Gold Coast Suns: The Bock Defection

The Gold Coast Suns have snared their first uncontracted player with Adelaide Crows backman Nathan Bock yesterday signaling his intentions to sign with the new side.

Bock’s sudden departure from the club he was drafted to as a rookie in 2002 may have shocked some fans after his comments in the media earlier this year.

Asked in July about a move north Bock, 27, said it was news to him despite saying today on Nova radio that his management had been in contact with the Suns throughout the season.

He also spoke at the time of the prospect of playing in a premiership alongside some of Adelaide’s emerging talent.

“We’ve got that forward line of Tippett and Walker and then there’s Sloane and a lot of other guys who have shown great improvement so anything’s a possibility.”

“They showed faith in me and I’ve been here nine years now so it would be great,” Bock said when asked about playing his career out at the Crows.

His comments about staying put also stem back to June where he said on an AdelaideNow online chat that he was really happy in Adelaide and saw no reason to leave.

“The Gold Coast is a great place for a vacation but I am quite happy here in Adelaide, I grew up here and really enjoy playing with the Crows.”

Kelly Bock, 23, an official member of the Adelaide Crows cheer squad who bears no relation to Nathan Bock, says she feels betrayed by Bock’s change of heart.

“I feel betrayed as a very involved member of the club I would have liked to have known from the start.”

“I’m just a little disappointed how the whole situation has been handled by Bock and his management. He denied it (leaving) until today but he should have come clean from the start.”

Kelly expects the former defender will receive a harsh reception when he lines up against his former club.

“I don’t think I would want to be Nathan Bock when I play for the Gold Coast at AAMI Stadium for the first time.”

Despite the former All Australia centre halfback leaving a hole in Adelaide’s defence Kelly believes that Bock’s departure will open the door for young players to progress.

“We have players such as Otten and Davis who are developing players yet they have shown a lot of talent. The Crows will be fine.”


  1. John Butler says

    Thanks Anne

    Who’s next?

  2. Anne Fedorowytsch says

    Hopefully no one else from the Crows!!

  3. Expect a flood of players to come out, revealing they’ve signed with the Gold Coast. I heard something this morning about Nathan Krakouer quitting Port Adelaide, and Jarrod Harbrow is likely to leave. Hopefully no one from North Melbourne ditches, unless David Hale wants to leave. I’ll gladly go down to Arden Street and show him the exit door.

  4. Josh, last I heard there were only rumours about Krakouer and Harbrow, though the moves are likely.

    And I don’t think there’ll be a major flood of players just yet – there are still 8 or 9 teams in finals contention, so no one from the potential finalists will be putting up their hand just yet.

    Demetriou is ruining the game (in my opinion) – every new boss brings something bad, but he’s the only one who hasn’t contributed anything positive for the game. He takes the fans out of finals, and ruins the integrity of the game to try to increase his paycheck. Can’t wait til this buffoon is kicked out.

  5. Has Tippett re-signed with the Crows? He’s been strongly linked to the Suns because he hails from the Coast. Really hope Tippett stays, because he would be a big loss for the Crows and a big gain for the $un$.

  6. Tippett can’t be taken by the Gold Coast Adam, now that Bock has gone. The Gold Coast can only claim one player from eight different clubs, and now that they have Bock, they can’t get another Crow.

  7. Josh: My bad.

  8. Geez, it breaks your heart when one of your own leaves to another team by choice.
    Bloody Nick Davis, left us and then won the Swans a flag, i will never forgive him for it.
    Hope the loss of Bock isn’t too hard on you Anne.


  9. And Danni, I’ll never forgive the Pies for letting him go! He COST us a flag! (Him, and our own stupidity)

    Still, defection is not an entirely new concept at Geelong. Just look at blooming Leigh Colbert. He was our CAPTAIN, for crying out loud!

    Still, that trade brought us Mooney and a couple of draft picks, and as you know, I wouldn’t trade Mooney for the world (Colbert was overrated and had no personality; Moons has the biggest personality in the AFL) :P

  10. Tippett re-signed at the end of last year. I think he comes out of contract again at the end of 2012.

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