Golan Filly Share

By Angela Pippos

The bye brought back memories of going to the high school social and not being asked to dance, which happened a lot in my teenage years. There was something about my tracksuit top and matching bottoms that turned the boys of Adelaide off in those days.

But despite the lack of Crow action over the weekend I did manage to get something out of Round Two – I bought a share in a horse!

Some fans used the bye to catch up on housework or take a lovers trip to the zoo (you can never underestimate the worth of early season brownie points). I studied the staying bloodlines of my new girl.

Let me introduce her.

She’s a loose walking Kiwi staying filly with all the credentials to be a VRC Oaks filly. Go you good thing!

She’s by tough New Zealand sire Golan who’s best son to date is 2007 VRC Derby winner Kibbutz. And her dam, Rose Chapel, has produced a number of Group winners.

David Hayes is going to train her at Lindsay Park’s Euroa property. David says she’ll run as a two year old for education, take a break then attack the spring next year.

Eight shares remain and I’d love a few other Knackers to join me on the ride – from the naming of our filly all the way to the Oaks next year!

The filly’s impeccable breeding is available below as well as all other relevant information.

Marketing Brochure Golan x Rose Chapel-1


  1. Angela – what will you call it? “Tracky Dacks” maybe?

  2. johnharms says

    From the spelling of Broucher (Brochure, I suspect) this is clearly a creative syndication enterprise

  3. John Butler says

    Just copied and pasted from the original I might add. :)

  4. Hey Dips I like the name Tracky Dacks. Not sure how the other owners will feel about it. I’m looking forward to the naming part and welcome all suggestions.

  5. Angela – you’ve really opened a can of worms here. We actually have discussions around the dinner table about good names for horses, not that we own any.

    My favourite is “Shushwilloo” which is my daughter’s way of telling us all to shut up – “Shush will you”.

    I can just hear the commentary at a sunny Flemington track during a future Spring carnival:

    “300 to go in the Cup………. AND HERE COMES SHUSHWILLOO!!”

  6. Angela, given that this will really be YOUR horse (despite other shareowners getting involved), and that she will undoubtedly run very fast, people will be commenting that “Angela’s horse runs very fast” or more succinctly, “Angela’s Dashes”. How’s that for a name?

  7. Ian Syson says

    Gigs . . . that’s truly awful.

  8. Gigs are you saying “it’s all about me”? With that attitude you and I could go a long way! Like the literary reference too.

  9. #7. Thanks Ian. I aim to please.

    #8. Ange, I can switch from “all about me” mode to “all about you” mode as required.

  10. Phil Dimitriadis says


    your admiration for Greek Goddesses leads me to suggest ‘Mighty Aphrodite’ as a name worth considering.

  11. #7 Actually Ian and Angela, I was really disappointed that Angela didn’t have a regular column writing about the recent Australia v England Test series…

  12. Back to the the horse name. We could just run Angela’s name through the anagram machine:

    – “Papa’s Eloping”? (Is there a “Let’s Elope” connection in there somewhere?)

    – “Papal Pigeons”?

  13. Two names for consideration:

    ‘Then Coming’

    ‘Followed By’

  14. Peter Schumacher says

    I don’t suppose that “Stone The Crows” is worth a mention. Perhaps not, would probably only use that phrase when losing the VRC Derby on a protest. On reflection, might want to say slightly more than that when losing the VRC Derby on a protest. Of course “It’s All About Me” has a nice ring to it as well, or even “On Reflection”.

  15. See this is why I want other Knackers involved because you understand my Greek Goddess fixation. How am I going to convince other people to go with “Athena’s spear”?

    Thanks for running my name through the anagram machine Gigs. I’m staying well away from anything Papal.

  16. Phil Dimitriadis says

    ‘Athena’s Spear’ sounds like a winner. Better than Athena’s Owl or Athena’s Aegis, which were also her symbols.

    She was also known as the ‘Spear Shaker’ so now we know where ‘Shakespeare’ got his name from. Oh the wonderful world of Greek mythology.

  17. The goddess Persephone was queen of the underworld. Always a few characters from the underworld hanging around racetracks, aren’t there?

  18. Those Papal Pidgeons certainly send a mixed message.

  19. Phil Dimitriadis says

    And Gigs, Persephone’s mother Demeter liked hanging around in the Elysian paddocks. She could’ve been the Bart Cummings of her day had it not been for bloody Hades.

  20. John Butler says

    It always comes back to old greeks with you doesn’t it Phil?

  21. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Not always JB,

    but you have to admit that they know how to tell a good story and spin some pretty impressive Brahma bulldust.

  22. Loving the suggestions – Goddesses and otherwise. I’m just imagining the horror when I turn up to the naming ceremony and put forward “It’s All About Me.” You’re right Peter it does have a nice ring to it.

    Demeter was also goddess of wine. Something in that too.

  23. ???? ??? ??? ??

  24. Its all Greek to me – ???? ??? ??? ??

  25. #20,

    Betty’s husband, Phil the Greek. He’s old too.

  26. Phil and Angela, Demeter was always hanging around paddocks because she was goddess of the harvest as well. And surely we’ll be reaping rich rewards with this filly?

  27. Ian Syson says

    Seriously, what about exploring the Israeli connections? Golan/Kibbutz and there’s be more I guess.

  28. Good idea Ian

    Thanks for correcting me Gigs – I had Demeter bottled. It was the harvest.

  29. Mulcaster says

    I have always thought Peccavi would be a wonderful name for a racehorse. “Peccavi” was the shortest ever military dispatch; General Sir Charles Napier signalled that single word after he had successufully captured the Sindh provence in what is now Pakistan. Peccavi is latin for “I have sinned”. A beautiful pun. However, on the theme of Pallas Athena how about “Zeus’s headache”?

  30. “Zeus’s Headache” gets a big tick.

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