My favourite five golfers of all time

My favourite 5 golfers of all time  


5. Ernie Els

Anyone who’s seen Ernie Els swing a golf club knows it’s smooth and easy hence “THE BIG EASY”.

4. Luke Donald  

I love Luke because he’s such a great player, especially around the greens with his pitching, chipping, bunker play and most importantly putting.

3. Fred Couples

Fred Couples FULL STOP. EVERYBODY LOVES FREDDY because he’s so laid back. The most relaxed golfer I’ve ever seen on the golf course and wearing sneakers in a major, is a classic example.

2. Sergio Garcia

The main reason why I like Sergio is because he gave me his ball at the Australian Masters. Then we followed him, and on that same hole he hit a wayward shot and threw his club at his bag. Also he’s the best golfer to have never won a major (in his era). In some ways I’m like him, we expect to hit good shots, but are short tempered when we hit bad shots.

1. Phil Mickelson

Last, but certainly not least, the fearless golfer, the all or nothing golfer, Phil Mickelson. My favourite golfer ever! I don’t remember this but apparently when I was about two I used to sit in front of the TV and watch Phil. I’d always be amazed by the shots he hit, like that shot from behind a tree to set up a win at the US Masters and at this year’s Masters when he hit it over the green. He needed to make the ball land softly on the green otherwise it would take off down the green and into the water. He grabbed his lob wedge and took a practice swing, a whole practice swing, the commentator said, “Yep, there’s full practice swing” as if he knew what was about to happen. He stepped over the ball and hit his trademark flop shot landed it softly and inside 6 foot.

No wonder they call him “Phil the thrill” he’s done that so many times before. See attached for more Phil magic!

The backwards shot!

2010 Masters


  1. Interesting list there Matt. Luke Donald stands out as the odd one there as he seems to be one of the production line, line and length golfers whereas the others have a bit of pizzaz about them.

    Don’t rate Tiger??

  2. I couldn’t put everyone in there, I respect him but he just missed out probably number 6

  3. Mark Doyle says

    This is the most ridiculous list of all time by someone who has no idea of golf history. Here are a few names to ponder their golfing record: Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Walter Hagen, Gary Player, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Seve Balllasteros,Tom Watson, Bobby Jones and the two best Australians Peter Thomson and Greg Norman.

  4. Thanks for setting him straight Mark – good encouragement for a 12 year old

  5. I should have headed it my 5 favourite players – would that be OK?

  6. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Mark, the idea of the Junior Almanac is to encourage young writers to share their stories and ideas. Mean-spirited comments are not good for anyone.

    Matt, it is great that a12 year old already knows so much about golf and appreciates the skill of its current champions. Good on you mate and keep the stories coming !!

  7. Thanks Phil. Matty knows his golf. He never claimed they were the “best ever” 5, nor invoke stats. They’re his favs. I disagree*. My list would be different. I even loved Monty’s swing. So what?
    *(for the record, Seve for sure. Bubba a notable as i really dislike lefties. Rory’s nearly there. And, of course, The Shark)

  8. …and Trevino

  9. Stephen Cooke says

    Poor form Doyle. Interesting list, Matt, and I love a good YouTube link. Looking forward to your next list, it certainly encourages debate which is always great fun.

  10. and remember US Open (only on FOX) starts tomorrow…a school free Friday for most kids!
    There’s a 14 yr old teeing off!

  11. Craig Down says


    Good list mate.

    I’ve loved watching the Ernie swing over the years. I assume you’ll be taking an interest in the US Open. Time for young Jason Dufner to break through?


  12. Mark you are a flog. Good debut article Matty. I remember you liking Chris DiMarco a few years back as well. Gotta love the misread backwards shot by Phil.

  13. Eloquently put, Tom

  14. Peter Flynn says

    G’day Matt,

    Enjoyed reading your list. It’s a great sport to follow.

    I went to this year’s US Masters. A trip I can highly recommend.

    I was lucky enough to see Phil’s shots at Augusta this year in the YouTube link you supplied.

