Gideon, the BBL and the cheerleaders

Gideon Haigh, naturally, nailed it with his opinion on Shane Warne carrying on like a pork chop (See here).

(This yarn is behind a paywall. What you can do if you choose not to pay, is write the exact headline in google and the article comes up for free.

Anyway, a couple of journos came out in defence of the BBL, causing Gideon to respond (see here).

Anyway, was Warne a pork chop. Comments?


  1. I’ve watched the footage of this a few times now.
    (The only footage I’ve ever seen of the BBL).
    I don’t think it was premeditated.
    I think Wayne Shorne was just bored.
    Bored with the whole #T20#BBL#WWF concept.
    He gets to bowl 4 overs in a whole game of cricket.
    To what end?
    What can you do in 4 overs?
    It used to take him 4 overs to warm up.
    Before he really went to work on a batsman.
    I think its driving him round the twist.
    And who would have thought to invent a game of cricket where hitting a six was mundane.
    Oops, sorry,

  2. Pork chop. Very sad to see.

  3. Skip of Skipton says

    A glazed lean pork chop.

  4. nip and tuck chop

  5. Gideon Haigh gives Jonathon Howcroft an atomic wedgie in this piece. It’s deliciously savage

    Gideon should do a lot more ‘media watch’ stuff like this. He really works well as wild west sheriff running gunslingers out of town.

    Brilliant and incisive stuff

  6. DBalassone says

    I used the exact same term pork chop to describe him in Crio’s Question: Ya big (tennis) sook thread earlier this week. I’m not surprised by Warne’s behaviour. The fact is Warne (and for that matter McGrath) have always been sooks. The minute a batsman, or a sledger, would start to get on top, they would carry on like pork chops. They were alollwed to get away with this sort of behaviour for far too long. It was part of the fabric of the team.

    Who can forget McGrath’s tantrum when he was outwitted by Sarwon in 2003, or Warne bowling a bouncer on the last ball of the drawn ’97 boxing day test vs. SAF, or his scornful laugh when he dismissed tailender Paul Adams who had tried a reverse sweep (I think in SAF earlier that year). There are dozens of incidents. Those 2 could always dish it out, but could never cop it.

  7. Gideon has gone too far.
    A silly sausage, probably.
    A backward cutlet, often.
    A fine leg of hogget, in his prime.
    A freeze dried aged rump, these days.
    A bit of a rissole, always.
    A slow bolar roast, according to the Renegades.
    Always thought with his sirloin, according to the tabloids.
    But Gideon calling our Wayne a pork chop??? He’s butchering the language again.

  8. Waxwork Warnie. If I was Samuels, I would have had a lighter with me. Warnie would’ve melted in an instant.

    Sad stuff really as he was so brilliant as a spinner. Maybe that’s why many are so forgiving, coupled with the fact that our spin stocks are crap at the moment.

  9. Very funny Mr PB, very funny. “A bit of a rissole, always”. Love it. And Mr L Bogan, the lighter joke also made me chuckle.

  10. Yes Lord Bogan. Where Warne is currently at is sad, but not suprising. I always remember the old adage about a boxer should never be judged by his last fight, but too many sportsmen hang on too long, for obvious reasons,and their final performances are rarely flattering.


  11. Another vote for Pork Chop. And sadly appears to be bowling for himself (or TV’s benefit) and not in the team’s best interests. No-one wants to see an undisputed champion of the game finish like this – but SKW has always done it his way.

  12. I must have missed something From what I could tell Warne was responding to Samuel’s blatant act of cheating in grabbing what’s his name shirt to try and bring on a run out. To me Warne grabbed Samuel’s shirt to illustrate what had just happened. Warne is pork chop for many other reasons not least his twittering but not for last Monday

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