onya Earl. We couldn’t have done it without ya. Loved your weekly Cup reports and the clever/historical/broad perspective you take on footy. Hope Trans-Dementia Inc keep you on for another season. You are a dead ringer for David Lindley (play a bit of lap steel yourself?)
    I’ll be down at the Weagles Shop to buy a couple of those team shirts as soon as I get back to Perth. One for me and one for Rory Lobb.

  3. John Butler says

    PB, I was thinking D Lindley as well.

    Earl, I will refrain from any comments about the Pies’ boat sailing, or being grounded. Too obvious.

    You are dead right, a tremendous match.

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