Gigs being Gigs: Bad puns are a way of life

Andrew Gigacz


In the latest edition of “The Monthly Knacker” we pull no punches and ask the hard questions about footy:


  • What makes Darren Jolly?
  • Crumbling bones. Is there Dust in Fletcher?
  • Why doesn’t someone mark McVeigh?
  • Will Thurs field?
  • Is it true that Eddie Betts?
  • Was Luke Beveridge’s middle name really Warm?
  • Can anyone confirm if WEG Drew Petrie before he died?
  • Arrogance claims – is Adam Cockie?
  • Will Clancee Pearce become part of Brisbane’s best 22 or is he just Clancee of the overflow?
  • And in our feature interview we ask “how do you define a Good win, Simon?”


And we look at the fallout from the second Ashes test:


  • Should Marcus North have given Matthew Prior notice before running him out?
  • Is being dismissed without adding to his overnight total what Brad Haddin mind when he walked out on Day 5?
  • Can 2nd Test match referee Jeff Crowe about the game’s umpiring standards?
  • Ashes Big Brother – who will be evicted from the Ben Hilfenhaus?
  • Ashes Master Chef Update: Will Alistair Cook Graham Onions?
  • Broad Appeal: an in-depth look at Stuart Broad’s umpire-questioning techniques
  • And in our Cricket Insight report, we take a look at why Aussie fans have a new-found respect for England (and discover that it’s because they have given us another reason to hate Collingwood).


But we don’t stop at sport. We look at other important issues such as health, transport and international affairs:


  • Does Medi care?
  • Are the “Way Out” signs at city loop stations there to help us on our way, or simply an indication of timetable accuracy?
  • Crisis in Fiji – would Frank Barney Banana be willing to attend negotiations mediated by the Paddle Pop Lion?


All this and more in the latest edition of “The Monthly Knacker”, out now at all bad pun outlets.

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Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    Collingwood wins. Dayne Beams

  2. Sidebottom for Collingwood. Carlton for bottom side.

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    Eddie Betts. He shouldn’t.

  4. Cameron Wood. Carlton wouldn’t.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    You beat me by that much!

  6. Heath Shaw. Fevola not so certain.

  7. I feel like I’m caught in a game of Twenty20 Bad Punning!

  8. Andrew Fithall says

    Did you hear Alan Died? Acker mourned.

  9. Doors closing for Carlton after Dawes’ closing goal for Collingwood in first quarter.

  10. I reckon you should’ve gone with “Alan died. Acker manic.”

  11. Heath Scotland nowhere near as attractive as Scotland heath.

  12. Andrew Fithall says

    Heath Scotland. Carlton all at sea.

  13. I’m all punned out.

    Incidentally Andrew, where do you stand on the whole Barry Hall thing? I reckon you true feelings about it are revealed in an anagram of your name: “Want Hall fired”…

  14. And it’s also an anagram of “wither and fall”. Just like Carlton did last night!

  15. uncle tony says

    wither and fall yes thats Carlton “we’re Coming” sounds like a case of premature adulation,typical!

  16. Uncle Tony, that comment reminds of an event a year or two back when a small fire in one of Melbourne’s “adult” theatres had patrons making a run for it. The Age Online ran a story on it with the headline “Premature Evacuation”.

  17. uncle tony says

    i was going to use the W**n*a word meaning the same but good taste got the better of me

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