    Who do you think will win in San Francisco? Olympic is a really tough layout.

    Oldies like me enjoy reading what young’uns like you have to write about.

  15. Hi Matt,

    Fantastic mate, I love a list that excludes all the big names. No “Dresses Baddely” and no Great Whining Shark, excellent.

    I would put Prize Lad in my racehorse list and everyone would have me locked up. Doesn’t matter.

    Great work.

  16. Peter Flynn says

    Mark Doyle,

    Your ‘names to ponder’ doesn’t include the golfer who won the most US PGA tour events and doesn’t include the golfer who won 6 Open titles.


  17. Matt – great golfing list. Watching golfers is like looking at a piece of art – we all see something different.

    Get out on the greens and practice. We might be talking about you one day.

    (And don’t take any notice of silly old farts like Doyle – funny things happen to men when they get old).

  18. Great list Matt. I particularly like Freddy Couples too. Such power and grace from an effortless swing. And such a cool dude and terrible putter. The human failings make him much more lovable to me. I once walked around Riviera CC for a few days watching the LA Open. I used to go early on the last 2 days and walk the whole round with good players well out of contention. I followed Freddy and Johnny Miller one day, and the relaxed banter between them was a joy. They were like a couple of mates in a Sunday four ball, except they hit such awesome shots. Its a good trick to try one day, as you can get much closer to great players when they are having a poor tournament.
    My other favourites (as distinct from greatest – please don’t hit me Mark) include Miller Barber – the man who taught Jim Furyk how to swing. Teddy Ball had the quickest swing. Kel Nagle was the most self effacing, and had the quickest set up. A real Aussie great who ran second to Arnold Palmer (now there’s a name with that flying right elbow) in the centenary British Open. The quintessential Aussie.
    Trevino was equal parts artist and entertainer. Bubba Watson with a skimming fade.
    Love your passion Matt. Keep them coming.

  19. Thanks everyone for the support,
    Hunter Mahan or Matt Kuchar are my tips for US Open.

  20. Flynny – are you talking of Sam Snead and Harry Vardon? Apparently they went alright.
    I’ll go for Ian Poulter or Ricky Fowler from here.

  21. Peter Flynn says


    I followed ‘the Kooch’ a fair bit at Augusta this year. Kooch Kooch Kooch.

    I like the idea of the Footy Almanac having a junior golf correspondent. You could be the man.

    Budge, correct.

    I like Poulter and Fowler. How good a swing does Oosthuizen have?

    PB, Chappy says hello to Shandy. I loved your Riviera anecdote.

    One day at Royal Trron, I watched Nicklaus and Stewart go out early and shoot 66 a piece (or thereabouts). Concur with you.

  22. Peter Flynn says

    Apologies that should be Royal Troon.

  23. Andrew Starkie says

    Great list, Matt. Well thought out. Shows great golf knowledge.

    I grew up up in the 80s and rode the Shark’s rollercoaster. -87 and ’96 Masters nearly killed me.

  24. Hey Matt…
    Great stuff.
    I think the key word you used was “favourite”, which means that these guys may not necessarily be the “greatest”, or the “best” golfers…simply, that they are your favourite!
    Sergio Garcia is an interesting choice…I reckon he has never realised his full potential.
    Keep up the good work,

  25. Matty, I don’t respond often but am inspired by a junior correspondent willing to cement their views, opinions and prejudices succinctly and articulately. M. Doyle clearly is unaware of your age nor the posting being in Junior Almanac – if he was, he is a dropkick . I would have thought you Dad was your favourite golfer, having taken you to hallowed courses such – Spotswood, Riverside, Royal Park and the like, fine tuning your swing, putting and ability to block out banter from really ordinary golf partners. Maintain your focus, your opinions and especially the recording of your thoughts – they’re are magical, useful and most importantly, yours.

    Tomrio maybe right

    keep reporting


  26. Shane,
    I’m only Matt’s favourite golfer in that I’m the easiest for him to beat!

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