Grab a Pepa Burrito Tee! – Like Pepa herself


Those who frequent the Twittersphere in the women’s footy space may be aware of @BeccaHayne‘s passionate AFLW tweets and her desire for AFLW related merchandise which peaked after Round 4.


Many significant moments came from this round that were worthy of a shirt.


Brooke Lochland’s haul of seven, Erin Phillip’s greatness in general, but perhaps the most iconic image of the round was Pepa Randall in her post-match interview with Giants TV wolfing down a much deserved, delicious burrito. Almanacker Mark O’Sullivan wrote about this now infamous moment in AFLW folklore in his match report.


Rebecca asked around on Twitter if anyone wanted to help make some womens footy tees and the team at League Tees got involved and created this beauty:



The Pepa Burrito by League Tees.



All profits from the sale of this t-shirt will go to one of Rebecca’s favourite charities, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, which is working with indigenous communities to improve literacy and numeracy by building links with First Languages.


So grab your Pepa Burrito now before they’re gone, help promote women in footy in a fun way and support this amazing charity.



The image that started it all. Photo: from Giants TV


ADDENDUM 15 March…

GWS players received their own t-shirts..! (via @GWSGIANTS Twitter)



  1. What a brilliant clip that is.
    Quirky pop culture moment.
    Well done all.

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